Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Have you met the new guy?

Several of you have reached out to ask how Ramble (Rambo wasn't working well) was settling in.  I am amazed at how quickly he has adapted to a new home and how well Monty and Harlow have taken to him.

Of course, we do have some new dog "things" to work through.  We haven't quite established a potty habit with him, he is an extreme counter surfer and we had to do some very quick puppy proofing in the house, and we've had one incident (which will remain unspoken of) that required a dose of hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up what he had eaten.

Monty's comments are shown in red, Harlow's in purple, and Ramble's comments will be green.

So to answer some of the questions we've been asked...

How are Monty and Harlow doing with Ramble?  Both of them have taken to Ramble very well!  Harlow, of course, gets along with everyone and has found that as long as she keeps her play gentle, she has a sparring buddy who is willing to play 24/7.  Monty has even been seen playing with Rambo and has already taught him some of his worldly wisdom, like how to eat raspberries off of the bushes.  Monty does not have Harlow's aversion to fruits and vegetables.
There’s something odd about da new guy…
Da Harlow loves her new little brother…
 How old is he and does he act like a puppy?  Ramble is about 18 months old and sometimes he acts like a puppy.  Right now he has discovered that people loving is what it is all about and spends a great deal of his days seeking it.  He has some amazing quirks though - he is a talker.  He moans when we aren't loving on him and beeps when he feels confused or lost.   
Something seriously different about him…
Da Harlow loves da brothers…
Does he know his manners?  Yes and no.  He sits, I'm working on stay, down is hard on him because he doesn't like hard surfaces and Aaron and I are both working on his recall, which is easy right now because he craves attention.  Like I mentioned before, he is a terrible counter surfer and we've had some issues with that.
I can’t quite put my paw on it…
Da Harlow is happy he is here…
Beep beep…
He adores Aaron and me, and wants to be where we are.  I've noticed if I disappear from him, or go somewhere where he didn't see me go, he panics.  I'll hear his sad moans and know I need to call him.  He looks up to Aaron, though, and does his best to keep both of us happy with him.
What am I missing?
Da Harlow can keep dis smile up all day…
Dad ❤
 We are so happy he is here with us!  Thanks for everyone who have reached out to give him welcoming hugs and happy thoughts, and also for the suggestions on how to help his coat grow out.  I've ordered a few products and will definitely look into all of them.  We aren't sure anything will grow, but we are going to try. 
Must not be important…
Iz dat a treat, da Momma?
New people friends….


  1. One big happy family! You found the perfect home Ramble!

  2. OMD, you guys are all just toooo cute! Ramble, you are one good lookin' dude, and most of the bestest lookin' dudes don't have furs! Just sayin'!
    Nows, did someone say somethings about treats??!
    Ruby ♥

  3. You are doing so well with him! When we got Abby she wasn't vocal at all - it was great to see her come out of her shell and start "talking" a little. Best to you and your newest family member!

  4. That's one heck of a cute crew you've got there! Love all their comments. So glad the new member of the family is fitting in!

  5. Crikey ... It was meant to be, aye?? He fits in so well and he looks more like a Ramble to me than a Rambo. Good decision on the name change. I too was a counter surfer until one day Mum set me up. She left food on the bench top and went out the front door. Unbeknowns to me Dad was hiding in the walk in pantry and when I jumped up to get the food he jumped out of the pantry and half scared me to death. I've never touched anything on the benches EVER again. They could leave a BBQ chook there and I wouldn't touch it.

  6. What a great report card Ramble! I finks yous gonna be a great success and I is looking forward to hearing lots more if your adventures
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Any advice on how to counter surf when you're virtually challenged like me?

  7. Such a wonderful boy he is and wonderful to hear he is settling in so well.

  8. We are so, so happy for ALL of you - especially Ramble! He's found a great new family!!!

  9. Congrats on the new pup! Ramble is adorable, he sounds a bit like our new cuddle bug. Relic is reforming surfer & 2 year old goofy puppy. :)Love the way all 3 of them look at the camera, Harlow's smile in the last pic is too cute. :)

  10. Well I certainly missed the new addition. Congrats on the new one. As for growing a coat. I was going down in hair on my chest and my skirt was getting thin. My vet said try that hair on a door knob recipes. Lee got the stuff mixed it up and my chest got all hairy. So we believe in that and coconut oil.
    Glad Ramble is fitting into the family.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

  11. Congrats. Ramble seems to be fitting right in! Well done on your transition and on going training!

    Wyatt and Family

  12. Sweet post of the trio. So great to see the new guy fitting in. Perhaps he should be called Rambler. Since rambler is another name for a plant that grows up and over walls, etc.,, and he goes up and over counters...

  13. Hi Harlow, Monte and Ramble!!
    First of all what a cute name!! Ramble sounds like you have already figured out you landed in the best home with the most loving family. I know they feel lucky to have you too.
    Welcome handsome boy and cheers to you all.
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS counter surfing? Ummm are you part feline? I queen of counter surfing

  14. Dear Ramble, Monty and Harlow,

    Ramble - welcome to the pack! Hurray for finding pawesome humans!

    Monty and Harlow - do you like hanging out with your new pack mate? (I didn't like Ojo at first, but now I do. But shhh, don't tell anyone.)

    Hurray for happy stories! And BOL at the beeping.


  15. For some reason you weren't showing up in our Blogger feed (i have had some issues recently sigh) so I was thrilled to see you are back. Missed you all. Nice to meet you Ramble!

  16. hello ramble its dennis the vizsla dog hay awww yoo reemind me of me wen i wuz a noo doggy heer!!! wun thing mama did for me with my kote wuz rub me down with coconut oil wich not only helpd my skin but taysted delishus or so tucker always told me!!! ha ha ok bye

  17. How did we miss this post? You are just too adorable, Ramble!