Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Update

Hello Everyone! Just thought we would give you a weekend update! First off, Mr. Sam got a much needed bath. He actually got the full spa treatment, compliments of Spa de le Mom. His toe hair has been clipped, he has been washed and he has been thoroughly brushed out.

The whole thing was rather upsetting to him.

We did try a recipe for yam chews that Charlie gave on his blog. We think we need to let the dry a little longer, but all in all they were a big hit with Sam! Thank you, Charlie!

We don’t have any pictures of Sam eating them, because he was just too quick for the camera, but here he is pre-yam.

I thought I would follow up last week’s weather report with an update of how our weather has been. We had one more rain shower, but the last couple of days have been dry, warmer and very pleasant.

Here is the view I have at my office.

This is the drive home. There was lots of snow at Top of the World…

…and none in Devil’s Canyon. This is my favorite part of the trip.

That is our truck in the front to help give an idea of scale.

This is the Queen Creek Tunnel.

The rest of the weekend was spent planting Geraniums and cleaning and reorganizing the craft room. Sam of course was lots of help, and even put on his official ranger hat to help.

We hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Oh, Sammy, I wish we were there with you!
    ~Frisky & Family

  2. Woof! Woof! SAM ... you look very handsome. What's the matter? It is always a joy to get pampered in a doggy spa. Anyhow, hope you enjoyed your special treat. YAH! It told Charlie I had the same recipe check out my blog (recipe). We did not have the same fancy machine that Charlie have ... did you see that? Beautiful photos ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Oh Sam, we got a bath too this weekend! It must be something in the air to make our humans do this stuff to us.
    Love your pre-yam pic! Those yams look delicious!

    Sam & June

  4. Wonderful pictures all the way around. Sam looks magnificent in his Ranger hat!!

  5. THAT is the view from your office?!?!! Our mom would get NOTHING done with a view like that! It's just gorgeous!
    I have to say... since one of my nicknames Is the Yammer - or Yams - I was a little bit scared to hear Sam was having Yam chews. Hee hee hee! Those look YUMMY, though!
    I had to get brushed yesterday, Sam - so I totally understand. It was just horrible! You sure do look handsome, though. Sigh. Especially with your Ranger hat on!

  6. Well at least now you smell like a million bucks right! Those treats looked yummy!!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  7. WOW I wish I had that view from my office! Great hat....

  8. Sam - you sure are gorgeous - hat, no hat, wet-and-unhappy-after-spa-treatment and pre-yam treat waiting! Love any and all pix of you! Mom's been a bit on the fritz lately, so sorry we haven't visited in a bit. We LOVE those pix of your beautiful state - the view from mom's office is too stunning for words - how does she ever get anything done??? And the drive there (and back) - well - the scenery is mind boggling! Thanks so much fur sharing!
    Big Hugs and Love xo

  9. Oh Sam!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful area! Amazing office view and drive.
    On the ya think I could snaggle the treat without the bath part? Loved your pre-treat face!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  10. Hi, Sam!
    Looks like you had a complete weekend!
    The part I liked the most... was your Spa treatment!
    and then the treats! Sure you enjoyed them a lot!
    Your mom has a pawesome view from her office!
    My mom's office is like an ugly box and the only thing she can see from the window is... old machinery!
    Have a great week!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Sam looks great, especially with his ranger hat on!!! Mom says she needs to try that recipe too - they look so good.

    Your Mom's photos must make going to and coming home from work worthwhile.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  12. Sam, you are looking great! But it's your eyes that appeal more to me.

    Hmmm... i bet mom's English is wrong here!

  13. Sam -
    You look dashing after the spa treatment. Looks like you like them as much as I do - not much at all. But Moms sure seem to enjoy them.

  14. Blogger and/or Firefox ate my khomment -

    Let's try again:


    Woo so nailed the pitiful woe is me look!

    Well done!

    Thank woo fur sharing those inkhredible pikhs too!

    Have a GReat week evFURRYone!


  15. yes yes, we all hate getting a wash, though the after feeling is not too bad!

    and spa! i want tt too!

    the food looks nice.
    care to share?

    woof woof

  16. Sammy- we love you in the hat! And "pre-yam". THAT was a hoot! They look good enough to eat!

    Loads of Licks for the handsome clean Sam,


  17. Sam you look so pathetic as you a drying from your bath. Hopefully those dried yams made up for the awful things mom did to you. What a view mom!! Wow!

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  19. Hey Sam! You're looking great in your ranger hat!
    Those yams look delicious!
    What gorgeous view from your mom's office!
    Beautiful pictures!


  20. Sammy you look so awesome. All cleaned up and no where to go? Cool hat..
    Great scenic photos...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  21. Sam, Mom and Dad.. You are so lucky to be living in the SW desert during the coldest months of the year. The warmth of your sunshine can fill your hearts with gladness. Sam can run and play without snow thawing on his coat when he comes back into the house. Shaking with happiness, cold paws waiting to be rubbed with a loving hand, snowflakes sticking to his ears and atop of his nose. The tail giving that wonderful wag to be home and with the only human touch he will ever want.

    The sweet smell of the desert after a spring rain. Cactus in bloom with bright yellows, reds and the swollen, but now forgotten, buds of the cactus flower that we used to eat.

    Sam's Mom - enjoy your time on the road. Nature's beauty cannot ever be imitated.

    Sam's Dad - You will always be my lunk.

    Love you all,
    PS: Surprise on its way.


  22. The photo with the hat is priceless!!

    Yam chews? We might have to try those!

  23. Hi Sam, we just discovered your blog; a Golden in Phoenix, wow, us too (at least for now). We are WAY over on the NW side (Surprise). Even though we live in Seattle most of the time, Mr. Alpha grew up in the Valley, so we have lots of friends and family here. Hope all is well. You sure are a handsome boy. Lady loves the big Golden Boys. Our blog is:

    :8-) Cheers

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