Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Pet Festival

Yesterday we decided to take Monty and Harlow to the Holiday Pet Festival held at WestWorld in Scottsdale.  We loaded up the pups...

(I will apologize in advance for the poor picture quality.  I used my cell phone since it is easier to carry when pups are on leash.)
I want a puppacino...

Looking for sun beams...
Note:  Monty wears a Halti due to his re-activeness to other dogs.  We can control his head better.  He only really acts up if a dog jumps in his face, but with so many dogs there we wanted to make sure he stayed a good boy.  Our plan was to use use Harlow as a buffer in groups of dogs while still letting Monty visit with people.  We didn't plan to stay long and we got there early to avoid the large crowd. 

The best part of the whole day was seeing all the dogs and rescues.  Every table was either selling or giving things away, but we were there to look at pups!
Giant Schnauzer
OMD was he handsome!  He was with the Arizona St. Bernard Rescue.
Pretty in Pink!
There were two Weimaraner rescues there.  I think the photo above is the Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue.  The other one was Arizona Weimaranar Rescue.  Click on their link for a very silly Weim photo!  I thought of Sagira's mom...  :)

We thought these labs were mighty handsome.
We really liked this big guy and tried to get a size comparison with Harlow...
...and Aaron really liked this little girl.  Her name was Foxy.  She was born with part of her rear paw missing.  Even though her leash says "Adopt Me", Aaron had the distinct impression that the guy holding her leash didn't want her to leave.  Hehe...  foster failure in full swing.
I has a home, thank you!
While we were there we stopped by AZGRC's booth.
Where Harlow got some kisses from Auntie April:
April is one of Harlow's favorite people!
Monty was mesmerized by this jingly pup...
Note the jingles bracelets...
I wonder what he was thinking?
Ruh-oh...  dis gonna give Mom ideas...
On our way out we saw the cutest Minnie Mouse in a Santa suit ever...
All in all it was a wonderful trip out with the pups.  We left with happy pups:
Monty is still searching for sunbeams...
Which leads to tired pups....
Which leads to one happy Monty because he gets some peace and quiet.
Shhhh... don't wake Harlow up!


  1. That looks like a great event. We hope all those pups find amazing homes. Lee and Phod

  2. Looked like alot of fun! I love the jingle bracelets,phyllis

  3. What a great adventure for both humans and doggies.

  4. Good job Monty! There were a lot of dogs! Nola & I thought the Pretty in Pink weimies were funny.
    Love, Brophy

  5. Good job Monty! There were a lot of dogs! Nola & I thought the Pretty in Pink weimies were funny.
    Love, Brophy

  6. What a great outing......and you know Monty ....Harlow will grow out of her puppy stage day :) :) :)

  7. Looks like u had a lot of fun , great adventure :)

  8. We agree it looked like a lot of fun and loved seeing all the doggies.
    Have a serene Sunday and enjoy some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Monty you need to burn those pics so Mom can find the jingle bell pupper, or you know whats coming!

    The Mad Scots

  10. THAT was a super FUN Day out... Hope EVERY SINGLE DOG gets its furEVER home !!

  11. Thanks fur sharing your GReat adventures!!!

    What a fun day!

    (and night as some pup was worn out?)

    PeeEssWoo: Off to paw this to Auntie Di to show her what she missed!

  12. Looks like a fantastic day! Monty, let's hope your sister grows out of her puppy crazies. Abby turns 4 next week, and I'm STILL waiting for her to grow out of her puppy crazies! Definitely encourage your parents to wear Harlow out whenever possible! ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  13. hello monty and harlow its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow luk at all those weimaraners!!! they ar pink ghosts instead of grey ghosts!!! i am glad evrywun had a gud time and i hope their wer menny reskyews hoo fownd homes that day!!! ok bye

  14. Sure looks like a grand time was had by all!

  15. That looks like a fantastic place to visit. We'd like to go to one of those, but, SHE says we wouldn't behave.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  16. Thank yyyyyyyou sooooo much for this post!!!! Loves it!!

  17. You guys looked like y'all had a blast. I hope all the dogs found a forever home.

    Aroo to you,

  18. Happy pups...tired pups...all is good.

  19. Looks like was a fun day for all. We are trying hard not to let Mom see those jingle bracelets - might give her some crazy idea.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  20. What fun!! The rescue I/we volunteer with (GRREAT) had their Howliday party today and it was cut short by the weather--But any event where dogs are really are great fun, and it doesn't matter if you have 2 or 4 legs, you do get worn out! Glad you had a good time and I hope those looking for forever homes find them soon!

  21. I want a St Bernard so bad!

    Stop on by for a visit

  22. What a fun day for both of you! We hope all of the pups find their forever home.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  23. Those labs look sweet. But please NO MORE PUPPY pics!

  24. What a super fun day out and Pink is my favorite color :) xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  25. Thanks for such lovely happy smiley photo's. I NOSE a dog who would do just that, nose to nose, she is the small dog and the one's she noses are always big one's. :-) So far she gets away with it :-) Luvs Frankie de tabby.. X

  26. I smiled and smiled. What a wonderful series of photos of a fun day! I'm afraid my problem would be that I'd come home with extra dogs!!!!

    I'm whispering, Monty. Is Harlow still sleeping?

  27. Sounds like fun! Beamer is the same as Monty. He's great with other dogs, but snaps when one jumps at his face repeatedly. He has great doggie etiquette in the sense that he's very slow to approach other dogs and expects the same in return.

    We have an event similar to that called Winter Woofstock, but they cancelled it this year :(

  28. Pet fairs are the best. Looks like you saw some old friends and met some new friends too!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  29. That looked such a great event to go to, love seeing all the pampered doggies :)

  30. Looks like a lot of fun for pooches and humans alike! I'm enjoying watching Monty and Harlow's relationship grow.