Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekend Update

Hello, all! Just wanted to keep you updated on what has been happening in Sam’s world. First of all, I did survive Denver, although for someone who has lived in the far south west her whole life, and has never encountered snow for more than a quick drive by, the temperatures there were quite a shocker! Yes, I did whine… quite a bit… I was freezing!

It was just a little snow, Mom!

Aaron has been working hard to fine tune Sam’s limo, aka our old truck, into a precision machine capable of carrying Sam to see his adoring public. This turned into a huge project, since we had a rather long list of things that needed fixing, but I am happy to see the truck is running good and all the creaks and groans we’ve come to associate with it are gone. In fact, I do believe it is running better than when I first bought it.

What are you waiting for? Let's go!

Our internet is still not working, so I am sitting in Paradise Bakery once again, enjoying a hot chocolate and bagel and updating my blog. It’s amazing how spoiled you get when you are used to having these things right at your fingertips… I miss visiting our dog friends in the evenings and reading the posts all of you have left on Sam’s blog.

Sam himself is doing wonderful! He is completely over whatever had made him sick and his feeling fine and frisky. In fact, I bet he is at home right now wondering where I am!



  1. Glad the truck is purring along. May your internet be up and running soon, too.

  2. Tank woo fur the pupdate!

    I was wondering about all of woo!


  3. Welcome back, Sam (and family!)

    You're looking as handsome as ever. Glad to hear you're feeling good!

    I don't know what I would do without the Internets! :)

  4. Woof! Well, glad your back n will soon resolve your internet problem. Hug and kisses to Sam. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Too bad about the internet, it would drive us nuts. But wow, we love that eyerolling pic of Sam:) And the last one with the ball waiting so patiently for you to come home.

    Happy weekend, the OP Pack

  6. Woo, Sam. Ball? Is that a ball? Is someone gonna throw the ball?!?! Can I play? Can I? Can I?
    PS: We're so glad you're doing well!!!

  7. My mom suddenly find herself wishing the internet would go out, so she can go to the WiFi Bakery :) Glad you Mom made it back to the warmth, and that your limo has been properly prepared for you Sam!

  8. Oh Sam, you are a major cutie! No internet access is a major tragedy for (some of) us humans, so try to understand :)

  9. Welcome back sweet Sam and mommy!!!!
    We missed you tons!!!!
    Thanks for the pupdate!!!!!
    Hope your internet works well very soon!!!
    We're soooooooooo glad the truck is purring along!!!!
    We loved your photos....
    you look gorgeous as always and Maya is drooling (as always) watching your face on the PC!!!
    Take care....we love you!!!
    And we're very very very happy to hear you're feeling very good!!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks

  10. Welcome home! So glad to hear Sam is back to normal.

  11. Welcome back. Yes - Denver can get really cold - quickly. We're waiting for our first snowfall in NYC...they said it might happen tonight...still waiting - Abbey

  12. Welcome back! I´m glad to hear Sam is feeling good!

  13. "Adoring public"... I love it! Well put! So glad to hear that Sam is 100% Hope your internet it up again soon.

  14. Such good news that you are back to your old self, your momma is home and the limo is raring to go.
    May your holidays be bright.

  15. I've also been wondering how you are, Sam. I know you must miss Ma so much, but it's good that Dad's home and has fixed up your limo!!! That sounds like a pawesome ride! And also sorry to hear about all the puter probs. Hope they get fixed soon! Thinking of you lots, Sam. Happy Holidays!
    Hugs xo