Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meet Sam's Cousin Cody

Sam here! Sam taking over his blog to do update. Mom busy visiting her Mom in hospital, so Sam has to take matters in his own paws. Sam decided to introduce you to other cousin. Not the "alleged" cat cousin, Frisky, but his other cousin, Cody. Cody lives in Iowa, where it is cold enough to freeze Sam's butt off. Sam definitely not visiting till summer!

First off, here is Cody with Mom's sister, Becky.

Sam find it very odd that Dad's sister is also named Becky and she is the Mom of the cat Frisky. Sam very puzzled by all this. Sam thinks there is a conspiracy going on.

Anyway, Sam is glad to see Cody also likes to play with toys.

Sam is offering Cody a visit in nice warm Arizona. Here he is begging to come in before he freezes his butt off. Look at this! He has been sent outside without the proper gear!

Sam also update on Grandma. Grandma still in hospital and still sick. Mom and Dad says she will be spending Christmas in either hospital or rehab. Mom very sad about this. However, she is slowly on the mend but it will take time. Sam wants her to get better quickly, 'cause Grandma always sneaks the Sam an extra cookie. Don't tell Mom, though!


  1. We will be praying for grandma...that is a very stressful time for everyone and we are so sorry. Many prayers sent your way. Cody is very good looking! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  2. Sending power of the paw to your grammy and tell Cody he's cute!

  3. I hope Grandma gets well soon and feels better to enjoy Christmas. Was Cody playing with Barbies? If so, I think Sam needs to teach him more manly games to play. Well, I guess it's okay for him to be in touch with his feminine side. Two Aunt Becky's is confusing!

    Elyse and Riley

  4. We are sending your gram lots of AireZen, Sam. We hope she gets to come home soon.
    What a handsome boy Cody is!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Sam, tell your Mom that my Mom understands how hard this is and will be sending prayers your way. You are quite a good blogger Sam my man!!!!

  6. Very cold here too,Sam. Thanks for letting us meet Cody. He is a handsome boy too. We are sorry to hear that Grandma is still sick. We are sending her some good sibe vibes to be recovering quickly and well.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Ugh, it is cold here too! I hope your grandma feels better and can come home soon. My paws are crossed for her!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Cody is really cute! I hope your Grandma gets better soon.

  9. It is hard when loved ones are sick during the holidays. We send healing energy and positive thoughts that grandma's rehab is quick and lasting and that your mom isn't too stressed.

    Cody REALLY needs some snowbird time visiting looks really cold at his house...and you have way better toys!

  10. We sure have our paws crossed for your grandma!

    We live close to Cody, and we definitely recommend staying in sunny Arizona! It's colder than a witch's heart here!


  11. Paws are still khrossed for your grandma!

    Thanks fur sharing Khousin Cody -

    Sorry I missed getting to visit with Cody when I was in Iowa last month!


  12. Cody looks like a lot of fun Sam. I bet he would like to be in Arizona right now!

    Glad to hear Grandma's on the mend :)

    I finally got my cards in and would really like to send you one. If you have a chance, please send me your dog house mailbox addy.


    Happy Holidays to all of you,

  13. Sam, you're such a good boy to take over blogging duties while your mom is being a caregiver.

    I know your Grandma wishes she was home to sneak you cookies. Our thoughts are with your whole family!

  14. Please tell your Mom that we are sending our golden healing vibes to her mom - we were sorry to read that she is still in hospital, Sam. Cody is adorable and it appears that you are playing the terrific host and blogger while Momma cares for her mom. That is very responsible of you, Sam! Give Monty a Hi for us too!
    Sammie and Avalon

  15. We will keep our paws crossed for your grandma and keep your family in our prayers. Thank you for introducing us to Cody - he is cool and so cute, we love us some labs :)

  16. Sending lots of pawsative thoughts for Grandma's recovery.

    Cody is very handsome.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  17. Hi Cousin sure are cute.

    Hope your Grandma feels better Sam.

  18. Sorry to hear Grandma is still sick! No one should be sick at holiday time. Cody sure is a cute fellow--maybe he can come for a visit!

  19. Hi, Sam & Monty,

    We're new to your blog. We kept seeing your mom's comments on other blogs, about how her mom was ill. So we wanted to stop by and wish your grandma a full and speedy recovery. Now we see we need to wish Sam a full recovery from his lumps, and to say we're very glad the lumps that were removed are benign.

    We don't have a blog, we just visit. We do wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and good health in the coming year.

    Jed & Abby

  20. I hope your grandma is better very soon. It's so tough to worry about a loved one during the holidays. I hope your cousin Cody stays warm in that white stuff! Hugs!

  21. Nice to meet you Cody! Your Grandma will be in our thoughts and prayers....

  22. Sam, cousin Cody is very cute! We're sorry Grandma is still in the hospital. It is so hard when the people you love are sick. Our paws are crossed that she will be home you extra cookies!

  23. Thanks for stopping by on the blog hop! Always nice to hear from you! Cookie swaps (with people cookies) are a favorite fundraiser/social event around my area at this time of year. You could start a local tradition!

  24. Cody is very cute Sam!!! Looks like fun in the snow... and Cody likes Barbie? What a funny pal!! :)
    Sending prayers and blessings to Grandma.
    Thank you for the card! Hope you received our e-card.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  25. hope your grammy feels much much better soon!