Saturday, November 3, 2012

AZGRC's Annual Gotcha Day!

I took Monty to AZGRC's Annual Gotcha Day event today.  We love this event.  There are games to play, great food, and lots of friends to catch up with.  Since Sam still has a drain in his side, we decided I would go with Monty and Aaron would stay home with Sam.

Of course, the best part of the day is seeing all of the Golden's...
Waiting to play games...

I think all the dogs were finding old friends to say hi to!

This one had new prizes to take home!
We are always a little nervous about taking Monty out in crowds, our sweet boy doesn't like being crowded, but the folks who come to Gotcha Day are very understanding.  I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to help Monty greet their dogs.  I wish I could have gotten pictures of all of your pups!
One of Monty's new friends.  His Mom, Donna, made sure Monty got lots of positive attention.
There were games to play too.  This shell game variation (using plastic cups and hot dogs) proved to be very difficult for the dogs.
I like how the Golden's are waiting patiently in line for their turn.
Even Monty patiently waited his turn!
You're just going to have to sit in the dirt, Mom.
Of course, Monty also got to meet his former foster mom, Candy, and he kept an eye out for her the whole time we were there.
There she is!  I see her!
 There was a game where you had to take lei's and beads off of your head and get them on your dogs head in the fastest time possible.
Mom was kinda slow....
In my defense, the beads tangled in my hair.  ...and then there was a hoop game, called Hoop Hopping, where the dogs had to get two paws in a hoop to proceed to the next hoop.  Monty earned 3rd place!

I is just awesome.
He got a 3rd place star!

I am very proud of our boy!
Monty and me.

Update on Sam:

Sam still has a drain in one spot but is recovering slowly.  He is wrapped up pretty tightly but is being a good patient and leaving his bandages alone.  He was a little upset he didn't get to come with, but we were worried about the drain site getting dirty.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful event! I wish we had something like that around here!

  2. Wow, Monty! That looks like a super awesome Gotcha Day party! Congratulations on your third place!

    Sam and Pippen

  3. So glad I got to see you and Monty today! Sure hope Sam feels better soon!

  4. Hey Sam, we're sorry you didn't get to go out and have fun with your pals, but we're glad you're getting better!


  5. Monty, what a cool event! It's good to be around people who understand us rescue pups! What might not phase some, could really freak out others. I mean, I think that necklace and lei thing would be hard for me -- I have a hard time with the putting something over my head thing. I can't help it.
    That's great that you got to see your foster mom! Did she give you lots of hugs and ear rubbies and stuff?
    And Sam! We're so glad you're healing well! Don't worry, buddy. You'll be back up and having tons of fun in no time!!!
    Play bows,

  6. What a great event and congrats on placeing 3rd!! Sam you keep resting up and you will be all better before you know it.

  7. Monty looks like he did find and had a good time, always good when you take Mom's cahir away. Feel so sad for Sam, we will keep are paws crossed for him until he is able to go party like a dog.

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  8. How great! That looks and sounds awesome!

  9. Sam, you can go to the next event. Congratulations Monty on winning prizes and enjoying yourself in a crowd.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. What an awesome golden event!! It looked like so much fun! I'm sorry Sam couldn't make it out, but I'm sure Monty will dish on all the gossip! :-D Congrats on third place, that sounded like a really hard competition! Feel better really soon Sam!!!

  11. So, are woo Goldens breed snobs like Siberians are?

    We SO know OUR own kind!

    Thanks fur sharing such a GReat day!

    PeeEssWoo: Paws khrossed Sam will be all healed furry soon!

  12. Looks like a fun day for Monty. Poor Sam, next time.

    Tucker and Daisy

  13. Poor Sam, not getting to go to the party. I know how you feel. I never get to go to them either, but that is because I tend to bite other big dogs if they get too close to me. Maybe next year you can go have fun too.

  14. Isn't it wonderful to be in a crowd that understands the needs of your dog and helps out? It sounds like it was perfect for Monty, and he even won a star!

    Sorry about Sam missing out but I'm glad that he's recovering.

    No need to apologize for the horseback riders. I consider the nuggets on the trail to be part of living in the wild west... I just have to train each dog not to eat them! Yuck!

  15. Great job on that hoop game Monty! You look pretty cool with all of those sparkly collars too :)

    I hope Sam feels all better very soon! I am sure it's no fun being stuck in the house while your best buddy is out having fun :(

  16. Sure looks like a cool event Monty!

    Sam - get better soon!!!

  17. What a great day you had. We are sending more healing paw to Sam and look forward to him being back to normal. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  18. It seems both you and Monty had a great time together. Paws are still crossed for Sam !

  19. What a fun day for you, Monty!
    You'll go next time, Sam - don't worry! We hope you feel better soon.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  20. I'm glad you had a fun day!! I really do love these kind of events, and I love seeing my past foster dogs who have blossomed and are so happy!

    I'm also glad that Sam is doing well! We continue to send healing thoughts for him from our corner of Virginia!!

  21. Way to go Monty! It's great that your foster mom can see you. I would like to send Thumper's foster mom an update on him but I don't know where to find her. Glad to hear Sam is on the mend. Been thinking about him.

  22. Monty, you are a STAR in all our hearts!
    Love the Gotcha Day - but without goldies anymore I forget about it! Still looks like fun fun fun. Sam, get well!

  23. That sounds like it was a very fun event. So glad Monty got to go, AND win that star. Poor Sam, Phantom sends his sympathies to him, he knows all about being wrapped up and having drains. We all hope Sam is back on his feet soon.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning.

  24. How lovely seeing your foster Mom, looked such a fabulouz day out :) Wish we had fings like that in the UK. XX00XX

    Mollie and Alfie

  25. Oh Sam, I know you were bummed that you missed the event, but hopefully soon you'll be able to romp around again.

  26. Congrats, Monty! Sam, I'm glad you are doing well. We've still got our fingers and paws crossed here.

  27. Monty sounds like you had a grreat day. We're glad everybuddy was good to you and made you relax. Sorry you couldn't go Sam mate. Next time ok? No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  28. Give Sam a hug from My Vickie if you would. She has been worried about him and was glad to hear that he is doing better.
    What a fun day and great event and all those goldens. It must have been like being in heaven.


  29. Dear Sam and Monty and Family,

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by Suka's blog and write such kind words of sympathy after he passed. It meant a lot to me. Suka was very happy to have met both Sam and Monte in the blogging world, two beautiful pups. Although he only knew Sam and Monte for a short time, Suka always enjoyed seeing their posts, and their humor always put a smile on his face.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful words. Knowing that others care and understand helps me through my grief.


    K (Suka's human)

  30. Hi Sam,
    Sorry to hear you're still in under the weather.

    Way to go!


  31. Looks fun! I'd liked to have come

  32. What fun Monty! Congrats on the Hoop Hoppin contest win! :D

    Sam, I'm sorry you had to stay home and focus on healing. Butt, I bet when you're all healed up, your pawrents will take you someplace real special too! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  33. Congrats on your prize! That looks like a pawsome day. Here's get well hugs to Sam.

  34. FUN TIMES! Get well quickly Sam....

  35. It's tough when one dog can't go out as much as the others when there's a medical issue involved. Hope Sam is feeling better soon!

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  37. Sounds like a great event! Good job Monty on your wins.