Monday, October 19, 2015

Kitchen 56 and AZGRC

Yesterday we decided to join the folks at Arizona Golden Retriever Connection for brunch at Kitchen 56.  Since Monty is not fond of large crowds, we decided that he and Aaron would stay behind (watching a Walking Dead marathon - brrrr) and Harlow and I would head out to brunch.

Of course, Harlow couldn't wait for us to get there....  (Photo safely taken in our driveway!)
We dere yet, da Momma?
 She had special bows to wear...
Da scary ones!  Boo!
 It's always good to see everyone and their pups!
Being loved on - just like ours!
 Look at this handsome boy!  Just 9 months old!

Harlow got a little sad waiting for people to adore her.... (It was only 30 seconds!)
Nobody loves da Harlow.  Sigh...
 I told her to focus on her new friends...
Dis new puppy and da Princess get along well.

What's dat, da Momma?

Jasper - the incredibly cute puppy!
 Harlow gave him a crash course in being a prince...
Demand da treats at all times, little Princeling...
 Seriously, cute!

Harlow got lots of loving too!  (Despite the 30 second earlier when no one petted her!)
Dat's da spot!

Yessss, da chin....
 You can tell she was relaxed...
 ....and the smile returned!
 Have you ever seen a happier pup?
 Showing off her bows...
Love my happy girl!

Simon - Harlow really likes him!
 AZGRC recently rescued some lucky pups from Taiwan.  Just look at this smoochable face!

Of course, even the Princess gets tired - this is always a sure sign to wrap it up.  Our temps are still hovering around 90.  Brunch was wrapping up and Harlow was telling me it was time.
Need nap....
 I can always tell when she has had a good day.  Take a look in the backseat...
Still smiling!


  1. I khan't WAIT until woo khan make a trip to E Cholla Khanyon - I know Khousin Emmy is working hard to fur things - after all, evFURRY new house needs a khoating of fuzz!

    Thanks fur sharing such a GReat day!

    Of khourse, we were shokhked at the 30 sekhonds...soooo furry wrong!


    1. Right? Da Harlow was SHOCKED that the petting didn't happen!

      Da Princess

  2. You two always have such a good time together! Nothing like a girls day out with friends.

    Love the spooky bows!!

  3. Oh, that must have been so much FUN!
    Your bows are super-cool!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. The Hal Bows are just sooo cute :-) For sure you guys had more FUn than Monty and Aaron BOL!!! Golden Woofs

  5. Looks like a fun time was had, despite 30 seconds of no attention! The nerve of those people!

  6. OMD, such cute pics! She looks SO happy and I love the bows. Rita doesn't like crowds either so she very rarely gets to go along out to eat. I wish she was more like Harlow!

  7. Will need to get my Golden fix at a Jan. 2016 event. I'll definitely be ready!

  8. What fun! Those are the coolest bows ever
    Lily & Edward

  9. Dear Harlow,

    That looks amazing! Did food fall from the sky - er, table - for you? Look at all those new friends!


  10. Harlow's smile is infectious! And that Jasper sure was cute!!! But not as cute as your princess!

  11. what a great event! but 30 seconds are a long time, I agrtee... I send you a hug for that egg-stra long waiting time :o)

  12. Thirty seconds is far too long for a princess. Love those bows.

  13. Looks like a fabulous time, Harlow, but WHAT did you get for brunch?

  14. Looks like a fabulous time, Harlow, but WHAT did you get for brunch?

  15. hello harlow its dennis the vizsla dog hay it shoor luks like yoo tuk the playse by storm with yore smile and yore orandj bows!!! of korse the orandj bows wuz the first thing dada notisd!!! ha ha ok bye

  16. Harlow you are so cute. But why doesn't your mom check your ears for BUGS?
    Happy Halloween Harlow & Monty!