Sunday, July 29, 2012

An injury, a Bark Box, and freshly washed stuffies

This past week has been very quiet for us - I've managed to break a few bones in my foot (my horse stepped on me) so any plans I had were scrapped for bed rest.  Our boys have spent much of their time sleeping and waiting for anything to happen....

The highlight of the week has been the arrival of our second Bark Box!  The boys love the arrival of this box, and I think I enjoy opening it as much as they do!

Waiting for the box to be opened....
Our first surprise was a bottle of bubbles!  Monty absolutely loved these - and we will post some pictures of him leaping to catch them soon!

 Second was a very cleverly packaged steak toy - which Monty claimed as his immediately!

BOL - he tried to lick it thru the package!
A boy and his squeaky steak...
Next out was this Spinz chewy - as with all things edible, Sam claimed this one as his...
Let... go... Mom...
A pack of Yumzies treats....
These are mine too!
 ...and lastly, a roll of poop bags (always appreciated!)....

I think the boys were quite happy with their box!

Poor Monty had a bad moment too this weekend when I decided that it was stuffy washing day.  To him, this is the absolutely worst thing that could happen to him, even though we have always given them all back to him.  Here he is posing happily with his freshly washed stuffies. 

They're back!
 ...but, he made sure I knew I wasn't allowed to touch them anymore...
Bad Mom!


  1. Those "bark boxes" look awesome. You boys are so lucky!
    Hey Monty those just washed toys are as good as fresh sheets on the bed huh? Good boy!

  2. I bet Khousin Harley would do the furry same thing with the stuffies!

    What a great box-o-stuffs!

    As fur the paw bones, OUCHERS!

    PeeEssWoo: Too bad woo aren't khloser - woo khould khome to Khamp Khyra fur FUN!

  3. What a great box of stuff. Did I see you got bubbles? I LOVE BUBBLES. I think I will go have MOM get mine out right now.
    Hope your foot heals soon. I have heard that broken bones in the foot can be a long healing process.

  4. Too bad about your foot - Mom says broken bones are no fun. Hope thye heal quickly.

    Another fun bark box - it is really tempting to us, wish Mom would do it.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Oh GOODNESS!! Monty, your bowtie is SO cool, I want one of those! Way to go, boys!

    P.S. My mom had a golden named Monty when she was little! Great name. :)

  6. Oh..sorry to hear about your foot. Ouch.

    That bark box looks like a lot of goodies. :)

  7. We got the same goodies in our bark box! The bubbles were way fun!

  8. What a fun box to get in the mail!
    We hope your mom's foot feels better soon. OUCH!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  9. Hope your foot gets better soon. We have been watching the dressage and today is the cross country. Have a happy Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Stuffies are good stuff!
    Take care of your foot - and call if you need anything.

  11. Awesome toys....ENJOY! Hope your foot gets better soon....

  12. I recently heard about the Bark Box... it seems so cool!

  13. What a box full of fun!
    I hope your footy-foot feels better soon!
    Play bows,

  14. Any stuffies in our house are usually unstuffies before I get around to washing them. Thank goodness for the Salvation Army!

    Hope the boys are taking good care of you while you're off your feet. Heal quickly.

  15. Clean stuffies are no fun. The dirtier and stinkier the better :)

    Hope your foot heals quickly.

  16. How funny that Monty doesn't like it when you wash his stuffies and how funny to see him pose with them after the washing was over!
    What a cute pair Sam & Monty are!

  17. What great things there are in the barkbox. Hope your broken bones heel fast so you can go running again!


  18. We've read about Bark Box. I keep telling Mom to give it a try. It looks like you got some really cool stuff.

    Washed stuffies......are they supposed to last that long?