Sunday, June 30, 2013

Harlow says Hello!

Hello dere, new people friends!  Monty and Sam said I could give update on my first month here.  Da Momma said she would help me!    
Hello, new people friends!
Dis has been good month for Harlow.  I has great new big brudders dat look after me.  I has lots to learn, like business has to be done outside, no chew on cords, and no jump on Dad.  Momma says I should do what Sam does.  She say "Harlow, whatever you do, don't do what Monty does."  I wonders why?
The Monty is innocent of whatever you are accusing him of...
Sam busy teaching Harlow all he knows, like "Momma no like cold snooters on back of knees" and "foods on counter no belong to Goldens".  Sam super smart.  
I is taking lots of notes!
 Monty is best friend brudder ever.  He is sometimes very strange.  Lately, he wear bow tie and tell me to call him "Dog-ter".  I is confused, but Momma says he is a Whovian, whatever that is.
My TARDIS (Treats and Retriever Dogs in Space) is bigger inside than outside...
I loves my new house.  Momma puts movies with dogs on the big box, I has all the belly rubs I does want, and Dad always scratches dose itchy spots on my ears.

No worry, Pongo, day will save your pups!
Bestess of all?  Da Momma understands that young puppies just need to get snooter dirty once in a while...
I can haz kiss now?


  1. Aww Harlow it sounds like you had a wonderful first month with your new family. You have lots to learn still and I'm sure you'll catch on quick. Humans love it when you give them a kiss right after you had a drink out of the water bowl ;)

    The last picture of you is precious! Can't wait to hear more updates on you.

  2. Oh, Harlow! Isn't being in a new home with two brothers just the BEST?!!? I keep getting told "try to be more like Dave and ... oh, NoNoZimmieNoNo!" I'm not sure what that means - but wow, is Zim tons of fun! I'll bet Monty is, too. And Sam. I would like both of your brothers, I am sure!
    PS: I LOVE what you did with your furs in that last picture!

  3. Howdy Marlow, so glad your brothers are showing you the ropes. It sounds like you have had a fun month with your new family. We think a little bit of mud of perfectly fine and think you should smooch everybuddy, every single time you are muddy!! See ya soon sweetie pie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. Hi Harlow!

    There's lots to learn in a new house, huh?


  5. Harlow you are fitting in real nice. Getting your snooter all muddy is good for the furs. Makes them extra soft.

  6. We bet you've already been dumped into the bathtub! You are fun, Harlow! We like you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  7. Hello Harlow. You look like you are having FUN at your new home. I likes your muddy face. I thinks we will be grrrrrrrreat friends.

  8. Hi ya Harlow, glad to know yous and that you fit in so well. We bet Monty and Sam will teach you all the stuffs, good & Bad no matter what Mom says. A big Scottie welcome to blogville!

    The Mad Scots

  9. So much to learn...but you've got a good tutor. Sounds to us like you've found the right family.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. I must says, I no is a fan of brother and sister kinds of dogs myself, but I is so glad you is all getting along handsomely!


  11. you sure know how to get dirty!

    Stop on by for a visit!

  12. We are so glad your first month is going so well. You are very lucky your mom understands dirty dogs! Lee and Phod

  13. Harlow you are one lucky pooch! Did your mom let you come inside dirty??? Where are those pictures?

  14. Harlow you are one lucky pooch! Did your mom let you come inside dirty??? Where are those pictures?

  15. Harlow, you are a beautiful and very lucky girl!! I'm so glad that things have gone well the past month, and I have a feeling that your next month will bring a few more fun adventures! And I'll just bet your Mom hopes they'll be cleaner ones--I loved that last photo on FB and made me laugh here too!!

  16. Hi Harlow, so glad you are loving your new home. You are very lucky to live with such a great family.
    And you are just beautiful too.

  17. You have the neatest home evah!!! We'd agree - listen to the Sam and don't do what the Monty does and you'll be on the atraight and narrow! We hope to meet you soon!!!!
    Sammie and Ava

  18. Of khourse, woo must remind them that



  19. We knew you were going to fit in the moment we saw you!

  20. Harlow the last pic of you is priceless. We are so pleased you have settled in and your big brothers are looking after you. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  21. Harlow you are just too cute! You have an awesome home and your brothers are just wonderful!!

  22. Aww, we LOVED this post!! Glad you are taking notes from Sam, and NOT Monty! Hehe! ;)

    That last picture of you all muddy is so adorable! And the caption is great too!

    Congrats on your first month in your new home and we hope you have MANY more happy years to come!

    Elyse and Riley

  23. OMD!!! We have been missing lots of news around here!
    Hello to Harlow! Nice to "meet" you. Glad that you are doing great in your new home. Your brofurs are great!
    Sam, long time no see. We hope you are doing well.
    Monty, behaving yourself lately? ;)
    Hugs to all!

    June and mom.

  24. Oh Harlow no kiss until after bath!!!
    Boy did you get dirty!!!
    When you are clean you are so handsome!!!

  25. Harlow - Monty told you to get dirty, didn't he? You look fabulous. I'm so glad your month has been fun!!

  26. Love the last pic and caption!

    Hello Harlow - glad you are getting along so well in your new home! Lots to learn, isn't there? You have great teachers!

  27. I'm glad to hear you are fitting in so well with your family Harlow, it's a good job you have such good teachers to teach you how to be good!!
    Love Milo :)

  28. What a cutie. I wonder if he'll learn more from Sam or Monty.

  29. Miz Harlow, I can see that you are ell on your way to becoming quite the diva!


  30. Oh my goshies!! You have a new sister! So exciting!! Can't wait to see more photos of all of you!

    Sam, I hope you're feeling OK these days -- so sorry I haven't been around much lately... so much going on, but I'm thinking of all of you! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  31. Sounds like you're settling right in Harlow!

  32. Oh my goodness, that is muddy! Lovely to see you enjoying your home.

  33. It sounds like you found just the perfect family for you, Harlow! I am so happy that you are so happy!! :)

  34. SO nice to meet you Harlow! You sure picked a good family! I love it that they let you get muddy - getting muddy from time to time is very important for a pup's mental and physical well-being!


  35. Bwahahaha! What did you get into?!

  36. Harlow, you are the perfect addition to your family! What an awesome pack you and your humans make!