Monday, August 31, 2009

Morning Walks

On the mornings I don't work, Sam and I like to take long walks through the neighborhood. This, if you know our Sam, is only possible with his Halti head collar. Without this device, he imagines himself a mighty sled dog running the snowfields of Alaska with his fellow Huskies. I've pointed out that his Husky friends at A04 or Chronicle of Woos don't behave like this. He just shrugs and keeps going. I hate that the Halti collar detracts from his picture, but I really like the colors in this one.... It's an untouched photo of Sam taken during one of our morning walks.

I love the way the golden sunrise brings out the red-gold of his coat, but I do wish he didn't have the head collar on!


  1. That's a really beautiful picture! Don't worry about the halti collar...Dogs will be dogs!
    Lots of licks

  2. He does look extremely handsome in the morning sun :)

  3. Wonderful wonderful wonderful photo and gorgeous model!!!!
    Sam looks soooooooooooooooo handsome in the morning!!!!!
    have a wonderful week dear friends!!!!
    Tons of love and kisses

  4. Sam, we have to let you in on a secret. The OP Pack has also been subjected to the Halti and/or Gentle Leader. Phantom is a born puller. At almost 11 years of age, Mom doesn't think there is anything to curb his urge to pull. She has tried everything. She has finally decided to give up his Gentle Leader because it leaves marks on his face. He seems to be pulling less since his surgery, not sure that is a good thing. Dakota wore one in her younger years but once illness set in, she just ambled along. And Thunder was never much of a puller anyway.

    We love long walks in the morning too, or in the afternoon, or at night - doesn't matter, just let us walk:)

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. Sam you look very handsome, with or without the halti collar.

    Sam & June

  6. Beautiful picture in the morning sun! You are handsome, Sam!


  7. Hey, sometimes ya gotta wear those halti collars! At least you's momma takes you fur a walkie! You looks furry purr-ty in the sun, yes, you do.

  8. Nice morning light! Sam looks great halti or no:)