Thursday, May 31, 2012

What is Sam doing?

Sam has been awfully busy lately.  What are you doing, Sam?
I got a new book, Mom.  It's really good!
Which book is it?
Maxdog, Mom!
We finally got our own copy of Maxdog!  It looks like I will need to wait until Sam is finished before I can read it. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bark in the Park

Yesterday, we took the boys to Chase Field for Bark in the Park - the Arizona Diamondbacks were playing the Milwaukee Brewers and pups were allowed to come and enjoy the day!

We thought we saw a few of our blogging friends there...
Mango, is that you?
Could that be Remington?

While we never did find out if we were seeing our blogging buddies in the crowd, we did have the honor of meeting KT and Easton from KT's Goldens!
Sam hasn't shrunk - Easton is really a big boy!
Easton is such a marvelous boy - gentle, mellow and quite the looker!  Our three boys got quite a bit of attention. 

Easton shaking paws!
We were a little bit worried about our Monty - occasionally we have had issues with him around other dogs.  We put him in a gentle leader to have more control of his head - just in case we had a situation with another dog.  To our surprise, he was wonderfully well behaved yesterday.  He really seemed to bond with Easton and look up to him!

Mom says I'm just a  big, fuzzy stinker!
It was hard to tell where one pup ended and the other started!
 Monty was even willing to let a passing Golden share in the treats that KT was handing out.

All right, but you can only have one...
 Monty was pretty fond of KT too - notice the paw on his knee!

I'd like another treat please!
 Monty always seemed to be looking the wrong way when something exciting was happening on the field.

 Easton enjoying the seventh inning stretch....

The dogs each got a good bag that included a ball toy - here Easton is enjoying his!

Sam and Easton...  These two have the biggest smiles!

Here are Monty's and Easton's paws for comparison.  We always thought Monty had some extra large paws!  Easton is on the right.

Sam hoping they will sign him on.  Although he got a lot of attention, nobody offered him a contract.  We may have to renegotiate what we pay him to appear on "How Sam Sees It"...

I think we all had a wonderful day!  It was wonderful meeting up with our friends, including friends from AZGRC and our new friends, KT and Easton!   ...and thank you, Brenda and Eugene for taking pictures of the parade, including:
The pooper scooper brigade!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day at the spa....

We have a big day planned tomorrow - we are taking the boys to the 2nd Annual Bark in the Park event at Chase Field to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks play!  Who are they playing?  I'll admit - I have no idea! 

The boys are resting up for the big event!  They have been washed, brushed, trimmed and powdered and are looking rather handsome.  Sam is hoping to sign a deal to be a team mascot and Monty is hoping to steal a base or two (he wants to add them to his toy box!).

Okay, I checked - the AZ Diamondbacks are playing the Milwaukee Brewers!

Friday, May 18, 2012

K9 Kamp

We've decided to join Koly and Kelly's K9 Kamp this summer in an effort to stay active over the long, hot Arizona summer.  ...and while Monty manages to keep his slim physique, Sam manages to put on a few pounds here and there.  I know he won't want me to bring it up, but if I may refresh your memories...  Click Here!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Did Monty get a crown?

Everyone has asked if our boy Monty also got a crown...

I has nothing to play with, just this floof...
 The answer is yes - Monty did get a crown!  Monty, however, is not as keen to wear hats as Sam is.
Whatcha got there, Mom?
 Let's just say Monty is less than pleased with the whole hat idea....
I don't think so!
 No amount of treats can convince him otherwise!

I've gotten 17 treats so far and she still hasn't gotten it on my head!
 He will occasionally wear a scarf...

Speak to the teef, Mom, you aren't putting that on me!
 The best we can do is have him and the crown in the same picture.
This counts, right Mom?
 Of course, Monty thinks it is all an excellent type of game...
Super Monty says "Another hat caper, thwarted!"

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom and Dad brought fast food home...

...and all I got was this crown...
...seriously, they could have asked if I wanted some fries! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

In which Monty celebrates Mom's return...

Finally home!  As you can see - Monty was excited to see me again...

...and yes, he made a huge mess while I was away!