Saturday, May 30, 2015

We have a winner!

Our friend, Finn, won our "Guess where we are going" contest!  Things have been kind of crazy while we try to prep for our trip and we are finally going to share our destination!  Harlow and I are heading up to Grand Teton National Park to work for two months.  Well, I'm working - Harlow is going on vacation.  (...and yes, I have studied the bear safety tips!)  If you remember, I traveled to this park before.  I am excited to have more time to explore the park and surrounding area.

I had reached out to to find a special prize for our contest.  Sydney, our contact at the company, was kind enough to put together a prize box for us!  She included treats and toys - our pups are wishing we'd keep it!

Thank you, Sydney and!

What you mean dis not for us?
 I'm not going to showcase the whole prize box (we'd like fin to be surprised!)...

The box may be splattered with dog drool...
Harlow and I leave tomorrow (Sunday, May 31st) for Wyoming.  We will be keeping the blog updated with our adventures up north, while Aaron and Monty will be hosting a "Monday Monty" post.  Of course, you can also follow our adventures on Facebook by clicking either link on the sidebar (Harlow's page or mine).

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Mystery Continues....

So today we present Clue #4 on our "Guess My Location" contest.  We've had some good guesses and even had our very own "Thelma and Louise" style movie poster created by our good friend Leigh!  Thank you!  Although, I would like to point out - we aren't on the run from anyone!
I thought today we would do a little recap of where we are.  You have ten more days to guess just where Harlow and I are heading - we will announce our location on May 22nd.  To help out, here are the clues:

Clue #1 - my detail is NOT in Arizona
Clue #2 - the park I will be going to contains lakes and rivers
Clue #3 - I will have to travel through at least one other state to reach my destination
Two whole months without a bath!
Are you ready for Clue #4?  A Lassie movie was filmed there.

Here are the guesses so far - you guys are getting closer!

Yellowstone NP
Valley Forge NP (We'd love to come visit, Khyra!)
Lake Meredith NRA
Big Bend NP (I sooo want a chance to visit!)
Tuttle Creek (Another place I want to visit!)
Joshua Tree NP

We are putting together our prize basket - make sure to put your guesses in the comments!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Clue #3:  I will have to travel through at least one other state to reach my destination. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Since I missed Wordless Wednesday, I decided to post for Throwback Thursday. Haha - the photo might be a little fuzzy, but so are the pups!  The photo is from June 2013.  Enjoy!
Angel Sam, Monty and Harlow
Thank you everyone for your travel suggestions - I'm making my list for Harlow!

Clue #2:  The park I will be going to contains lakes and rivers.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

A little bit of adventure....

This summer will be a little bit different for those of us at How Sam Sees It.  I've been assigned a detail in a park outside of Arizona (CLUE #1) for two months.  I've been given permission to bring a pup along and am furiously knocking on wood hoping that doesn't change.  After some deliberation we decided Harlow would be the best candidate, due mainly to the fact that she rides quietly in the car and has a good recall.  Plus, Monty can get a little panicky in strange situations and likes to dig - floor, furniture, people...  (...and just recently I noticed he tried to dig a hole in my riding boots!).  Plus, Aaron would be a little lost without his Monty.

I've decided to do a "Guess My Location" game.  The first person who can guess where we are heading between now and May 22nd, based on the clues I'll give in the next couple of weeks, will win a prize.  I haven't quite got the prize together, but will try to come up with something fun.  The first person who guesses the correct park (for those that don't know - I work for the National Park Service.) will win.  NPS employees who already know cannot play - sorry guys!  Let me know your guesses by commenting below.

Harlow is getting her suitcase packed and I never realized how difficult it would be!  We've had her at the vets to make sure she is up-to-date on shots, verified her microchip is still accounted for, and have packed enough poop bags to last a year.  While our leave date isn't until the end of May, I don't want to forget anything!
A princess suitcase fit for a Princess.
For those of you that travel with your pups, any suggestions on things to bring?