Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tank Update and a Belated Thank You

Most of you know my week was devoted to getting my Mother's water tank replaced.  The project is finally done!  We just need to do some minor clean up and rebuild the back deck.  Our wonderful neighbor put up a temporary deck for my Mom - we were all worried she'd step out the back door and fall.
We salvaged the railing from the old porch.  Right now it is forming a barrier around the exposed tank just in case the horses get loose.  We  don't want them stepping on the new tank and caving it in.

Now that the tank project is done, I can move on to catching up on some of these belated thank you's I need to send out.  The first one goes to our dear friend Goose over at the Gospel of Goose.  Waaaaaay back when (July!!!!), Goose had a contest where we all had a chance to win our very own asses.  He had a whole collection of them, and was hoping to rehome them.  We were lucky enough to win our very own Kiss Ass! 

She's been patiently waiting in her box for me.  Goose had warned me that the asses were not intended for canine play - our pups thought otherwise...
Box?  Must be ours!
There was a wonderful note with it:
Thank you!
They dove in just as I was trying to take a picture of it... 
After some wrestling and reminding them what "drop it" and "leave it" means, Harlow decided she could sit for a picture with it.  Monty disappeared, not doubt to make more of my socks disappear.
It'll die soon as your back is turned, Momma...
Thank you so much for our Kiss Ass, Goose!  We will make sure to put her in a doggy-proof place!


  1. GLad the project is done! What a relief, I'm sure.

    That toy looks like a blast, and I love the name.

  2. 'A doggy proof place??!!" What's with that. It's definitely a dog toy....needs de-stuffing! congrats, though.

  3. So very happy to hear that you got your mom all fixed up with the new tank. MOM and I enjoyed reading the progress on FB. More so we enjoyed reading how so many people came together to lend a paw to help. That made us SMILE. If you find a doggie proof place my MOM would like to know where that is. Not that I get into things, but every now and then, well lets just say it happens. I try to tell her it is the squirrels. Butt I don't think she is buying it any more. Enjoy Kiss Ass, I'm sure she will get what is coming to her.

  4. Thank goodness that big project is done. Cool present you got there
    Lily & Edward

  5. I just love that mischievous look on Harlow's face. Priceless

    So glad the project is well underway. Hooray for good neighbors.

  6. Congrats, on the kiss ass.

    Aroo to you,

  7. That is TOO funny. Harlow and Kiss Ass!!!! I'm still giggling.

  8. Were glad the big monster got fixed too!

  9. Great that the tank is done and what a cool present. Enjoy. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. You look so happy posin' with the Kiss Ass, Harlow!
    What a huge project this has been. We're so happy to hear that it's all done!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  11. Monty and Hawlow
    I love yoow kissass..he's vewy snuggabull. Sank you fow my Biwfday wishes!!!
    I hope the secoowing of the new tank goes well and evewyone stays safe..howsies, doggies and hoomans alike

    Smoochie kisses

  12. It's a beautiful Kiss arse young Goose sent you, it wouldn't last long with Freya around. Five minutes and it would be extra loved and a bit wet around the gills. Pink is so your colour Harlow, lucky you :-) x x x

  13. Isn't Harlow being good posing with the toy? Cute pic!

  14. Doggy proof? Sounds like a challenge! Glad you got the tank all sorted. Must be a big relief!

  15. Kiss ass? Looks like my cousin, Myrtle. She sings off tune and drinks too much but is a good friend when you're in trouble.


  16. I, too, am a firm believer that all packages are for doggies. Hope your kiss ass survives!

  17. The tank looked like a huge project, your mom is lucky you were able to take care of it! Congrats to the dogs on their cute new toy - it wouldn't last long here either. :)