Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hi there!! You probably have noticed that there has been a lack of activity here at "How Sam Sees It". Although updating the blog has been pretty slow, our household activities have been anything but!

I've been preparing my Friesian stallion, Baron, and mare, Isabel, for a Keuring coming up in September. This is an important judging, especially for Baron!

Baron being spunky...

...but we haven't forgotten our boys either!

The weather has been too hot to do much with them outside, so we've been keeping them occupied indoors with antlers, tennis balls, and lots of home made treats!

Mom makes us cheesy, chicken goodies!

We've also began making tentative plans for a very special boy's 9th birthday! We will keep you all updated!

I'm going to be 9 years young!

Mom had another headache test on Monday - and the results show nothing. She really appreciated everyone's thoughts and comments, and will try some of them! Thank you everyone!


  1. Baron does look full of energy!!! Its hot here too although that might change with the hurricane! Our blog has also gone slow lately due to many reasons! I am sorry about the headaches....I know how horrible they can be and when the doctors say it's a combination of everything headache....they just want you to "deal" with it here! I hope you have better doctors!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  2. We didn't know about the horses - lots of luck to you and Baron.

    The pups look great and we so understand the heat.

    We are also very sorry there has been no resolution to the headache situation - must be very frustrating AND painful. Hope some answers come soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning and Mom

  3. I'm glad you had a link to the word 'Keuring'..Hope you and Baron and Isabel do well :)
    I have an antler chew right now, that's how mom keeps me busy when she is trying to do stuff...BOL


  4. Ha-roo Sam & Monty, hope woo are cooling off ok. Whoa, that Baron sure can kick up a fuss, huh? Great photo! We're preparing for our possible-hurricane, nice cool breeze today!

    jack & moo

  5. Baron looks like he keeps you on your toes! I'm betting that there will be quite the celebration for that special boy's big day, too!

  6. Your horses are magnificent. Isabel is a charmer (from past photos) and Baron is surely an energizer! Best of luck in the competition.

    The boys don't seem too much worse for being stuck inside and lavished with games and treats. We have monsoons in ABQ so the weather should be shifting soon...for you too?

    We send White Dog healing energy to help you get the headaches under control and figure out how best to avoid them.

  7. Yes you have been busy huh? Lots of planning, prep, and test. We wish you good luck with everything!!! :)

  8. Hi, sorry I haven't been by for awhile. The boys look like Golden goodness as usual. Very sorry to hear about your aching head. I like your approach and wish you the best.

    Will have to try antlers. Easton is a big chewer and we are going through bullies like crazy.

    Will send some Seattle AC down to the valley for you. Should arrive around Thanksgiving (you know how USPS is).

  9. Baron is just gorgeous. We hope he and Isabel do well!
    Antlerz are the best!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. You have a lot on your plate. I hope you don't find headaches are caused by keeping a crazy schedule with too much to do.

    Good luck in preparing for your judging.

  11. Good luck with the competition. We have horses and mules in our family too, but they don't live with us.

    Hope your Mommy feels better. Also can't wait to hear bout your barkday plans!

    Puppy Kisses,

  12. Sam and Monty, you two are so handsome! And clever! We read several of your previous blogs and are so sorry about your mom's headaches -- and the deprivation they caused you!

    Like you, JH and I are very diffeent. I'm the intellectual and he is the goof ball, It makes for interesting times!

    We hope those headaches get better!!!

    Wirey woofs,


  13. Baron is sooooo gorgeous!! Let us know how the keuring goes.

  14. Baron sure has high energy inspite of the heat.
    Hope the headaches go away.
    I'm excited for the birthday boy.

  15. A beautiful picture of Byron!

    You two are very beautiful.
    I like it cool. For you it is always very hot day. I would probably burn up.

  16. Wow, you have horsies! Wishing you much good luck!

  17. Antler,tennis balls and treats sound ok to us! sam & Monty don't look too sad about it either!

    Baron looks fiesty..good luck with him and Isabel.

    Sorry to hear you still haven't bottomed the headaches.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx