Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 3...

Well, we are heading into day three with still no Sam. Since it is Sunday, it is very hard to get a hold of the vet to find out how he is. Last night, she called and said he was eating, with no more vomiting or blood in his poop; but said that he still had a bad case of the runs (which is how this whole episode started). We are missing him very much!

I took these photos with my cellphone. This is Sam behind bars:

You can't see it so well in this photo, but he has white medicine all over his face!

On a brighter side, we did commence with operation Spay/Neuter. We managed to catch two of the cats this morning. Momma and the shyest kitten (which turned out to be female) have both been spayed. We have four more to catch, if all of the remaining kittens continue to show up. They are resting at my Mom's house, ready to be released tomorrow morning.


  1. It breaks my heart to see poor Sam behind bars. I know it's hard for them being away from home too, and not understanding what is going on. We hope so much that tomorrow he will be healthy enough to come home. Take care :o(

  2. Aww Sam...I am so sorry for you...I bet your family is missing you so very much.

    Please be strong and come home soon ...

    Licks to you...

    Olive :)

  3. Poor Sam and poor Mom. We hope the morning brings good news. We are pulling for Sam.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  4. I hope he'll be home very very soon! And better!

  5. Sam you have to get better! As a human, being deprived of a Golden spirit is torture! Sending well wishes your way.

  6. We hope Sam will get to go home soon and get well soon.

    Sam & June

  7. Oh, we're so sorry Sam isn't feeling well! We hope he is better very soon and back home where he belongs.

    M, S & K

  8. Hmmm.... cats have gone missing... Sam is sick to his stomach for days afterward... Why isn't anyone seeing this connection? He should be behind bars for this crime.

    Ok, that was Frisky's opinion. Me, I hope he feels better and gets home soon.
    ~Hugs from Aunt Becky

  9. Oh, I am so, so happy that you have caught the momma and a baby. My goodness, my heart is just singing!