Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sam's Play Date

We apologize for not posting all week. Sam has been so miserable with his ears that we couldn't get any pictures of the boy looking happy. The good news is Sam did not have to have his ears repacked! We were able to give him a bath before his play date!

This is Marty!


Marty is currently being held by the Arizona Golden Retriever Connection, the local Golden rescue that Aaron and I support. Marty was turned in to the pound for unknown reasons, but which we suspect were just because he is a normal, happy Golden Retriever pup. Marty came over to meet Sam.

This is the biggest smile we have seen from Sam all week!

The people who had owned Marty before had allowed him to roll in the dirt and play immediately after having him neutered. Because of this, the whole area had become swollen and infected. He is currently on the mend, just very thin.

Marty made Sam look like a tank!

We were so busy watching Sam and Marty play, that we forgot to take pictures! We remembered a little later, but by then, Sam was happy sitting with the people while Marty explored.

This is a big mountain I need to climb!

Marty, in typical water dog fashion, found the pool to be rather pleasant. Sam, in his typical non-water dog fashion, was horrified.

What are you doing, Marty?

Look at this! How cool!

Get out, quick! You are going to drown!

For the love of dog, somebody save him!

After we convinced Marty to play on dry land, he and Sam tried to order treats through the door.

We would like three crunchy treats, some yams, two antlers...
I'll have to take you to Starbucks, Marty, they have the best treats!

We think Marty had a good time.

Ummm, can I come back?

Of course you can, Marty!


  1. That is so cute!! Marty is adorable and it sure looks like he was having fun in the water. Thank goodness Sam was there to save him from drowning! I hope Sam's ears get much better. He is looking really happy in the pictures! Love, Debbie and Holly

  2. What a huge and beautiful smile, Sam! Can't wait to see Marty smiling like you.

  3. Hmmmm, does Sam need a permanent playmate? :)

  4. Woof! Woof! SAM. First I am glad you are better. Second ... god to see your smile n happy. What a FUN FUN time you had with Marty. I can't believe that you do not enjoy the water. You have to try it. I am sure Marty had the best time. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. No matter how you feel, it always lifts your spirit to have a friend over to play with!! Hope those ears are feeling lots better Sam!

  6. Marty is so sweet - we hope he can come back for many more dates - can't you just keep him? Who knows, maybe he can teach Sam to like the water:-)

    So glad to hear that Sam's ears are doing better.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Sam was such a good host to Marty. We hope he gets to come back and play soon - and we hope he finds a forever home even sooner. I'm always amazed when Goldens end up in rescue. Thanks for your efforts in helping them! - Abbey

  8. Sam was such a good host to Marty. We hope he gets to come back and play soon - and we hope he finds a forever home even sooner. I'm always amazed when Goldens end up in rescue. Thanks for your efforts in helping them! - Abbey

  9. Looks like Sam amd Marty were good for each other....
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  10. Great one! We know AGRC - in fact, this weekend we are dog sitting our friend's dog who is a goldie from AGRC! I'll get some photos, too. Man, I am glad Marty is recuperating, he needs some weight for sure!

    Thanks to Sam for being a good friend.

  11. Aww..poor Sam, I sure do hope he is feeling better.

    Marty is adorable!

  12. Those two sure were having lots of fun together!
    I hope Sam is feeling better now!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Merdie and I wish we were khloser!

    We'd khome play with woo boys!

    What handsome fellas!

    I'm glad to see Sam's ears are doing better!


  14. It's good to see that big smile on Sam's face, and we hope Marty finds the perfect forever home!

  15. What a handsome friend for Sam! And what a great pool too with all those natural rocks - can't believe Sam doesn't swim!!! But sooo glad to hear that his ears are so much better - he looks terrific!
    Big Hugs xoxo

  16. I am glad to see you are feeling better. I am shocked you don't swim, but it is probably best with all the ear problems.

    Wags and Kisses,

  17. What a sweet new friend! And he can make sure the water isn't too deep for you to wade through!

  18. Play dates and meeting news friends is furry wonderful!☺

  19. What a great post, what a great story about Marty visiting Sam. Every dog needs a playmate pal. I know Lady does. She goes all social nuts at the dog park and becomes the Queen; meeting and greeting every living being inside the fences. We hope Marty finds a good home and Sam finds a loyal playmate and figures out it is his destiny to SWIM !!! BOL

    KT and Lady

  20. Sam, we hope your ears will keep getting better.
    Marty is such a great playmate! He is adorable.
    Sam, too bad you don't like to swim, you are missing out my friend.

    Sam & June

  21. What a sweet boy Marty is! I hope he is smiling as big as Sam is after that pawsome play date!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  22. Yea! We're so glad you didn't have to have your ear repacked, Sam! That must have made you VERY happy!
    Marty sure looks like he'd be fun to play with! None of us understand that whole "water" thing, though! Scary!!!
    It was sure nice of you to have him over for a pool party play date! Will you be seeing him again soon?

  23. Marty we hope you come back soon! What a sweet face. I love the pic with the caption placing an order at the door. SOOO cute!

  24. was marty just vistin'? or there for a test drive? sure put a smile on Sam's face.

  25. Aww, Marty is a skinny one! Glad he is in a better place now. Sam, your smile lights up a room :)

  26. Aw, lucky Marty! Looks like you guys had a great time. You guys are great hosts. We hope Marty finds a forever home just as great!

    Sam has the best smile!