Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chez PooPee

Both Monty and Sam have picked up a stomach bug that has left them with the runs, and in Monty's case, one bout of vomiting. Originally it began with Monty over the weekend, and we assumed he had picked up something in the yard. After all, if it isn't nailed down he will try to eat it. Monty seemed to be fine by Sunday evening.

Yesterday, however, Sam started having issues. If you all remember, Sam has had a couple of episodes that has required him to stay at the vet for several days. We would desperately like to avoid that, especially since we are not sure Dr. Kerne has forgiven us for staging a daring jailbreak and busting him out the last time! Neither boy has a temperature, and the runs have been thankfully controllable with a few extra outside trips. We've also been picking our brains trying to think of what they might have gotten into. We've have thoroughly washed their dishes, and remain convinced that they found something in the yard.

As you can see, the boys barely have any strength to remain upright.

We've switched the boys over to the standard bland diet - lean ground beef and rice. This time we are also trying something new. I've heard so much about giving a few spoonfuls of pumpkin, that we picked up a can and have properly dosed the boys. Sam is in absolute doggy heaven - he is getting a variety of people food, which is his goal in life. We weren't sure Monty would eat the pumpkin, but found out he absolutely loves it!

It's the rice he is suspicious of!

Dinner is served! Even though Monty is better, he is also getting the bland diet, although his is mixed with kibble.

Keep your paws crossed that Sam will be fine and we will be able to avoid a stay at the vet. For now, we are glad he still has his appetite!


  1. From what I hear, pumpkin rokhks!

    PeeEssWoo: Paws khrossed fur all to be GReat again soon!

  2. We have heard that pumpkin works and next time we have a problem, we will try it. Please get better soon!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. Pumpkin is a great additive; our kids get it at least once a week. And as dad always says when the tummy rumbles eat beige (rice and chicken usually for us). Hope everyone is back up to full speed quickly; sending White Dog healing energy and positive woos.

  4. My paws are crossed for you!
    I hope you feel better soon without having to go to see the Vet!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  5. If you can get them to eat it, the pumpkin is wonderful for them. Phantom too has had a bad bout of the sickies and hopefully is on the mend now - the problem with him is getting him to eat pumpkin, or rice, or any of the things that will help settle the tummy.

    Hope both boys are doing better soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Megan is also having the runs but that's because hoomie Melissa fed her the free sample foodies that we got from the dog event the other day. My pups have sensitive stomachs so a sudden change of food can make them have the runs.

    This is why my hoomies have stocked up their fridge with diarrhea medicine, charcoal pills & probiotics just for all of us. Probiotics helps to relieve diarrhea in a day or two.

    We get rice, boiled meat & pumpkin when we have the runs too. Our hoomies give us fresh pumpkin. We love it too! Anothing you can give them is oats & porridge. They all will work just as well but don't be surprised if they do not poo poo once a day or sometimes don't poo poo the whole day at all. That's because everything's firming up in their tummies especially after eating all those heavy, dense foods.

    Me hopes the two will feel better soon.

  7. Woof! Woof! Definitely Pumpkin help a lot. I do eat moms pumpkin treat everyday. Maybe they did eat something bad out in the yard ... I am guilty of the same thing. Rice n Chicken will also do the trick. Sending you guys lots of Golden Healing Thoughts. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. Mmmm that is a yummy looking dinner, that should do the trick...get well soon!


  9. Safe paw prayers for both of them. I've used pumpkin before and it worked great for me. Those darn dogs. Maybe this will teach them a little lesson? Or maybe they have found a way to get more people food! BOL Let's hope not.

  10. Our paws are crossed that you are both back to 100% soon. Pumpkin is good stuff!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Sending get well wishes to you guys! Just say no to vet visits :)

    Enjoy the pumpkin. I luv it too :)

    Waggin at ya,

  12. Hope the boys feel better soon. And yes, pumpkins is a miracle food.

  13. Havent heard of the pumpkin trick. Bananas also good for that. Rice works so well, it seems that within a day or so we were then a bit in the other direction...can be a tricky balance. Hope the boys are great soon and back to their antics.

  14. Don't you just love it when the runs strike? Mine got Giarhdia in Yellowstone once. We were moving from Alaska to Arkansas, in our little pickup truck, on a Sunday morning and they were so sick.... yep, good times.

  15. Rice and cooked ground beef... our cure/blocker.
    Pumpkin is a new one to us. When our pumpkins mature, you want one?

  16. We hope everyone feels MUCH better soon! We also eat plain yogurt when we have an upset tummy. Oh and sometimes we get Kongs with frozen pumpkin in it just for the fun of it :)

    Middy Sue & Pauley James

  17. Oh man...I sure do hope they feel better soon.

  18. Hope you both feel better today.

  19. You've gotten lots of good thoughts and advice--But I have to add my tip of when you're out of pumpkin, a handful of uncooked oats (not the flavored) on top of rice or whatever you're giving them really helps too--I hope Monty and Sam are feeling better by now!!!

  20. we sure hope that they will get better! paws and fingers crossed and i love pumpkins and their health benefits!!

  21. Oh my!! I didn't know you two were sick too! I was sick last week, and now Nala is sick. My mommy isn't sure if I picked up in our yard (I'm always getting into trouble), or if it was something else. All we know is that Nala isn't doing as well as I did. Daddy even boiled a whole chicken just for her!

    Hope you both feel better soon!

    Woofs & hugs,


  22. We endorse the pumpkin. Works amazingly well at calming digestive systems and getting "things" back together.

    Must be something going around because a bug went through the Herd here. Nothing major, just took a few days before everyone was 100%.

  23. Oh, poor babies!! I hope you are both 100% real soon!

  24. Sending positive healing thoughts your way! The girls are eyeballing that food