Monday, March 26, 2012

Sam's First Agility Trial

This last weekend we entered Sam in a Beginners/Intro Agility Show sponsored by Good Dog Agility.  He was entered into Standard and Jumpers, with the decision to skip Snooker and Gamblers - I didn't want him to get too tired in his first event!

Our goals for the day?  Complete each event and have fun!  We also added a new hat to the collection to celebrate the big day.

The front...  they matched Sam's colors!
The back...
 I always want Sam to be happy - look at his face.  I think my little guy was having the time of his life!
Leaving the dog walk


The chute...

We had good friends there!  Thank you Judy for sharing your tent and Lin for all your advice - Sam and I are still learning and need lots of help....
I also think Sam needs a new handler - cough cough....  (I sent him crooked over the jump!)

...and thank you Brenda and Eugene, from Brenda's Arizona, for taking such awesome pictures! 

Sam doing a down stay.

My furry gazelle...
...and yes, we made a lot of mistakes, but we are still beginners.  ...but, every great once in a while you get  a surprise that makes you cry because you are so happy and never imagined it was possible...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sam the Agility Super Star!

Next Sunday I have entered Sam in a Intro Agility Show sponsored by Good Dog Agility.  This means lots and lots of practice for him and I - although I think he would do better if I just let him do his thing!

One of the best things about bringing Sam to agility is that while we started training him late in life (he is 9 1/2!), having a job has brought out the puppy in him.  He has more energy and less "stiff" mornings than he had before!  I take it easy with him, and only let him practice a couple of times before calling it good.  He usually lets me know when it is time to quit and as long as I listen to him, we've been having a lot of success!

Sam waiting for his turn. 

First jump!

Wingless jump - this was my mistake!  I got too close to this jump and Sam hopped over it to save us!

Dog walk!

Since Sam and I are new at this, we still need to learn a lot!  I still "micro-manage" him and am trying to not crowd him as much!  While it looks like I'm touching him in the weaves, I'm actually not - just pointing in front of him where to go.
Weave, weave, weave...
Another thing I need to learn is focus.  Sam was doing great on the weaves, and about halfway thru I got really excited and distracted him!  He popped out and missed a pole...  What did Sam think of it? 

...but he still knew he did well!

In between, we found time to play some catch too!

Of course, the best part about it is how happy Sam is!  He knows I'm happy and proud of him!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our weekend

We've had a pretty quiet weekend, which is sometimes the best kind of weekend to have!  Mom The boys keep hoping we'll  rent a RV and take them cross country and have an adventure, but since that hasn't yet happened yet they've resigned themselves to putting up with all the other things we put them through.

Including baths...
Nobody here....
Having new collars made...
Monty is our silly monkey!
Getting ears scratched.... 
A little to the left, Dad!
Chasing light reflections from Dad's leg (if you are Monty).... 
I saw it there, I know I did!
...and keeping a close eye on Mom in case she decides to share her lunch!
Let me know if you can't finish that, Mom. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sweet Carl

Years ago, before we met, my husband moved from Florida to Arizona.  During the transit he left his beloved Golden-mix Carl with his good friend Troy. 

Upon returning to Florida to gather the rest of his things, Aaron realized that Troy's daughter had fallen in love with Carl.  Aaron gave up Carl in order to keep a little girl happy.

We found out today that while Troy and his family where at a softball game, their house caught fire and they lost everything, including Carl and two other dogs.

Rest in peace, sweet Carl. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Monty doings...

Sam is resting up for his advanced beginners agility class tonight....

So I thought I would give you an update on how our boy Monty is doing!  I realize it's been a while since he has been in a post.   Monty, as you can see in the photos below, has taken up the rather entertaining sport of "Dad Wrestling"....

It starts out innocently enough.  A few paw grabs, a few licks, and then before you know it....'s an all out wrestling match!  I'm not sure which paw is which in this picture!
After a few horrifying moments, our combatants are left exhausted!
Monty usually recovers enough after one of these fearsome wrestling matches to help me on my latest project.  I am trying to make a denim quilt (trying....) and Monty is fascinated by the scraps!

I has a hat!
Wait a minute!
No worries!  Monty doesn't mind as long as he gets something out if it too.  He's found out that the left over blue jean denim makes a nice toy!
Oh yeah!
...and Sam just hopes I can keep Monty busy enough that he can get the sleep he needs!

I need my rest!