Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday from Sam

Sam here. Sam taking over his blog, again. Sam couldn't tell his Mom what to write when Mom went to Starbuck's - without Sam!

First of all, Sam needs to tell everyone he is not fat! Look at this physique!

Sam would like to show you this great Sagebrush that has been blooming. This is one of Mom's favorites!

Now lets head home... Sam show you what's going on there.

Sam not fond of his diet. He wants bones. He needs his treats. Nobody listens to him.

Aaron and Mom bought Sam bone. This not chewy. This is not fit for dog. Sam only chews on it to make people happy. Sam not happy!

Sam is ever vigilant in case treats may be coming... Is that the refrigerator?

To make things worse, today is house-cleaning day. Sam was put in jail while Mom mopped!

Mom did try to make it up to Sam by giving Sam a belly rub... He still would rather have treats...

Sam still looking for new editors for site. Maybe new people. People that give him treats...

Until then, Sam posting this picture of his "Traditional Pose". Sam's friend Max from South Africa suggested posting pics of favorite poses...


  1. Hi Sam - Sorry the humans aren't giving you chewy bones :( I just wanted you to know I feel your pain! My humans tried the same stunt with me, serving me "light" dog food. I don't know what they think sometimes but at least they rub our bellies.

  2. Poor Sam! No treats??? That isn´t fun! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!


  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh poor Sam!!!
    We're sooooooooooooo sorry for you!!!
    No treats??????OMDDDDDDD!!!!
    What a bad thing!!!!That isn't fun....NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    We're back and we read that humans told you that you're fat!!!!
    How can they say that????
    Are they crazy????
    You're soooooooooo gorgeous....And Maya loves your body!!!
    And girls never told lie!!!!!
    We missed you a lot!!!!
    Hope tomorrow could be much more good than today!!!!!!
    Tons of love and kisses dear friend!!!

  4. Sam you have a beatiful physique! I had to lose weight too. In fact, over the course of a year, I've dropped 16 lbs. It wasn't diet food, so much as cutting me way back in food intake. It was REALLY hard at first, now I'm ok. Good luck Sam!

  5. Ah, that looks like Texas sage. We had a bunch of that in our front yard until 'someone' cut it way back!

  6. We still think you look wonderful, Sam. Hope your humans find some sort of treat for you soon. We love raw carrots - could you maybe have that, crunchy like a good biscuit but better for you.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  7. Poor Sammy. At least you got a belly rub, which must have been good because you've got a lot of belly to rub!


  8. You're on a diet? No fun!
    Please tell your humans that you are not fat, you are just big bones!

    Sam & June

  9. Oh no, no treats? What is up with that..
    We love your poses..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  10. No treats?! Poor Sam! BTW you a one good looking lad Sam.

    M & Kona

  11. Poor Sam! No treats, accusations of being fat, jailed and blog takeovers! Such abuse, you bootiful guy! But... those belly rubs look pawesome. Gotta take what we can get, right?
    Hugs xo

  12. Poor Sam!
    You are not fat okay, you're healthy and big-boned like me(Robin)..
    Strangers like to comment on how 'phat' i am, but they're just being mean!
    Hope you get your treats soon..