Friday, January 27, 2017

An Important Meeting of the Castle Staff

Shhhh....  We've been invited to a meeting of the Royal household!  It's quite an honor.  There is a full agenda!  They will be talking about the State of the Golden Retriever, Farm Chores, Chicken Management...  The meeting is just starting, so we'll sit here in the back...
Da Harlow is calling dis meeting to order.  Wait, something is off....
Oh no!  Something is bothering the Princess!  What could it be?
Does dis table seem tall to you?
 Ummmm, no, Your Royal Highness Da Harlow, it doesn't....
I iz sure of dis.  Da Royal Head of da Hole Digging, what you think?
Let's hear his answer....
Dis table seems fine to me.
Oh dear.
Is I da only one have da problem with dis table?
I am afraid so, da Princess.
Sigh...  Someone get da Harlow a booster seat.  ...and a cookie.
Right away!


  1. Mmmmmmm....COOKIES!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. yes... and a cookie... or two... or 87... that's a good number

  3. Booster seat? I'd demand a throne. And several cookies. And da toe massages for da humans failure to plan for this.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Daisy the Bandersnatch

  4. Wow that is some important stuff you will be doing. Do you hafta wear white gloves?
    Lily & Edward

  5. What's that - they haven't got a throne for you? That's just terrible - what are they thinking of - a Princess needs a throne. Cookies are definitely needed, so put them on the agenda !

    Inca xx

  6. TWO cookies, at least! Harlow is Da Princess and should sit HIGHER than all her minions....just sayin'.

  7. Is that a bowl of treats on the table?!!?? Not that I'm focusing in on them or anything .....

  8. hello harlow its dennis the vizsla dog hay that taybel is kleerly defektiv!!! i say send it bak for a replaysment!!! wun with shorter legs!!! ok bye

  9. A cookie - or three - should definitely take the sting out of having to deal with that clearly problematic table!

  10. BOL!!! Princess Harlow :-) Woofs for a bowl of cookies. Golden Woofs, SUGAR

  11. We hope you had lots of cookies as the meeting was probably a long one, judging by the size of that note book!!

  12. We hope you got lots of Treats for that very important meeting!