Friday, August 21, 2009

Bad Aim

UPDATE - The laser range finder and targeting system we've provided to our Sam seems to have cured the problem...proving definitively that the tosser (so to speak) wasn't at fault.


Aaron always says Sam can't catch a treat bone tossed to him. I always tell Aaron that he has bad aim. Aaron claims this isn't possible. What do you think?

This one is a little low:

This one never even made it to Sam! He had to dive for it!

Sam may need eye protection! Incoming!

"Can I have them on the floor from now on?"


  1. That is so funny. Dakota was an excellent catcher - she rarely missed a treat or tennis ball. Phantom does pretty well but Thunder is impossible. He has no concept that he is supposed to catch anything. He waits for it to hit him in the head and then fall on the floor.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  2. Sam is a beautiful golden retriever though looks as though he might have some irish setter genes?
    I think once Sam gets the hang of it, he might be able to catch the treat on the 1st throw!
    My older sister had a golden retriever when she was a youngster & they make the best dogs. Sandy was very protective of my younger sister when as a baby in the carriage by flipping up a neighbors dog for wanting to visit!
    The neighbors dog survived but Sandy had to be put to sleep after a neighbor who suffered from a stroke complained that she frightened him. My Mother who took the dog to Vet cried for days!

  3. Waawawwawaaaa!!!
    Great post dear Sam!!!!
    Sure you're an excellent catcher!!!!
    We have some difficulties catching air biscuits...
    We preferred eating biscuits when they are on the floor!!!
    Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyy...HAve you understand???!!!
    HAve a wonderful weekend!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks

  4. That is great Sam.. We love the pictures....

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  5. Look out Sam! Nice to meet you and you are added to our blog too! Hugs Joey and Kealani

  6. We don't think it's you, Sam. We think that your human has a terrible pitching arm☺

  7. BOL... Sam, you are a blast!

    I missed you!



  8. Those are great pictures Sam!!! Too funny!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  9. Hi Sam,

    I'd love for you to come to the creek with me sometime. We may have to wait until I'm out of the doghouse, though. There was a brief encounter with a skunk there the other day and Mum is none too pleased with me.
    P.S. That's the worst aim I've ever seen. Someone needs some lessons in treat throwing!

  10. Hee Hee! Good Catch, Sam!!! Happy weekend! Love, Dino

  11. SOOO cute! You know, they make doggie goggles. Usually their worn for driving, but I bet you could use them during treat time! LOL