Sunday, November 25, 2018

Another little sneak peak....

In which we find raccoon prints on the trail...

I took the lead after that, as the undergrowth in the forest was quite thick and full of brambles.  Harlow followed behind me, occasionally calling for help when a bramble caught in her coat and she couldn’t pull herself free.  It wasn’t long before I spotted something that I thought Harlow would be interested in.

“What is it, da Momma?” she asked, looking at the tracks in the damp soil.  

“Raccoon tracks,” I told her.

She looked puzzled.  “What is a raccoon?” 
“Well, it’s an animal that has a mask and a striped tail.”  I pulled out the notebook.  “Let’s make a note of it, and you can look up raccoons when we get home.”  I carefully wrote “10:03am – found raccoon tracks.”

Thursday, November 15, 2018

A sneak peak to Harlow's book.... ;)

One rainy day, Harlow looked at me and said, “We should go exploring, da Momma!”

I looked at her and said, “Where should we go?”

“To da forest,” she said.
I looked out the window at the forest that surrounded our little house.  Since moving to the Pacific Northwest we had done very little exploring.  “Okay, when do you want to go?  Now?”

“Oh no, da Momma,” she said, wisely, “We need to prep!”

…and prep she did.  It took weeks to prepare, and I wondered if it was a nod to her beloved hobbit stories.  She made lists and carefully checked items off.  She packed crackers if we needed nourishment, cookies if we wanted to celebrate, and jerky because she likes it.  We had bandanas, compasses, and maps, although I did note the maps were drawn by her and in crayon.  She packed a small bag of her favorite treats, simply because she suspected she’d be a good girl along the way. 

She made sure the camera was secure and ready to go.  It was important to document our trip, she told me.
I made sure we had a first aid kit, and a comb and scissors incase her golden fur became tangled in blackberry.

“What do you think we will find?” I asked her.

“Moose, da Momma,” she said.  “…and wolves and bear…  …and maybe treasure?”

“Could be,” I scratched her behind her ear. “We will make sure to take a lot of pictures of all the things we see.

On a lovely summer morning we started out.  She led the way through the gate into the pasture.
"Which way should we go?" I asked her.

She consulted one of her paw drawn maps.  It was her favorite, done with red crayon, and had little figures of us on it.  "We should go dat way, da Momma." She pointed up the hill.  "We will enter da forest behind the barn."  She smiled up at me, "I also has a cookie for da Baron."  She and my beautiful black Friesian stallion had always been friends.  It didn't surprise me that she'd bring him a treat.

We spent several minutes with Baron, Harlow and him standing nose to nose and me scratching him on his back.  He wished us luck on our trip and said he'd be waiting for us to come home.  With a final pat on his neck we headed behind the barn, to where the forest grew up thick and tall.

It didn’t take us long before we found our first traces of wildlife – deer scat on the trail.  Harlow looked up at me and said “Da Momma!  Write dis down!  All da famous explorers keep notes.”

I dug through the bag and found the notebook she had put in there, and soon realized she had only packed a box of crayons.  Using a bright red one, I carefully noted “8:32am – spotted deer poop”.

Harlow was quite pleased.

Monday, October 1, 2018

September Chewy Influencer - a bit late! #chewyinfluencer

Due to end of year budget at work, our September Chewy Influencer review is just a bit late...

In September we decided to try Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Wild Weenies!  ...but, da Momma actually didn't know what to do with them...
Our pups were excited about this box the moment the mail lady dropped it off.  They smell good, look good, and our pups loved them.  The problem?
Crispy goodness!
What was I supposed to do with them?  They come like the photo above.  Do I feed as is?  Or do I soak them, like other Stella & Chewy's products?  The bag had no instructions.  The first attempt was dry.  Our pups ate them, but seemed a little confused.  I decided our next try I'd soak them.
Drop it, Momma!
That was the key!  In five minutes, they rehydrated and caused our pups to celebrate!  Of course, this won't work if you want to put these treats in your pocket, but it was nice to put them in a cup of water, let them soak for a few minutes (or an hour if you da Momma forgets about them) and have a tasty treat ready for when the dogs come back in.
Insert nom here.
As an added side bonus, the water the weenies left behind?  The dogs absolutely loved it.  I used it as a topper to their kibble and they ate ever bite!  Not bad for our picky eaters.
We highly recommend Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Wild Weenies and will definitely be giving them to our pups again. 

Disclaimer:  How Sam Sees It has not been compensated for this product review. We received a product to review.  We have no connection with the brand and were not influenced in our opinions. Our opinions are strictly our own.


Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Great Escape

All had been quite at 221b Baker Street.  Monty Moriarty and Ramble DeAmble were securely locked up.  Harlow Holmes suddenly had time to endeavor in one of her favorite hobbies - stick chewing - and I found myself with time to catch up on reading.  It was during one of these lazy days that I discovered news most disturbing. 
Monty Moriarty escapes!!

Monty Moriarty was indeed a mastermind!  How had he escaped?  I was worried about having to once more face the diabolical Moriarty. 
Diabolical, indeed!
In a panic I rushed to Harlow Holmes and gave her the paper to read.  She read it, and then looked sadly at me.  She was in a pique, due to the fact the paper left out one "great" and could not be bothered.
Leave me to dis stick, da Momma!
I decided I should be the one to help detectives and, after donning my coat, left the warm house and ventured out into the rain.  In no time at all I was at the crime scene and studying the clues left behind.  The detectives had already marked the clues, and were eager to show me what they had found.  I will lay them out for you here, so that you may study them along side me.

Of course, the scene of the crime had been carefully documented, and it was apparent Moriarty had escaped by tunneling under the secure walls.
Unfortunately, the guards had to block the route and compromised the crime scene.
The next clue the detectives insisted was important, but I wasn't sure how it tied to the case...
Wood?  Why was there wood at the crime scene?
I suddenly remembered Moriarty's accomplice, Ramble DeAmble, also serving time for assisting his friend.  DeAmble was well known for his love of imported wood, and was often seen with a piece between lip and gum.  I added him to the list of suspects to question.
Ramble DeAmble!
I mentioned DeAmble's name to the detectives and they added nodded gravely, agreeing that he was indeed a person of interest.  They then mentioned another fellow, whom they believed was working on the outside to help Moriarty escape. 
Only known as "Major" - this fellow could be trouble!
We decided to quickly finish processing the clues - we needed to find Moriarty!
The next clue - someone tried to destroy evidence!
We believe this was how Moriarty was getting messages to his accomplice on the outside.  However, there wasn't much left to determine what was said.  How I wish Harlow Holmes were here - she'd know a way!

One of the detectives called me over, having just discovered a pawprint in the mud by the gate.
After careful deliberations, we determined that the footprint was from a single suspect, with carefully manicured nails, who would be wearing a size 1 shoe, if he wore shoes at all.  These were Moriarty's pawprints! Ramble DeAmble and Major were cleared!
With a sigh, I looked out across the country side.  Where was Monty Moriarty?  ...and just what was he planning?
He could be anywhere!
It was then I noticed Harlow Holmes standing on the edge of the crime scene.  She looked at me, her face serious and grave.  I knew now that she was on the case. 
Are you ready for the chase, da Momma Watson?
I straightened my coat and went to stand beside her.  Harlow Holmes would once again face her greatest adversary, Monty Moriarty, and I only hoped that I would be of some assistance.

To be continued....

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Could this be a post?

The dogs are skeptical...

Monty is coming!

We iz waiting!
Stay tuned!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

With a nod to Poe...

Dere are things out dere creeping,
So to da door da Princess goes peeping...
Da Harlow does not want da drama,
But watch we should, da Momma....
Da bunnies, Momma! Dey can’t be trusted,
Some day soon dey will be busted!
So da Harlow stands here peeping,
For da things out dere creeping....

First published on Facebook January 14, 2017

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Noir - Part 2

Originally published on Facebook November 9, 2017.

When Rescues Write Noir....

Ramble had a thing about horses. It got him in trouble before, betting on them. He just needed that one win, he told himself. There was one horse in particular he was fond of, a big fellow with fuzzy feet. He sure wasn’t a plow horse, that one. 

Finding the money to bet was easy. The dame lent it to him. Where she got it he didn’t ask. He promised to buy her something nice. Something sparkly and suitable for a princess, he said. 

