Sunday, April 19, 2020

The Great Goosecapade

If you follow us on either Facebook or IG than you have already seen my parade of posts on the Great Goosecapade.  I thought I’d fill you in on a few of the details....

Early this morning I spotted Baron poking around the edge of the property, when all of the sudden he threw his head up and took off for the forest.  Right behind him was something I originally thought was a raccoon or cat.   My first thought was he was being attacked by a rabid animal.

Turns out Baron had angered a momma goose with a gosling.  The goose turned her attentions to Rosie, who was napping and started attacking her.   Rosie is very large and older, getting up quickly is not possible.  This is where I ran outside to help my horses.

I wish I had a little time to take more photos.   By now, Aaron had woken up due to the dogs barking.  Harlow was ready to take on that goose!

We got the dogs back in the house and with a little wrangling, some well timed opening of gates, and some very long poles, got the goose and gosling out of the pasture, through the yard, and on their way to the creek.

Both Baron and Rosie have goose bites and are very stressed - you can see in this photo how worried he is. 
Is the goose gone, Momma?


  1. To start, it's good to see a post here, even though I follow you on IG and FB - I loved reading the whole story here too! What a crazy story!! I'm glad all are safe, even if your boy is a little rattled!

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  2. Our Rosy can confirm just how scary geese(ducks and most other birds too) can be. Glad every horse and pup are safe!