Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wait a minute!

Hey, wait a minute! According to dis, Sam only supposed to be washed once every six to eight weeks. Sam washed every other weekend. This isn't right! Who do I complain to?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sam is helping out...

Hi dere. Sam here. Sam taking over his blog. Again. His blog, after all.

If I don't post, who will?

Sam decide since Mom feeling out of sorts from head test, Sam help in house. Sam good boy after all. Sam not mention that he still help out, even after he got bath yesterday!

Sam not even dirty! He swear!

Sam decide to vacuum, although Sam think little brother Monty should vacuum. It's his hair rolling down hallway!

I have a Dyson, and I know how to use it!

Sam had hard time with laundry. No luck folding, Sam all paws.

Hope Dad doesn't mind wrinkles in his shorts!

This too much work for one pup!

When will it ever end?

We are thinking of all our friends on the East Coast! We are hoping Irene passed you all by!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hi there!! You probably have noticed that there has been a lack of activity here at "How Sam Sees It". Although updating the blog has been pretty slow, our household activities have been anything but!

I've been preparing my Friesian stallion, Baron, and mare, Isabel, for a Keuring coming up in September. This is an important judging, especially for Baron!

Baron being spunky...

...but we haven't forgotten our boys either!

The weather has been too hot to do much with them outside, so we've been keeping them occupied indoors with antlers, tennis balls, and lots of home made treats!

Mom makes us cheesy, chicken goodies!

We've also began making tentative plans for a very special boy's 9th birthday! We will keep you all updated!

I'm going to be 9 years young!

Mom had another headache test on Monday - and the results show nothing. She really appreciated everyone's thoughts and comments, and will try some of them! Thank you everyone!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Headache Diet

Some of you may have seen these on Facebook, but for those of you who haven't...

In order to try and figure out my headaches, Aaron and I went on a "Reboot" diet - nothing but vegetables and vegetable juice for 15 days. The diet affected the boys differently, especially poor Monty!

Here is a recap of our diet!

Today is Day 1 of an all vegetable diet (vegan, actually) that we are hoping will help my headaches. So far, all we've managed to do is horrify Monty!

Day 2 of the Headache Diet - Monty is laying in the grass refusing to come back into the house, despairing that he will never see another steak in his lifetime... Sam has discovered a previously unknown passion for broccoli...

Day 3 of the Headache Diet... Monty has taken to commiserating with the grill, while Sam happily has ordered a salad along with his kibble...

Day 4 of the Headache Diet - Found Monty on-line last night trying to order a years worth of steak, Sam has just put his finishing touches on his miniature recreation of the Taj Majal made entirely of lettuce and kale...

Day 5 of the Headache Diet - Found Monty's last will and testament written in blue crayon... Found Sam reading Arizona Vegetable Growers Digest...

Day 6 of the Headache Diet - Monty was discovered trying to trade Sam's favorite blue bear to the Yorkie next door for a slice of bacon... Sam has plowed the backyard and planted lettuce...

Day 7 of the Headache Diet - Found tunnel leading from our laundry room to the beef jerky section of Walgreens, suspect Monty... Sam is really starting to look like a farmer and he's expecting a bumper crop of lettuce this year...

Day 8 of the Headache Diet - Noticed on the phone bill several calls to cattle ranch in Texas. After calling the ranch, found out several orders have been placed with them and to expect 10 head to be delivered on the 12th - suspect Monty... Sam has asked if he can enter his prize turnips in the county fair...

Day 9 of the Headache Diet - Got a call from a publisher, Monty can expect his first royalty check this week for his tell all book "My Days Without Meat - What my people did to me"... Sam is building fence to keep Monty's cattle out of his lettuce.

Day 10 of the Headache Diet - Well, the diet is temporarily over - it seems my stomach can't handle a diet of pure vegetables. Aaron immediately went out to buy me crackers and himself a steak, which Monty immediately held a parade for. He had everything - balloons, a marching band, floats... Sam, while thrilled steak had return, asked if he could finish my uneaten salad.

Day 11 of the Headache Diet - Despite a setback, Aaron has decided that we will continue with the diet. We only have 5 days left. Monty is inconsolable and refuses to leave his bed, Sam has just endorsed his own brand of salad dressing.

Day 12 of the Headache Diet - A new supply of antlers arrived for the boys yesterday, Monty and Sam temporarily distracted. I, however, would really like pancakes (no processed foods, flour, etc. allowed!)...

...and the post that made us decide to go off of the diet...

I made the boys dog treats tonight. It's probably the diet talking, but boy, do they taste good!

So, we made it through 12 days and my headache is the same. We will try something else, and I think both boys are thrilled things are back to normal!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Diet and Kong Toys

In an effort to try to make my headache's better and maybe find out what causes them, Aaron and I are going on a strict vegetable diet. As we head into Day 4, we are both doing okay. Monty, on the other hand, is in distress that all that is in the house are vegetables. He's taken to laying out in the planter box and refusing to come in.

Sam on the other hand, is happy with salad! We've noticed his weight is edging up, so this will be a good opportunity for us to trim him down.

In an effort to make it up to Monty, we bought both of the boys Kong toys. These are the first ones they have had.

Sam immediately cleaned his out, doing it from this unusual standing up position. I tried to show him it would be easier if he laid down, but he seemed quite offended by the suggestion.

Monty, however, found his Kong to be a moment of pure bliss!