Placing the bet was tougher. It was hard to find a bookie out in the sticks. Monty thought he’d find one in town, and he had no reason to doubt him. He’d catch a ride with one of the locals, he decided. He stood in the side of the road and waited, the yellow dirt coating his paws. After a while he realized he’d probably never get a chance to place that bet. The only traffic here was the occasional tractor heading to yet another endless field, the farmers waving at him in their cheerful way as they passed by. 

The money was safe in his pocket, next to a crumpled Skittles wrapper and an old bus ticket to Albuquerque . Safe, he thought sourly, but doing nothing for him. He needed to place that bet. He was running out of time.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday Noir - Part One

One of the responses to questions on the 2018 Pet Blogger Challenge was that several of our readers do not have Facebook.  I decided that I would repost some of the mini series that I had originally published there.  Here is part one from "When Rescues Write Noir...."

Originally published on Facebook November 5, 2017.

He went by the name Ramble DeAmble, but he had gone by other names. He’d done time too, he had a rap sheet as long as his front leg. If only these people knew. Would they have given him a place to rest his head? The other one, Monty is his name, says yes. 

Monty had been in and out of prison so many times, he gets birthday cards from the guards. Monty was always making sure he had an escape route. He practices it nightly, pacing back and forth, checking the doors and windows.... 

The dame, she says the same. What was her name? Harlow? She’s a looker, that one, claims she’s royalty. Who knows, maybe she is. She has a different way about her. 

Monty sometimes talks about his escape tunnel behind the old greenhouse. Ya gotta be ready he says, for when they come for you. Monty has a thing about lights. Time in the big house can do that to you, Ramble supposed. 

He’s on a farm now, in the middle of nowhere. He can try to make it as a farmer, he thinks, except he hates dirt, and rain, and the outdoors in general. So he stays inside, making friends with the people. Making friends with Monty and the dame. At least there is plenty of food, he thinks. That’s something.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 Pet Blogger Challenge

It's that time of year again!  The Annual Pet Blogger Challenge is here - I hope you enjoy reading about our blog! 

Hurry up!  Da Momma is blogging!
 For those who may be visiting your blog for the first time, how long have you been blogging and what is your main topic?
We've been blogging for close to ten years! We've tried to keep the blog humorous and fun and focus on the stories of our three pups.

What was your proudest blogging moment of 2017?
I'll admit, we didn't do much blogging in 2017.  We had a grand total of 18 posts!  New duties at work kept me busy - and after spending all day on the computer, I wasn't motivated to come home and spend more time.  Things are quieting down and I'm ready to get back into it!    ...and I'm going to have to talk to our graphics department about a new banner....
Dis sounds serious.
Additionally, I have found Facebook an amazing venue for quick posts and short stories.  Make sure to follow the links on the right and like Princess Harlow Speaks page.

In terms of your blog, how do you measure success?
I love the feedback from our fans.  If I get comments where folks tell us how happy our posts make them or how they laughed reading our stories, I consider that a success.
Happy readers make da Harlow happy!
 What was the biggest blogging challenge you overcame in 2017, and what did you learn that could help other bloggers?
Taking breaks is okay.  I have found our fans are still there, waiting to read our stories.  Sometimes you have to focus on life first and the blog second, and that is totally okay.
Resting....  beep....
 When things get hard, what keeps you blogging?
I'll admit, I've got a bit of an overactive imagination.  The blog is a venue to tell some of the stories that are constantly swirling around my head - especially in regards to the trio of pups that share our home.

Looking forward to 2018, what are you hoping to accomplish on your blog this year?
I want to post more, but I have decided to not try to stick to a schedule this year and just post as the stories come to me.

In addition to what you’d like to accomplish, is here one specific skill you’d like to improve or master this year?
Over the years I have been encouraged by our readers to write stories (books) regarding our pups, using photos and doodles I do through out the year.  This year I'd like to explore that option and see where it takes us.  Reader feedback is going to be so important to us this year!

What would our readers like to see?
Any suggestions on what you would like to see on our blog?  Let us know and we will try to include it in the blog!
More Harlow, right?
 Thank you all for sticking with us through the years!  We love our readers and the comments you make!  We hope everyone has a wonderful 2018.

...from the good folks at How Sam Sees It - Monty, Harlow, Ramble, Aaron and Christine