Sunday, November 25, 2012

November BarkBox!

Our November BarkBox has arrived!

I've learned about letting the boys help me open it. Both boys have gotten really good at diving in, stealing something and taking off before I get a photo.  I decided I'd open this one on the pool table...

So what did we get?

An Acadia Antler Rope Toy....

A Bionic toy - we've got this in the freezer!  We can't wait to treat out boys.

Lots of coupons...

Fruitable Skinny Minis - the perfect size to treat our boys!  (They smell delicious!)

...and a Cool Treats Smoothie!
I decided to give the antler toy to Monty.  Right now he does not trust what I give him, since I slipped him an apple yesterday.  He is convinced I tried to poison him.  Let's just say he isn't snatching anything out of my hands right now...
This might be a trap....

Friday, November 23, 2012

How Sweet it Is

We got a package from our dear friend Sugar - all the way from Hawaii!
A surprise!
What was in it?  One of Sugar's t-shirts with a beautiful Hawaiian Golden on it!
How pretty!  This design is on the front and sleeve.
Design on the back.
We had some discussion on who could wear it.  We decided it was meant for Sam, to help cover his many "bald" spots.  Sam graciously said I could wear it!
It also came with a pretty picture of Sugar!
Thank you so much, Sugar!  We love the shirt - what a beautiful design!  :D

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

How Sam Sees It wishes everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sam Update

Finally!  Sam is unwrapped and declared healed and whole.  He needs to finish out his course of antibiotics, but he is finally mending.

What does Sam have to say about it?
I'm free!
The second the bandages were off our little guy put up quite an un-Sam like fight to get out of there.  I think he was just as happy as we were to see them gone!

Thank you everyone for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers - we really appreciate it!

Monday, November 12, 2012

An Update on Sam...

Do you ever have the feeling you just can't win?  Sam finally got the drain out today, but the site where the drain was is now badly infected.  So, poor Sam is wrapped again and on another dose of antibiotics.  His shirts are being bleached and washed, and he has to stay covered till Friday when we go back. 
Monty being a good brother and watching over Sam.
Keep you fingers crossed that the bandages can come off on Friday!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Anniversary

It's our anniversary today.  Four years ago we took a detour to Vegas and got married. 

We've told a lot of horse and dog stories over the years, and will have many more to tell.

We already know the ending to our story...

...they lived happily ever after!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cross stitching...

Parsley from Seasons of My Mind has been posting pictures of the beautiful cross stitches she has been making.  When I commented on how it made me want to get back into them (I did them a long time ago), Parsley was so wonderful and sent me a pattern, thread and fabric.  I couldn't wait to get started, but I had one small problem...

I couldn't remember how to start!  Parsley has come to my rescue, offering tips and tricks and bucket loads of patience, but I am embarrassed to say I had to go to the hobby store and buy a starter kit with step by step instructions.

Seriously, Mom?
There is a perk to my apparent lack of memory - I now have two kits to do!
I do not know the lady holding the camera....
I've now gotten started on the pattern Parsley has sent me.  I'm enjoying watching the design emerge and am already looking forward to my next pattern.
The pattern is French Country Dog.  I'm a little farther along then it shows in this picture.
Parsley had one request - that I send this pattern on, to pay it forward.  Would anyone be interested in trying their hand at cross stitching?  I should be done with this one in a couple of days and can send it on.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Frosty Paws

Our friend Garth Riley recently sponsored a Frosty Paws Giveaway for National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.  Were we surprised to find out we had won!  Our package arrived in the mail today.  Thank you Garth Riley!
 Our boys were stunned to find out there wasn't anything in the box for them....
Well, let me rephrase that - there are coupons for free Frosty Paws for the boys...
....and a nice Garth Riley card and note!
 Monty was relieved!
Oh, dat's better.  I like to eat paper....
Oh Monty, you don't want to eat the coupons!  You get to trade them in for Frosty Paws!   ...but, wait, what else was in the box?
The envelope held the coupons.
(Please ignore the bad photograph...)
It's Frosty, the Frosty Paws dog!
This Sam speaking now.  Sam taking over his blog.  Is his blog after all.  Mom says Frosty isn't meant for us pups.  Mom was excited to get something in the mail...  Sam draw detailed re-enactment of what Mom said to us:
Bigefy to see full view....
That right.  Mom "neener neenered" us.  Can you believe it?

Thank you Garth Riley!  We really enjoyed our prizes!

Update on Sam:  We brought Sam to the vet hoping to finally get his drain out - the seroma is still draining!  Dr. Kerne also drained fluid off of the second seroma that formed on his side.  Sam is so miserable at this point.  He is hot in his bandage vest, he can't play...  We go back Thursday for another recheck.  Keep your paws crossed!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

AZGRC's Annual Gotcha Day!

I took Monty to AZGRC's Annual Gotcha Day event today.  We love this event.  There are games to play, great food, and lots of friends to catch up with.  Since Sam still has a drain in his side, we decided I would go with Monty and Aaron would stay home with Sam.

Of course, the best part of the day is seeing all of the Golden's...
Waiting to play games...

I think all the dogs were finding old friends to say hi to!

This one had new prizes to take home!
We are always a little nervous about taking Monty out in crowds, our sweet boy doesn't like being crowded, but the folks who come to Gotcha Day are very understanding.  I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to help Monty greet their dogs.  I wish I could have gotten pictures of all of your pups!
One of Monty's new friends.  His Mom, Donna, made sure Monty got lots of positive attention.
There were games to play too.  This shell game variation (using plastic cups and hot dogs) proved to be very difficult for the dogs.
I like how the Golden's are waiting patiently in line for their turn.
Even Monty patiently waited his turn!
You're just going to have to sit in the dirt, Mom.
Of course, Monty also got to meet his former foster mom, Candy, and he kept an eye out for her the whole time we were there.
There she is!  I see her!
 There was a game where you had to take lei's and beads off of your head and get them on your dogs head in the fastest time possible.
Mom was kinda slow....
In my defense, the beads tangled in my hair.  ...and then there was a hoop game, called Hoop Hopping, where the dogs had to get two paws in a hoop to proceed to the next hoop.  Monty earned 3rd place!

I is just awesome.
He got a 3rd place star!

I am very proud of our boy!
Monty and me.

Update on Sam:

Sam still has a drain in one spot but is recovering slowly.  He is wrapped up pretty tightly but is being a good patient and leaving his bandages alone.  He was a little upset he didn't get to come with, but we were worried about the drain site getting dirty.