Sunday, February 10, 2013

Amazing Nicholas

Back in December I shared the story of Nicholas - a pup that came into the Arizona Golden Retriever Connection family before Christmas who need a lot of love and help.  To read his story click here.  Nicholas has been receiving lots of TLC, and is on his way to having his own fairy-tail story!   In honor of his amazing recovery, and to give folks a chance to meet him, AZGRC held a party just for Nicholas! 
Look at how handsome he is!
You can barely tell he had surgery!
Nicholas was a wonderful host - he greeted folks, begged for a few tidbits, and made sure to wander in and out of the house.  ...and when he got tired?  A nap in the sun!
Of course, folks kept petting him!
That's right, I'm a good boy...
 And yes, I did lots of petting too!
A little to the left, please!
In between petting Nicholas, we all had fun visiting and talking to the folks who played key roles in giving Nicholas a new life.  Thank you, everyone!
I couldn't resist these cute treats!
Nicholas is truly an amazing dog.  As he gains strength his quirky personality is starting to show through.
Who wants to get me sausage?
 ...and his playfulness...

Yup, I'm cool...
...and his loving nature.
These ear rubs are the best!
 I think he knew we were all there for him!
Is that a grin I see?
After all, he is...
AZGRC's Amazing Nicholas

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The perils of walking Monty

In order to control Monty's extraordinary energy, walks are a must.  Sometimes, depending on how many witnesses there are, I even try to run with Monty.

...and yes, having no witnesses is a must...

You see, Monty is excellent at walking and he loves running.  Most of the time he is the picture of a perfect canine exercise partner.  He trots steadily and smoothly, no pulling on the leash, and can cover any distance quite easily.

Except every once in a while.  You never know when it will happen.  It could be the 12th outing or the 47th.

You will be cruising along, moving like a fine athlete and look down to admire your handsome pup by your side and realize he's watching you.

OMD, you realize in a panic, he's having a Walter Mitty moment.  ...and he thinks he's a cheetah!  (This varies - sometimes he thinks he's a wolf, or a panther, and once I think he was a shark.)

Worse yet?  He's a cheetah hunting prey, and you are a three-legged impala stuck in a mud puddle. 

After that?  It's all down hill.


I have to admit, his take-down methods are pretty effective.  So far he has been 100% successful. 
I is stalking you....
...and Aaron wonders why my shoes are always filled with gravel....

Sunday, February 3, 2013

International Golden Retriever Day - February 3rd

Today we are celebrating International Golden Retriever Day.  I know, you are all thinking "Isn't every day International Golden Retriever Day"?  While that is true, it has been decided to have one day dedicated to partying like a Golden!

How will spend this wonderfully special day? Well, for starter's trying to figure out what Monty was up to while we were out of the house....

Caught on our home camera - looks kind of suspicious, doesn't it?
 Dreaming of where our next space adventure will be....
I'm thinking a visit to the Dog Star would be awesome!  I wonder if Mom would pack us sandwiches?
 Maybe giving the boys a bath?
It took weeks to get odor like I like it....  Now I has to start over.
 ...and just adoring our boys!
How can anyone resist dis face?
...and when the excitement is over at our house, we will go over and join these pups!