Sunday, February 16, 2014

Forced Marches, Ninja Destroyers, and Boredom...

Harlow gets the heebie-jeebies something fierce sometimes.  They usually start in the morning, and she can barely contain her little furry self.  Saturday morning was one of those days...

Unfortunately, I have no photos of the mayhem she created in the house since she woke me up at 4AM to begin her celebration of all things Golden, but, I quickly made the decision she needed to march off some of that energy.

I took her to feed horses with me and we set off from there on a two mile walk.  Of course, for Harlow who was more interested in perfecting her "hover dog" maneuver, the walk quickly turned into a forced march...
Forward, March!
It didn't take long for her to settle, especially when she realized that the desert is full of things to shnooter, from coyote poop to javelina tracks...
My wild kinfolk were here...
She was still pretty perky after two miles.  For our East Coast friends, notice anything strange in the picture below?
On the trip home - see how pretty and green it is?
That's right - no snow!  It was getting pretty warm by the time we got back to the car...
She still had a lot of energy when we got back, so after a quick rest:
She moved on to other things of interest...
...and while we didn't actually catch her at the scene of the crime, we did find clues that led us to firmly believe she was the culprit.  See that blue thing at the top?  That is what was left of a roll of blue masking tape.  We found matching blue tape in her little furry armpits...  Yup, Sherlock has nothing on us... 


  1. I didn't know Goldens could be so naughty ;-)

  2. If only woo khould have khome to Khamp Khyra!

    Khousin Geufy - I mean Harley - would love WOO!

    Thanks fur sharing your excitement!


  3. What a naughty girl! And she cannot be left to run her little heart out offleash? Are Goldens like labs? Partial to disappearing into the distance?

  4. We still think it was squirrels! They coulda put those tape pieces in her armpits when she was sleeping!

    Sam and Pippen

  5. hello harlow its dennis the vizsla dog hay nice wurk on that buk!!! yoo hav to keep an eye owt for things wot mite implikayt yoo like stuck tayp and wotnot!!! hay that lether furnitcher luks just like owr chaise lowndj wot met with an unfortchoonat yet verry fun aksident not that i wood ever sugjest that lether furnitcher is more tempting then a buk!!! ha ha ok bye

  6. Did someone say leather furniture?!? We USED to have a leather couch. Hehehehe.

    -Bart and Angel Gizmo

  7. Dreaming of sunshine and warm temps!

  8. Ruh roh....someone's a little rascal!

    Thanks for sharing the outdoor photos. I've forgotten what the world looks like without snow :)

  9. ahhhh the energy the young ones have....we are pretty sure it was "some doggy" that did it though...we have one that visits our house on occassiona

  10. After all the years with dogs, I have a PHD in Sherlock Holmes and putting chewed things back together to see how many pieces are missing! :-) But don't you wish you could harness that energy and sell it or take it yourself?

    PS: LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your last post of all your Valentine photos!

  11. Harlow, admit to nothing unless that caught you on tape and then get an attorney.

    Aroo to you,

  12. Younger dog with loads of energy.. LOL! Mine too the same.. so much energy...

  13. Harlow, we're with Sam and Pippen - it was totally the squirrels! However, we recommend you say nothing without your attorney present. You know, just in case DNA evidence suggests that somedoggie might be the culprit after all...

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  14. Shyla used to get the wild heebie-jeebies first thing in the morning. Your story of Harlow's behavior reminded me of it - and made me a little nostalgic for those days!

    As for the mtn lion you mentioned in your comment, that is completely bizarre. I think you know what you're seeing (long tail, right? Not a short tail like a bobcat?). That's exceedingly bizarre and scary behavior for a lion. I've *never* heard of that around here. Seriously, I wonder if the lion is on the verge of death or something to behave so desperately. Feel free to email me at kynabear5 at gmail if you'd like to tell me more about it. I'd be interested to hear more and why your Fish and Game Dept isn't more concerned.

  15. Hahahhaa. Sounds like a couple of Golden's I know.

  16. Oh no! What did you destroy now Harlow?? :)

  17. Sherlock bones that was some golden mischief. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  18. That is so true I thought all Goldens were just GREAT,, Sweet Dogs!!!!!!!!!! LOL
    Guess they are just dogs!!! LOL

  19. LOL here. "Celebrating all things Golden." So true. Some days are just more full of Golden than others.

  20. Isn't this weather beautiful? I can't believe it and at the same time, dread what the summer temps will be like. Always hot, but hotter than normal? Will we burst into flame when we step outside in the middle of the day?

    Wow - that Harlow sure knows how to keep things interesting! Ah, puppies - you gotta love em!

  21. No water puddles around either :-) Ah, Harlow, maybe you need a bit more time to grow up :-)
    Luv's :-) xxx

  22. Clearly Harlow and Newton are long lost siblings! All of these antics sound a little to familiar ;)

  23. Clearly Harlow and Newton are long lost siblings! All of these antics sound a little to familiar ;)

  24. You and Maggie should get together, Harlow!

  25. Sure...rub that "no snow" thing in.
    P.S. I think she was framed.