Friday, October 2, 2009

One Sick Boy and Missing Cats

Sam spent the night at the vet's. He is pretty sick right now and I am sick with worry. We are not sure what he got into this time, but I think he must have found something in the yard, like last time!

The cats have been very frustrating too. There is only one left. Momma and four of the kittens have disappeared! At first there were two kittens left, but another one disappeared on Tuesday. We are still planning to try to catch the last one, but are very puzzled as to what happened to the others. What is so unusual about this is Momma has been showing up on schedule, twice a day, for feeding for about a year. This is the first time she has been completely gone!

I really want Sam home...


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh poor Sam.....
    We're sooooo worried for you....
    Pleaseeeeee....take care and hope you're feeling better very very soon!!!
    Let us know how is going soon!!!!
    We'll pray for you and are sending you pawsitive vibes from Italy...
    And...paws crossed too!!!!
    And...Kitties too give trouble to your mommy!!!!!
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...what an hard time for you dear friends!!!!
    But we're sure that with great Bloggie friends' power everything will have an happy end!!!!
    Can't wait to hear from you news about sweet Sam and Kitties!!!!
    Tons of love and kisses !!!!!!!

  2. Feel better soon Sam, we are thinking of you!!!

  3. Wishing my best for Sam and his parents!!!

    Get well ASAP!

  4. Oh Sam, please get well soon! We know how terrifying it would be for your mom, so please please get well soon. We will keep you in our thoughts.

    Sam & June

  5. Oh no!!!! Saying a prayer right NOW for Sam!!! Please keep us posted.

  6. Oh, Sam! Please get well soon. You are worrying your Mama!

  7. Sam -
    Hope you feel better soon. It's so tempting to nibble on every little discovery - so sorry you're sick. - Abbey

  8. Sorry to hear about the kitties, but we are worried about Sam. We hope he will be OK. Please keep us updated.

    Woos and hugs, the OP Pack

  9. Dear Sam,
    Please get better soon. I hope the v-e-t figures out what you got into quickly, so you can get home and I can see your gorgeous mug. Am thinking of you lots and will check back frequently to see what is up with you, dear pal.
    Hugs xo

  10. Please get better soon Sam! I am thinking of you!


  11. So sorry Sam....I am thinking about you friend. Chin up and take care --

    Licks and Tail Wags--

    Olive :)

  12. I'm so sorry, I am just reading this now and didn't realize Sam was sick :o( You guys take care and we will be wishing him home to you soon!!