Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our 5th Bloggiversary!

Can you believe it has been 5 years since we started blogging?

Since last years anniversary post sharing our stats was so popular - we thought we'd share some of our stats over the past year:
We is ready for da party!
Our most popular post over the years has been a Halloween post we did in 2011.  For some reason, this post has been visited 27,045 times!  ...and yes, we don't understand it at all!  Click here to take a look.
My head was made for dese hats!

...and a side view...
In comparison, the second most viewed post is this one.  I can understand this one - search for "Orient Express" and this post appears among the many links that come up...  However, this post only has 3,263 pageviews!  What a difference!
Is dere a hat on my head?
Dad, Mom's putting things on my head again!
I love the side views!
In 2013 we suffered our greatest loss with the passing of our dear Sam.  The posts following this had the most views for the year - thank you everyone for your comments and love. 
Miss my boy every day....
 2013 also brought our little Harlow in to the family.  Her first post is here.
Pupcakes, sweet potato chips, and salmon bites...  Yum!
 Most of the traffic to our blog came from the links we share on Facebook, followed closely by people visiting us from Google.
It's amazing to think that 5 (well, a little over 5) years have passed since we started blogging.
We love sharing our pups with all of you!   ...and we hope that you all are enjoying our stories.
Monty's favorite - red velvet pupcakes!
...and yes, we celebrated in style...
Bigefy to see her tongue action...
I think our pups are already looking forward to our 6th Bloggiversary....

We are looking forward to another year of sharing our adventures with you.  Thank you to all our readers and dear friends!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Queries

What's dis?


I is not finding you...


Anybodies out dere?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nearly Wordless Wednesday - There goes our productivity...

To relieve the boredom of mid-week - we bring you the How Sam Sees It 2048 game.  To play, just use your arrows to slide the tiles around and match them.  When you combine two tiles, they will disappear.  Once you get used to it, it is kind of addicting...  The more tiles you clear, the more new How Sam Sees It photos you will see.  :)  Click on the photo below to go the game.

Updated:  We've discovered the game will not play on older versions of IE.  Chrome and Firefox seem to work the best.  Thanks!

Have fun! 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

On a serious note... AZGRC needs a little love!

You know that old saying "When it rains, it pours?"...  Well, in the continuing story of rescuing dog, that rain can bring a flood of gold to your doorstep - and it isn't the spendable kind!  AZGRC is no exception.  As you know, they are near and dear to our heart.  They brought us our dear Monty and gave us the courage to welcome a funny little yellow pup into our house.   ...and now, they could use a little help.

Mid-February was when the first Golden showed up.  Meet Julee, a sweet senior that needed a little help finding a new home.
Hi there!
Julee was followed closely by Matty....
I iz cute, freshly neutered and my adoption is pending!
After Matty came Goldie, a beautiful green-eyed girl that came from the reservation in northern Arizona.  AZGRC has helped the hard-working shelter in Kayenta many times.
How pretty is she?
Then came the beautiful escape artist, Annie.  It didn't take Annie long to find her forever home!
I am mesmerized by her pretty face!
Of course, these pups were all healthy and happy and just need a place to rest their pretty heads before their journey's continued.  But eventually, you just had to know that some of this gold would show up missing its shine...

This is Dylan, formerly named Igor.  Dylan's owner surrendered him to the Human Society, and the poor boy was sick with parvo.  How could anyone turn away?
I not feeling so well...
Next came Bella, another senior that needed to find a new home...
Just call me Smiley!
In the meantime, we are happy to report that Dylan is on the road to recovery, but before we could rejoice, along came Sean Connery.  Mr. Connery is another parvo pup, and it is touch and go with him.  His recovery has involved plenty of ups and downs - he developed aspiration pneumonia this week and is on antibiotics.  Sean needs all the Power of the Paw you can send him.
Please hold me, foster momma Candy...  I is not well...
...and of course, how could anyone turn their backs on the latest intake?  Meet Lolly.  Lolly is an 8 year old girl surrendered by her family with a MASSIVE tumor hanging from her belly.  Lolly is very lucky that AZGRC found her at the shelter.
Despite a massive tumor, this girl still has her smile!
I don't understand how they could let it get this big!
...and last but not least, AZGRC is also accepting a puppy that has congenital deformities...  No pictures yet of this new baby.

If you all could, could you please send the Power of the Paw to these sick pups?  They need our help to make it through their illnesses.

...and AZGRC could use some help too.  Not only are they paying to treat these serious illnesses, they are neutering, spaying and vaccinating the healthy pups that come through the rescue.  If you can, please stop by their page and donate a few green papers.  Every dollar makes a difference, and for these pups, every dollar is giving them the second chance they deserve.  Click here if you would like to make a donation.  Look for the bright red donation button on the right.

Tell them Monty and Harlow sent you!  Thank you all so much!

Be Responsible!