Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

It's that time of year again where the bunny ears come out and our pups must dutifully pose for pictures....
I don't think so, Mom...
Okay, well, Sam doesn't mind posing...
I is a cute bunny!
We thought we would try something new this year....
Dad says I look like Elton John!
Which works, oddly enough, because...
I'm a Rocket Man!
Happy Easter, everyone!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Frosty Paws Winners!

Let me tell you, this was a drawing that took three tries to get it right. 

First, I thought I would try the old fashioned way...  I put everyones name on a piece of paper and scattered them on the floor.  My thought was Sam could help me pick.  Little did I know that Monty would zoom through and manage to get most of the names stuck to his butt feathers...  It's been 6 hours and I'm still finding names scattered all over the house.
Innocent I is...
So on my second attempt, I carefully cut the names out, put Monty outside and once again scattered the papers on the ground.  I counted to make sure I had them all, but...  I only had 21.  I should have had 22.  So I gathered them up, figured out who was missing, made a new slip of paper and...  21.  By then, I noticed Sam wasn't looking at me.  He was stealing the one that got closest to him and eating it!  Sigh...  I realized the boys were scheming to keep the Frosty Paws coupons all to themselves. 
We want them all!
So, I borrowed a page from Augie and Ti's Mom - to I went!   ...and the winners are:
Thank you everyone who commented!  I will need a shipping address from all the winners -  please e-mail me at cafall @ aol dot com.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pip and Puddles Appreciation Day!

With the blessing of our Mayoress and former Mayor Frankie, March 15th is being declared Pip and Puddles Appreciation day and they are being awarded the following Blogville honors - Pip will be bestowed the title "Blogville King of Cheeseburgers"  and Puddle with the title "Blogville Queen of Merriment and Mayhem".

A most deserving pair!

Today we will be celebrating the Dynamic Duo who have brought so much laughter to our hearts and lives!  If you aren't familiar with these pups, please visit Pip and Puddles by clicking on their names.  Join us as we visit our fellow bloggers and take part of the days festivities!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Frosty Paws Giveaway!

One of the many things we are behind on is a great giveaway sponsored by Frosty Paws!  What are Frosty Paws you ask?  Frosty Paws are pupsicles for your popsicles!  Wait, wait...  I think I got that backwards...

We have 10 Frosty Pups to give away, as well as coupons for free Frosty Paws supplied to us from Frosty Paws.  We are way behind on this - so our apologies to Frosty Paws!  Yikes!
We have a legion of Frosty's to give away!
 Of course, our boys would love to have them all for themselves!
Can't we keep them all?
 ...and Monty seems to be taking this quite seriously....
These are mine!
These were meant to be Holiday Frosty's (Bad Momma), but instead - we are giving them away to help kick off the celebration of our 5th Blogiversary coming up in April! 

Disclaimer:  Frosty Paws has provided us with the materials for this giveaway.   Frosty Paws treats, which are fortified with protein, vitamins and minerals that dogs need, are only available in the United States, so this giveaway is limited to people in the U.S. We wouldn't want someone to miss out on redeeming the coupons! *Please note that the plush toys are not suitable for dogs.

How to enter?  Just leave a comment either below or on Facebook.  We will hold the drawing next Sunday, March 17th, and randomly select 10 lucky winners.  We will get your shipping address at that time.  Good luck, everyone!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A blog update and a new Secretary needed....

 Sam here...
Photo of me, just if you forgot what me look like...
Sam taking over his blog.  Again.  Is my blog after all...

Sam seriously considering firing his secretary.  Again.  She not updating my blog like she should.  Something about taxes and being tired and site visits to parks.  Which me and brother Monty have not been able to go to.  Sam keeping notes of this. 

Yes, we have been lagging behind in blogging.  ...and we have stories to share with you and updates that need to be put together.  Let's start with Monty's big day!

What was Monty's big day?  A walk at Tempe Town Lake with our friends from AZGRC!  We also had some friends join us - Samantha and Avalon came up to walk with us.  Thank you, Miche and Bill, for making the drive!

To be honest, we weren't sure if Monty would be joining us for his day.  He had trouble waking up!

Five more minutes, Mom?
Of course, when you get this many Golden's together you know this has to be the happiest place on earth!
Samanth and Avalon are in the front, and yes - we had a few guests with us! 

Are you ready?  Here we go! 
Heading out - thank you Miche for letting me use some of your photos! 
It was a beautiful day to walk by the lake.  We weren't the only ones out enjoying the day!
I wonder if Monty would like one of these?
I think Avalon wanted to swim with them!
Monty had a little accident....
Okay, I'm just kidding - he is demonstrating his weird way of walking in grass.  Partly to get his Halti leader off and partly because he likes grass.  Which, by the way, we don't have in our back yard anymore because of this...  He'd walk the whole way like this if I'd let him.
It was great to see our friends again!
Sam and Avalon wrestling.
CJ in pink and Simon in blue...
...and a few new friends...
...and yes, we were having a party!
Big smiles!
Some of the dogs even got to wet their toes in the lake!
Walk and water?  These Golden's were happy!
 I'm also very proud of Monty!  He can be a bit silly around other dogs, but he behaved himself well!
Monty and me!
We had such a wonderful day!  We can't wait for the next "Cruise the Valley" event with AZGRC!

What a wonderful group of pups and people!