Sunday, June 30, 2013

Harlow says Hello!

Hello dere, new people friends!  Monty and Sam said I could give update on my first month here.  Da Momma said she would help me!    
Hello, new people friends!
Dis has been good month for Harlow.  I has great new big brudders dat look after me.  I has lots to learn, like business has to be done outside, no chew on cords, and no jump on Dad.  Momma says I should do what Sam does.  She say "Harlow, whatever you do, don't do what Monty does."  I wonders why?
The Monty is innocent of whatever you are accusing him of...
Sam busy teaching Harlow all he knows, like "Momma no like cold snooters on back of knees" and "foods on counter no belong to Goldens".  Sam super smart.  
I is taking lots of notes!
 Monty is best friend brudder ever.  He is sometimes very strange.  Lately, he wear bow tie and tell me to call him "Dog-ter".  I is confused, but Momma says he is a Whovian, whatever that is.
My TARDIS (Treats and Retriever Dogs in Space) is bigger inside than outside...
I loves my new house.  Momma puts movies with dogs on the big box, I has all the belly rubs I does want, and Dad always scratches dose itchy spots on my ears.

No worry, Pongo, day will save your pups!
Bestess of all?  Da Momma understands that young puppies just need to get snooter dirty once in a while...
I can haz kiss now?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sam Update

We don't have an update, really.  Aaron and I feel like we are swimming in some great unknown with Sam's condition.  Keeping him on high doses of Prednisone and Tramadol are helping, but the wobbliness and unsteadiness is still there.  The neurologist admitted it is out of her hands and beyond the scope of her knowledge, so our next option is an orthopedic vet.  
Begging for popcorn...
I think the hardest part is we feel unless there is a change, we are at the edge of a big decision.  We've noticed changes in Sam, although, we aren't sure if all of them are related to the medicine or not.  We can easily say some of them are - panting, the excessive need to pee, restlessness...  Sam is happy enough, his appetite is good, but we know his issues are causing him some discomfort.  He spends a lot of time resting and at times seems very remote and distant. When he walks, his wobbliness occasionally gets so bad he crashes to the ground.  We try to support him as much as possible and help him, but Sam has always been independent.  
Keeping an eye on Mom...

Currently, we try to keep him happy.  We fuss over him, let him do what he wants, and take him on short walks to keep him going.  
I love Sam.
Every day we pray for more time and that this can be resolved.  We hate not knowing what is wrong with our special boy.  Please keep him in your prayers.  Hopefully the orthopedic vet can shed some positive light on Sam's situation.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Updates

Surprisingly, having a new family member has not upset our usual routine too much.  Harlow is fitting in like she was really meant to be with us.
Hello, new people friends!
 She's quickly become my office buddy...
I ready to help Mom, if she need me.
Monty is absolutely smitten with her and discovered she has a leash.  We keep it on her to help with her potty training, but Monty has realized she will follow him if he has it.
Click here to go to YouTube to watch.

Monty is awfully proud of his "babysitting" skills.
I is awesomest big brother around!
They spend a lot of time wrestling, and Monty makes sure that little Harlow wins a round or two.
Golden Retriever Wrestling - coming to Pay Per View soon!
Harlow has learned to not jump on Sam, which Sam greatly appreciates.  Our boy is still a little fragile.  We had a couple of bad days with him this weekend and have increased his pain medicine.  He seems better this morning.
I is great.
We hope you have a great week!
Y'all come back now, ya hear?