Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Sam and Mom

Thanks to the folks at AZGRC for the photo - we love it.  :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sad News

This past Monday we finally got a diagnosis for Sam's problems.  Sam has a brain tumor.  
According to the vet, chances for him to survive surgery are slim.   At best, she thinks we have another 3-4 months with him. 
Waiting for news...

It's been a roller coaster of emotions for us these past few months.  I think deep down in our hearts, Aaron and I knew it was more than just a tendonitis issue.
Cruising the neighborhood
We shared the news briefly on Facebook, so some of you already know.  This past week has been hard on us, but we want Sam to have the best time possible, for however long he has left.  We are hoping for more time than what the vet thinks.
Happy boy
Sam loves people, so we are going to try to take him to see as many people as possible.  We are limited by the heat, but we are going to do our best for our boy.
Best friends forever...

We want to thank everyone for their words of support and love.  It has meant so much to us that Sam is loved by so many folks.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

When a rescue is more than a rescue...

Sam here.  Sam has exciting news to share.  Dis past Friday, the Sam was outfitted with his own parachute harness!
Important Sam message, coming your way!
Mom:  Well, not quite Sam - we outfitted you with a Help 'Em Up harness so that we could help get you standing and stabilize you while you walk.

Sam:  So I'm not going parachuting?

Mom:  Sorry, Sammish, not today.

Sam:  Hmmm.... Can I tell them then that I have my very own Service Human?

Mom (sighing dramatically):  If you must...

Tee-hee, his butt looks cute in this thing....
Sam:  Okay, so does anyone know where Sam goes to get Mom registered as Service Human?  She does everything for me right now.  She picks me up, brings me water, holds Sam while he does business... the list is endless.

Mom:  Yes, I have also assisted him in stealing Monty's food, begging for bones from Dad, and chasing imaginary rabbits through the yard.  Anything to keep his day normal...

Sam:  Those rabbits were dere, I saw them.  ...and they were mocking me!

Mom:  If you say so.  I think my knee will heal from where you ran around the rock and DIDN'T leave me enough room to clear it.

Sam:  You such a kidder, Mom!
I want to sun bathe for eleventy minutes, Mom.  Be ready to bring me back in the house.
Mom:  We really do need to say a very big thank you, Sam-I-am.

Sam:  To Monty's people?

Mom:  Yes, Sam.  You see, when I posted a plea for the loan of a harness on Facebook Friday, AZGRC got together and made sure you had a harness.  Not only that, Lisa made the drive to meet us and spent an hour helping me fit it on you. 

Sam:  She adored me.

Mom:  Everybody adores you, Sammy.  

Thank you everyone at Arizona Golden Retriever Connection for helping us this weekend with recommendations on which harness is the best, sharing our request on Facebook, IMing us, and taking the time to make sure Sam was comfortable in his borrowed harness.  This is just another one of those moments that makes AZGRC so much more than "just a rescue".  We feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful group and to call all of you our friends.  We knew you were so much more when Monty became part of the family, but you all have also made such a difference for Sam in the last couple of days.  Thank you so very much!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

This and that.

It's that time of year where I travel to parks to give them a hand.  What does that really mean?  I'm behind on blogs and commenting!  Please don't forget about us - I will stop by and say hi when I can.

I just returned from Cedar Breaks National Monument.  If you are traveling through Utah, this park is definitely worth a detour.  It was beautiful and a complete change from the desert I am so used to.
The geological aspect of the park - the "ampitheater"...
When I arrived last Monday, the temperature was 60 degrees and rainy - a drastic change from the 118 degrees we were having at home.
These lovely meadows were everywhere!
We saw lots of folks with dogs - and it made me wish I could have brought Sam, Monty and Harlow along with.  They would have loved being here!
This pup made sure you left a good tip for your waiter!
 I did find the perfect beer for Golden owners - and bought one bottle for its label....
How awesome is this label?
....and now a Sam update...

Aaron and I brought Sam to the orthopedic vet on Friday.  We felt that this specialist listened closely to our concerns.  Sam was having a good day and wasn't showing too many symptoms, but the vet agreed that many of his symptoms could not be explained by his diagnosis of "tendonitis in his shoulder".  He discussed what our options were, and then gave us the best options for Sam since our boy is an older pup.  We will be bringing him in on the 15th for a cortisone injection in his shoulder joint, as well as a needle aspiration of a lump on his neck and a chest x-ray.  The lump has previously shown to be nothing, but the vet would like to rule out any possibilities of cancer causing these issues.  The cortisone injection will help us determine if it really is an issue in his shoulder as well as get him off of the Prednisone.  We will be weaning him off of the Prednisone during the next week in preparation of the shot.  We will then be doing follow up with a physical therapist.  While the vet didn't give us the cure-all we were hoping for, we felt that he has Sam's best interest at heart and appreciate the fact that he talked to us honestly and openly.  Hopefully, after the 15th, we will have some idea of how we manage Sam's issues. 
Rain in the summertime?  Gotta stick the shnooter out the window!
One thing that made us smile was he complimented us on the care and concern we have given Sam.  How could we not?  After all, he is our Sam.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

All of us at "How Sam Sees It" wish all of you a very Happy 4th of July!  Have fun and be safe!  (...and keep your pups safe tonight!)