Monday, January 16, 2017

The Scoop on Poop

Don't worry - we will not be showing poop photos!!

Da Harlow was worried!
Me too!
Having moved to the great frozen north after a lifetime in the Arizona desert, I've noticed picking up poop (as Chief Poop Collection Officer) takes on it's own, um, fun qualities when it's a little chilly outside.  Those of you that live in climates that freeze will laugh at me, but I'm okay with that.  Think of this as more of a PSA for desert dwellers.

Pooper Scoopers freeze....
Every pick-up includes a short and frustrated struggle to release the scooper from the grass it's stuck to.   ...and no, the poop scooper is not invited to live with the rest of the tools...  Once it's free, I've found that the scooper does not want to open it's mighty jaws of poop doom.  Getting the scooper to function is another issue - I currently use a scooper that is missing teeth.  Mainly from trying to get the jaws open.  ...and yes, I could switch to a standard rake and scoop,  but think that my next point may make that type useless.

Poop freezes to the ground...
This is the reason I don't think I could use a rake and scoop.  Some poop needs to be pried from the ground using a shovel or other solid item.  This is also the other reason my scooper is missing teeth.  Never try to pry frozen poop from the ground with a plastic scooper.  Just FYI...  Additionally we've had a poop stuck to the ground since October.


I've given up on trying to collect it.  I also had to buy a new scooper because of it.

Frozen poop does not deter a poop eater....
Yes, one of our beloved pups is a poop eater.  We won't mention names, but let us just say that it's a certain nekkid pup wearing fuzzy leg warmers.  You'd think ice cold poopsicles would deter him, but they don't.   ...and that's all we will say on that subject!
One of these pups is guilty of Grand Theft Poop - and it's not the fuzzy Princess with the cardboard tube in the front.  Just saying...
I'm sure I can say a little bit more about frozen poop, but a certain Princess has just informed me it is a delicate subject and we shouldn't talk about it again, to spare the sensitive readers in the group.  There goes my PSA!!

Okay, enough said!


  1. Our mom uses a poop bag to pick up frozen poops. Sometimes you need to kick it to release the hold it has on the ground. We are loving your happy smile, Harlow☺

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  2. It can freeze really fast. We face the issue in our yard as Phod goes off leash of him pooping in places humans can't walk without snowshoes . . . . .winter poop fun!

  3. the mama kicked it too, to get it loose... but then she noticed that it wasn't completely frozen... eeeew ... but she wore brown boots :O)))

  4. One of our previous dogs was a poopsicle connoisseur. The bigger the property, the harder it is to close down those fast food locations. We had 10 acres in Idaho to patrol. I feel your pain. PS: the blog looks great.

  5. We live in the frozen North East so we know a thing or two on this subject. Our pawrents use two garden trowels and scoop it as soon as it hits the ground. It's the only way to stop a poop eater.

  6. I'd rather pick up the poop when it is frozen. I think it is easier.

  7. MOL MOL MOL MOL this is so funny. sweet K9 beauties I am thrilled and happy to announce my Litter box 101 course is ongoing and for all species especially those living on the frozen tundra.
    Hugs madi your Best Feline Friend and Prof. of Litter box 101

  8. Living in Massachusetts, I feel your pain every winter as far as the frozen poop scooper goes. A friend of mine came up with a great solution, she keeps a small piece of wood, like a paint stirrer, that she uses to scrape of excess that may stick to the scooper and then she'll store it in the said scooper between it's mighty teeth keeping it opened while at rest. Works great!

  9. LOL. We live in northern IL and are all too familiar with frozen poop

  10. No frozen poops here! darn. Ma was chuckling at the thought of poopiescicles! Ma's Angel Annie used to eats her poopie too. never could break her of it, no matter what we tried! So Ma used to go out with her and scoop it as soon as it hit the ground ~ much to Annie's dismay....BOL
    I guess it makes for an interesting snow melt....hehehe
    Ruby ♥

  11. Gives new meaning to the term "spring clean-up" doesn't it? Welcome to North Country!! LOL!

  12. Crikey ... Poop freezes??? Who knew????