Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sam's Momma is Freezing...

Sam here. Sam have update on Mom - who has gone missing... Sam's mom is currently in sunny (ha-ha-ha) Denver, CO for training. It is 45 degrees in sunny Denver. Sam not know why Mom keep calling it "sunny". Mom says Sam not understand irony. Mom says that is a little more than half of what it is in sunny (this isn't lie!) Arizona. Sam's mom is freezing and complaining of hi-po-ther-mia, whatever that may be. Sam's mom is convinced death is imminent, which Sam is hoping not. Who feed bones? Who take Sam for walk? Who scratch that funny spot on back of head Sam can't quite reach? This is all very stressful!


  1. Hey Sam!!! So glad to see you - enjoy that sunny AZ weather - the momster will be back soon and so very happy to see you! I'm sure you'll get those bones - hang in there, pal! Thinking of ya!
    Hugs xo

  2. Awww Sunny in Arizona!! You are closer to me now..still a bit too far to run all the way to see you.

    Licks and Tail Wags!!

    Olive :)

  3. KholWOOrado!

    I'm jealous!

    I khan imagine how your momma is 'freezing' bekhause my Auntie Di lives in Phoenix and we always get to hear about how 'khold' it is when it is like 60-70!


  4. Sam, maybe you need to go and snuggle with your mom, that would keep her warm:)

  5. Just remind her that it will get hot again soon enough. Treasure any day that is below 90!

    And buy her a snuggie!

  6. Sam
    we agree...denver is freezin'. Peeps lived in Arizona and when they moved to back to CA they thought it might be too cold. they were right so they left N.Cal for S.Cal. I am sure your mom will survive even though the cold is a tragic occurance for those who love the sun.

  7. Woof! For sure your mom will be back soon n you'll gets lots of hugs n will keep you warm. For the meantime, I'm sending you lots of my warm hugs. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. 45 degrees is kind of warm to some of us!

  9. Sam's mom will be ok, maybe next time she should think about bring Sam with her to keep her warm!
    Enjoy the sun in AZ for your mom.

    Samantha & June

  10. Of course she is cold - she is in snowy Colorado and it is November - she needs to go find some sweaters. It is cold and wet and rainy here too. Don't worry, Sam, she'll be back and she will take good care of you.

    woos, the OP Pack

  11. Maybe we could run out there and keep your mom warm! Colorado is just next door to Kansas!

  12. So funny Sam! Hope your Momma survives the cold and gets home soon to give you treats :)

  13. Hmph. Frisky would like to point out that Frisky was born outside when it was below 32 degrees.

    Frisky is not impressed with your 45 "freezing". Frisky's mom walked to the train station today without her coat in 42 degrees. It is considered warm here.

    Buck up, Buttercup. You'll be home soon, and I promise you won't suffer from hypothermia.

  14. G/paw John has hard time talk like dog. Glad Alpha Mom home soon. G/paw hope Alpha Dad fix truck w/no howl or growl.

    Old dog luve pups.

    Loud Bark from SC...

  15. Sure hope your the Mom is home... if not by now, then soon! Pretty sure you could give the her all the trainin she needs!

    wif love from the Luke

  16. Hey Sam!
    I hope your mom is back. And getting your warm hugs.

  17. Frisky starting to worry Sam's mom did freeze. AZ natives not used to so-called cold. Hope all is well.


  18. Awwwwwwwww poor Sam.....
    without your mommy.....
    you must be sooooooooooooo sad.....
    we know what you're feeling....
    we were sooooooooooooo depressed without mommy when she visited USA without us!!!!
    but....don't worried sweet friend....
    we're sure your Momma will survive the cold and gets home soon to give you treats and tons of cuddles!!
    She loves you a lot and she'll be feeling a lot your absence!!

  19. I have an award for you..stop by when you can please :)