Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Yorkie

Sam decided to dedicate his life to taking down The Yorkie. After his release from prison, he went back to school and recieved his diploma. It wasn't easy. He was an outsider and he knew it. They wouldn't let him forget. He heard them talking about him and his past. He kept to himself, he had a goal and would stop at nothing to reach it.

After graduation, he spent his days watching the yard, trying to find a pattern, a clue.

He quickly identified The Yorkie's number one man, Lefty. Lefty had earned his knickname one dark night during a fight. His left ear had been cut off. The one who did it was never seen again. Lefty carried out all The Yorkie's dirty work. Sam decided he needed to take Lefty out of the picture. He needed help. He needed someone who had seen that life, and knew how it all worked from the inside.

He needed Mr. Tibbitts.

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  1. Hey, Paul Harvey - where's the rest of the story? :o)