Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday Noir - Part One

One of the responses to questions on the 2018 Pet Blogger Challenge was that several of our readers do not have Facebook.  I decided that I would repost some of the mini series that I had originally published there.  Here is part one from "When Rescues Write Noir...."

Originally published on Facebook November 5, 2017.

He went by the name Ramble DeAmble, but he had gone by other names. He’d done time too, he had a rap sheet as long as his front leg. If only these people knew. Would they have given him a place to rest his head? The other one, Monty is his name, says yes. 

Monty had been in and out of prison so many times, he gets birthday cards from the guards. Monty was always making sure he had an escape route. He practices it nightly, pacing back and forth, checking the doors and windows.... 

The dame, she says the same. What was her name? Harlow? She’s a looker, that one, claims she’s royalty. Who knows, maybe she is. She has a different way about her. 

Monty sometimes talks about his escape tunnel behind the old greenhouse. Ya gotta be ready he says, for when they come for you. Monty has a thing about lights. Time in the big house can do that to you, Ramble supposed. 

He’s on a farm now, in the middle of nowhere. He can try to make it as a farmer, he thinks, except he hates dirt, and rain, and the outdoors in general. So he stays inside, making friends with the people. Making friends with Monty and the dame. At least there is plenty of food, he thinks. That’s something.


  1. Can't tell if he's just relaxing or plotting.... thanks for posting.

  2. We love it!!! We don't do FB either so thanks for posting it.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. hello ramble its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes indeed their is sumthing to be sed for having plenty of fuds!!! and that thing is om nom nom nom nom!!! ha ha ok bye

  4. Plenty of foodables is a VERY good thing, Ramble!

  5. Super story !
    Oh yes, you've got to have lots of food. I'm a Labrador and I know all about that !

    Inca xx

  6. I love it too! Thanks for reposting here :)

  7. This is wonderful and unique - reminds me of the blurbs in the J. Peterman catalogs, lol! I see a book deal in your future :)

  8. Thanks for sharing this repost of your story. We loved reading this story so much. Hope you are having a fun rest of your week.
    World of Animals