Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sam the Agility Super Star!

Next Sunday I have entered Sam in a Intro Agility Show sponsored by Good Dog Agility.  This means lots and lots of practice for him and I - although I think he would do better if I just let him do his thing!

One of the best things about bringing Sam to agility is that while we started training him late in life (he is 9 1/2!), having a job has brought out the puppy in him.  He has more energy and less "stiff" mornings than he had before!  I take it easy with him, and only let him practice a couple of times before calling it good.  He usually lets me know when it is time to quit and as long as I listen to him, we've been having a lot of success!

Sam waiting for his turn. 

First jump!

Wingless jump - this was my mistake!  I got too close to this jump and Sam hopped over it to save us!

Dog walk!

Since Sam and I are new at this, we still need to learn a lot!  I still "micro-manage" him and am trying to not crowd him as much!  While it looks like I'm touching him in the weaves, I'm actually not - just pointing in front of him where to go.
Weave, weave, weave...
Another thing I need to learn is focus.  Sam was doing great on the weaves, and about halfway thru I got really excited and distracted him!  He popped out and missed a pole...  What did Sam think of it? 

...but he still knew he did well!

In between, we found time to play some catch too!

Of course, the best part about it is how happy Sam is!  He knows I'm happy and proud of him!


  1. Yay Sam! Glad to see that he loves the game!

  2. Awesome!! You can teach humans new tricks, no matter how old they are!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  3. Good day!! Love that Sam is doing agility. Need to get back to doing that with my two. We just do it for fun in our backyard (hubby made some great obstacles:) might just be the day to dig that stuff out. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. That is so awesome. We are proud of you and Sam. What a great team. Good luck next week. Where is your competition at?

  5. WOW that is incredibly wonderful. Makes me at 12 years old to try it.

  6. Good job Sam! Agility training looks fun and you get spend quality time with your human. We may have to do the same.

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  7. Fantastic, what a treat for Sam. Way to go Same, age is just a number, keep up the Good Work.

    Sheila & Bob
    Hamish & Sophie

  8. Never to old for agility my friend. We have a pup at our training class that does it at the age of 13. :)

  9. GOOD FOR SAM!!! I've had a few friends who have gotten their Goldens around the same age as Sam and have gotten them involved in agility. It really was a great way to bond and build an amazing relationship and have so much fun doing it!!

  10. Great job, Sam! You looked like you were having fun with your mom!

    Love ya lots,

  11. This is so good for Sam - Mom so wishes she could do agility with one or two of us, but she is afraid she will fall. We really think she won't be able to keep up:) BOLOL

    Have lots of fun with Sam.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Oh Sam you are so awesome. You truly are the agility super star your mommy says you are!

  13. Way to go Sam. Brilliant to see you doing so well and enjoying it!
    Good luck next week..paws crossed for you!

    Have a great week
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  14. That's pawsome! Sam look so happy in all the pictures!

  15. Good Luck to Sam in your competition. I have a facebook friend who runs his westie in agility out in the Scottsdale area ... they have so much fun.

    Happy Spring,

  16. Yay Sam! Looks like you really like agility. Have fun in your show!

  17. Good deal, hope Sam has a lot of fun. Once we move past our period of financial uncertainty we are going to sign up to learn agility with our Goldens.

  18. Good deal, hope Sam has a lot of fun. Once we move past our period of financial uncertainty we are going to sign up to learn agility with our Goldens.

  19. Great job, Sam! Remember it is about the fun and your own groove so don't let mom over direct!

  20. This is great that you've found something such fun to do with Sam even though he's not just a pup. It sounds like it's really good for him.

    And I bet it makes you two closer than ever.

  21. Oh Sam!! I think you & your human are doing awesome! I started a lot of things late too - I didn't start dancing till I was about 4yrs old and didn't try Agility till I was 6! So I think it's great that you're flying the flag for - ahem - 'senior dogs'! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  22. Look at how good you are. Way to go. You'll do great at the competition.

  23. Good job Sam! :) That looks like so much fun! I pretend I'm an agility star when I do ups and downs on rocks and benches. Maybe someday I can find a real course to play on :)

    Waggin at ya,

  24. Being happy is what it's all about!
    Play bows,

  25. You have every right to be proud. Great job!

  26. Awesome!! Love that picture with your tongue out Sam!! LOL!

  27. Woozers, that looks like fun! Good job, Sam!

    jack & moo

  28. Go Sam!!! You are totally awesome! Can't wait to hear how it goes. :)

  29. Way to go Sam! Good for you!

  30. Sam! I had no idea you and Mom were doing the agility thing! You loOk splendid - just amazing! So proud of you and your mom - gotta say, you don't look more'n a puppy's age in these pix! Hope you post more pix of you doing this cool gig! Congrats!
    xoxo Sammie and Avalon
    PS Is Monty on sidelines cheering?

  31. Wow, Sam I'm glad that your still doing great on your trainings keep it up!

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond