Saturday, August 8, 2009

Working Vacation

I have returned from my two week training session at the Grand Canyon. If you haven't been here, I recommend it for your next vacation. It was simply beautiful! If you take your fur-friend with, please note that they are not allowed below the rim. The reason they do this is because of the heat. It may be 90 degrees on the rim, but the canyon can reach 115 degrees! Most people cannot carry the necessary amount of water needed for both their dogs and themselves. There are still plenty of trails and areas you can take them with. If you really must hike, there are kennels (eep!) available for day use.

I rode the mules down to the Point. This was a great way to get down the cliff and back up. I only took the day trip which totaled 12 miles. Aaron and I plan to return together and do the overnight ride to Phantom Ranch.

These are California Condors. They are on the endangered species list. The number on their wings helps track them. You can learn more about #23 here - NPS Condor Tracking.

I found this really pretty sunflower:

I missed Sam and Aaron terribly. Sam was so happy to see me he tried to single-pawedly drag my duffel bag in the house. I got him this great Ranger hat:


  1. Oh Man! We would love to go, but my peeps can't go unless they take me (cough), of course! That looks like a very cool ride hehe - we know how hot it's been where you live, so less than 100 degrees must seem much better. Where was the work? Singing in the bar? (Awesome header!)

  2. Sam looks great in his new hat! I love the picture of Sam in his glasses as well.

    I'm thinking of taking Jack up to the GC as well, but I'm going to wait until it's more Fall season

  3. Also, thank you for pointing the way to the puzzle site. It's great! I'm going to use it on Jack's blog!

  4. Meowee! Breath-taking pictures. What fun. I love the ranger hat.

  5. Sam you look so handsome in the hat that your momma brought to you from her vacation.

  6. Woowowoooooo!!!
    What a great photos...
    GC sure is one of the most beautiful place we saw!!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us those super photos!!!!!
    And SAm...
    You look soooooooooooo handsome with your Ranger Hat!!!!
    And what can we say about your new header???
    WONDERFUL like you!!!!
    Have a great day sweet Sam!!
    Maya watching you said...

  7. Aww, glad you're back safe and sound.

  8. Very neat! We like the Grand Canyon too.
    Just back from our 2 week trip....will be posting some photos as well....not as creative as yours though! I didn't get to wear the ranger hat!
    See you again soon Sam!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  9. WOW! Sammy, you look so great in that hat! You are definetely a hat kind'a golden. :)


  10. Sam, we are so glad that your mommy is home! And she even got you a gift! Mommy has been to the Grand Canyon before and she would love to go again.

    June & Sam

  11. Oh Wow! What a fabulous working vacation! Awesome pics! Must be one breathtaking sight! Sam looks most charming in that ranger hat! Love, Dino