Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hot hot hot!

Arizona has been gripped by our annual heat wave otherwise known as "summer". Our high yesterday was 115 degrees. It is hot - really hot! Sam has not been allowed outside except for the necessary trips to do his business. Sam is bored.

We did spend quite a bit of time inside. I found this old picture of Sam.

...and mentioned the word "bath"...

...but it was too hot. I did notice his toes need a trim:

We can fortunately escape the heat by going to the movies. We took our neice and nephew to see "Harry Potter". Sam thought he could be in a "Hairy Potter" movie too!

Sam would like us to fix whatever is making it hot outside so that he can go for walks again. He does consider himself lucky, though, that it was too hot for a bath...

And for all of you who asked, the gummi bear did end up being eaten by Sam. Sam would like to mention that red gummi bears are now his favorite!


  1. We sure hope your heat wave ends soon, so you can have some outdoor time. You really make an excellent Harry Potter :)

  2. And I thought it was hot here with an 87 bol! Poor you, dear Sam. Hope you can go out again soon. (Funny that I had a bath today!) Have some ice cream, as it's apparently Nat'l Ice Cream Day!
    Hugs xo Sammie
    Pee Ess: Save some gummies for me!

  3. Hey there Sam.

    So sorry to hear about the debilitating heat mate. Hope it eases up soon and you can get your regular walk.

    I'll tell you a summer time, here in SA, it also gets extremely hot. I really battle with the heat and (on suggestion of our Vet) Mom ends up sometimes shaving me. I know that lots of people don't like this, but it certainly helps us here.

    Tons of love and stay cool.
    Maxdog in South Africa

  4. Wow, you can send some of that heat over to the northeast!!! Love the pics!!!

    Miley's Mom

  5. Ugh! Sophie also hates the heat. Perhaps a cool front will move through soon so Sam can play. I love "Hairy Potter". Sam looks so studious!

  6. Hi there, Sam! We just found your blog and think that it is very much fun! You have it hot and we have been having it cold. We'll give you some of our cold if you trade us for your hot. Deal☺

  7. Hi, Scout 'n Freyja, I wish I could trade! We need a break from this heat! It is very nice to meet you!

  8. Hi Sam! I hope you get some cooler weather soon. Great pictures! Hairy Potter looks fantastic:)

  9. We are sorry that it's too hot over there in Arizona. Please stay cool. Maybe your mommy will get you a kiddie pool to cool off in. We have been bugging mom but she still hasn't gotten it yet.

    Sam & June
    p/s: Oh ya, we HATE baths.

  10. Oh, if you only could send some heat... Poor Mom feels sooo cold.