Friday, June 3, 2016

A special gift!

During our blogging break we kept up with many of our friends through Facebook, including one very special pup named Charlie Martin.  Charlie and his person, Phoebe, like to make bandanas for all of his friends and we were the lucky recipients of one of them.  Of course, moving from temporary housing to our new house delayed our mail for a bit, but we couldn't wait to post about it once we had it.
All the way from Australia!
Check out the adorable stamp on the envelope:
There was a special note from Charlie and Phoebe...
Thank you, Charlie and Phoebe!
The bandana is beautiful!  I love that it is reversible, with the most adorable herd of moose on one side... spots on the other...
...and check out this logo!
We love it!
Of course, Princess Harlow had to show off her new look!
The fun moose!
The pretty spots!
Thank you so much Charlie and Phoebe!  We love our bandana!
Thank you, da nice Charlie and da Phoebe


  1. That's adorable and looks so good on Harlow! What a sweet thing to do!

  2. OMD! That is such a great bandana. I love that it is reversible!

  3. Wow those bandanas are awesome
    Lily & Edward

  4. What a beautiful gift and so very thoughtful!

  5. I really like the one with the moose on it.

    Aroo to you,

  6. Oh, Harlow! You look beautiful in your new bandana! I like the dots best, but Maggie prefers the mooses. Umm... mice? No, that's not right .

  7. Dear Monty and Harlow,

    Wow, you have pawesome friends! What a nice present!


  8. CRIKEY da Harlow ... It's good to see you back here. That bandanna looks super cool on you. I haven't met your friend Charlie (I wonder how he got called my name). I'm going to go and pay a visit. I'd sure like one of those bandannas. Do you think I'd look super cool in one too?

  9. What a fantastic bandana. And perfect for the princess.

  10. They are great!! I've been putting bandanas on our boy George (black lab) and I think he likes them -- I think he could use a little bandana makeover, THANKS for the idea!! :-)

  11. Super cute couture!!! Super cute model!!! What a perfect match!!! <3

  12. OH, that is FABulous!!! I don't wear clothes, butts I do likes bandanas, and that is a pawsome one!!! Congrats!!
    Ruby ♥

  13. hello monty and harlow its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo ar rokkin those bandannas!!! maybe i shud dust my own bandanna off sumtime!!! ok bye

  14. So cute! All of Barley's bandanas appear to be in hiding after our recent move, so it's about time for me to get a new one for her!