Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Updates

Surprisingly, having a new family member has not upset our usual routine too much.  Harlow is fitting in like she was really meant to be with us.
Hello, new people friends!
 She's quickly become my office buddy...
I ready to help Mom, if she need me.
Monty is absolutely smitten with her and discovered she has a leash.  We keep it on her to help with her potty training, but Monty has realized she will follow him if he has it.
Click here to go to YouTube to watch.

Monty is awfully proud of his "babysitting" skills.
I is awesomest big brother around!
They spend a lot of time wrestling, and Monty makes sure that little Harlow wins a round or two.
Golden Retriever Wrestling - coming to Pay Per View soon!
Harlow has learned to not jump on Sam, which Sam greatly appreciates.  Our boy is still a little fragile.  We had a couple of bad days with him this weekend and have increased his pain medicine.  He seems better this morning.
I is great.
We hope you have a great week!
Y'all come back now, ya hear?


  1. Love the video of Monty taking Harlow for a walk!!!

    You take good care of yourself, Sam!


  2. Oh Harlow, you are too cute!! We love you already! Please don't jump on our buddy Sam, we are hoping he has more better days.

  3. How adorable about Monty!

    so sorry to hear about Sam being in more pain. We are sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

    What a doll that little Harlow is!

  4. Monty - you IS a great babysitter - you look very much in huge LIKE with Harlow! But dear Sam - so sorries to hear you were in pain this weekend - here's hoping a few more meds has already given some relief? We think of you all lots xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  5. O Monty... how fun it muss be teu walk yeur little sister!!! And she iss berry smitten worfy, iffin I may say so myself.

    And my dear Sam, I deu so hobes yeu are feeling better teuday. Yeu are in our hearts, Sweet Boy, and whee send yeu eudles ob

    Lubbs from Little Reufus and the Mom

  6. The adorable level went sky high with that video. Monty is so smart!

  7. very cute shot with the rain hat!

  8. LOL funny is that video. Pip use to do that to Molly. Happy days. We are sending POTP to Sam. We hope he is better today. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Monty you could get a JOB as a DAWG walker!! YOu are a NATURAL.

  10. This is the greatest post!!! Love love love the pictures!! Love the video!!! Love Harlow-- welcome to blog land cutie pie!!! Goldens are such special dogs!!
    thanks for our visit!!!

  11. OH wow...I didn't realize you have a new addition. CONGRATS! I LOVE the video of Monty walking her, too cute!

  12. Harlow you are a little doll aren't you? We hope feel better Sam!

  13. Monty, will you come over here and babysit Chewy for me? Please!

  14. Harlow is gorgeous. Love Monty taking her for a walk and being such a good big brother.

    Hope Sam feels better soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  15. She is SO pretty! Glad she's fitting in well.

  16. What a pretty girl she is! And I love how gentle Monty is with her. He didn't drag her by the leash, he led her! :)

  17. What a cute video! Sally Ann tries to walk Andy some time. Sam, feel better, we are thinking a lot of you.

  18. Awww, Momty is adorable! Glad she is fitting in. Hope Sam is feeling better soon.

  19. Harlow is both beautiful and cute, all wrapped up in one. We foresee some great fun ahead. That is just adorable how Monty takes her around:)

    Hope Sam is having a better day.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  20. Hi Harlow, you keep them guys in line! and welcome to blogville!

    The Mad Scots

  21. Monty you are a super big brother. And how smart is Harlow to learn so quickly not to jump on Sam. And Sam my friend I am thinking about you and sending my very best vibes to you.

  22. Being a big brother is a very important job! Nicely done!

    I am sorry Sam had a few bad days this weekend. Hoping the new meds are making him feel better.

    Your pal, Pip

  23. That picture with the hat is so cute!

  24. Harlow is such a little cutie - and what a lovely name.

    Love also to beautiful Sam. I do hope the pain eases and he is able to enjoy some of the fun. x

  25. You are just adorable, Harlow, and you are the most wonderful brother and babysitter, Monty!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  26. Monty looks like a pretty pawsome big bro and Harlow is a real cutie! Sure hope Sam's pain eases. Our Sasha is starting to have more trouble getting around. Even getting nervous going down the ramp to go out or come in. Sam is a handsome guy. Sorry he some bad days.hoping the meds ease the pain for him
    Etnie and the furkids

  27. That last picture of Harlow in that hat is soooo cute!!! Love her smile!

    Too funny that Monty will "drag" Harlow around the house by her leash! Typical Monty. :)

    Thanks for letting me know about Sam's laser therapy. Our vet had said that she'd start off doing like 4 treatments a week, then it would taper down after that, so I'm really encouraged to hear that his pain went away after 1!! Hopefully it will help with his leg as well!

  28. What a great office mate

    Stop on by for a visit

  29. Sending healing vibes to Sam.
    Harlow and monty are so cute together xx

  30. How wonderful that she is fitting in so well! And I LOVE her ears!

    Tell Sam to feel better. :-) He's got a new pal to keep up with!

  31. I love that he 'walks' her!

    Poor Sam. Hope he keeps that pain level down.

  32. That clip of Harlow going for a walk with another Golden at the other end of the leash is precious! It should go viral and win the internet. Your puppies are amazing, and so are their parents!

  33. Oh, I love the video, that is so sweet. Really good that Harlow is settling in so well :)

  34. We love Monty showing Harlow the way around by taking her by the leash! The family seems perfectly in balance. We are sending White Dog healing energies to Sam and hope that he is pain-free soon. We just found out about a great pain med that does no liver damage for Quinn...Alenza... perhaps ask your vet about its suitability for Sam?

  35. Have we mentioned how GiRls rule???


  36. Good to see you all guys. Just love pink ha ha. Clever guys.

    Sam, hope you have hold of that pawsome power of the paw very tightly cos we keep sending it over your way.
    Sending it again with all our love. x x x

  37. OH MY DOG!!! We're sorry we missed your news. You have a new puppy?? Yaahooo to you all. She looks adorable. Looks like Monty is helping with the potty training hehehe. Oh what fun you will all have together. Well done mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory
    P.S. Sam, we hope you continue to get better. Sending you hugs and love!

  38. That is good see that everyone is happy. I would have to say the same. When I got Sable, Lucy took her and raised her as her own. Sable could barely get up and through the pet door but she followed Lucy everytwhere. Lucy potty trained her. Sables was an addition I never regretted. hard as it is to see puppies. I don't want anymore. I will just have to enjoy your escapades.