Monday, December 20, 2010

Sam's Day at the Office

I decided today that since it would be a quiet day in the office that I would take Sam in with me. I've always wanted to do this, and since most of my fellow workers are on vacation, I thought today would be a good day.

Except for a barking issue that continued through the day whenever someone came into the office, Sam was very well behaved. I think he thought the office belonged to me and he had to protect it! I managed to squeeze in a few pictures, although not as many as I wanted.

Here is Sam in front of the office Christmas Tree.

You could've done this at home...

And here he is waiting for Mom to complete her work!

He could have done this at home!

He seemed to spend an awful lot of time waiting for me to do stuff...

So I finally put him to work!

I'm making copies!

One thing that was kind of neat about today was Sam's fascination with a full length mirror in the bathroom. I realized this must be the first time he is really seeing himself, and I think he understood who it was he was looking at! When I talked to him he would look at my reflection and make eye contact.

We are getting closer to Christmas; we hope you all have your shopping and preparations done!


  1. The hu-dad is just shaking his head at the thought of The Herd in an office setting.

  2. How fun is that to take Sam with you to the office! I took one of our dogs with me while I did some work at the church a while back. Rudi was getting antsy so I ended up tossing the tennis ball down the hallway for her to settle her down--The game need in time for someone 'with authority' to show up. They saw Rudi laying there so nicely and were so impressed--I 'thanked God' that he hadn't gotten there 10 minutes earlier!!

  3. How fun was that for both you and Sam! He looks like he fit in quite well. The shopping here is done, but oh the preparations - so much to do, so little time. Now all we have to do is enjoy. We send you wishes for a wonderful Christmas.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. So Sam -

    What did woo think of the handsome Golden guy?


  5. Isn't going to the Office fun? Did you get to play Hall Ball? That is my favorite when I go with dad.

    Thanks for the kind words of comfort you left on my blog.

    Please stop by my blog on Tues. and Wed. to help me celebrate my 2000 post and my 6th Barkday! I am having a comment-a-thon to benefit canine cancer research and would love for you to leave me a lot of comments.

  6. Oh my, how sweet!

    "I see myself, and I'm so handsome!"

  7. I don't get to go to work with my mom! You are so lucky, Sam.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Sam, you are so good looking! No wonder you were staring at the mirror!! We are glad you got to go to the office and hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  9. Sam, you look like a first-class employee!

  10. Such a wonderful day for both of you i see.. :) Its always good to be able to bring our pets to work. There should be a day each month for "Bring your pet to work day" don't you think so Sam?

    I love the pic of Sam wearing a tie.. hehhehee.. that is so cute!

    Merry Christmas to you Sam.. and Monty.. and mommy + daddy. May the New Year brings an abundance of good things.. and lotta nom noms for the furries :)

  11. How very cool that Sam got to go to work with you - he looks totally happy! (Didn't see you bark once, Sam!) Sorry our format is not coming out right for you - it's the minima stretch, cause somebuddy else complained that they couldn't read our text - ohhhh what to do! Hope you are having furry happy holidays!
    Sammie and Avalon

  12. How great to have such a great companion and hard worker to help out at the office. Sam, I hope you got paid for all your time and help in great big dog bones!!

  13. I love him looking in the mirror. I've always wished I could take our pooches to work.

  14. Sam is such a good boy to hang out with you at work. We are proud of him. I've taken my Goldens to the office many times, but not Lady (she is always at the office cause I am virtual)!! She would do OK in a real office, but would pester everyone endlessly for loves. That gets old after awhile.

    Missing AZ this year. May come down after the first. Hope to add to your dog friendly list again.

    Happy Holidays, from KT and Lady

  15. I think that your humans are trying to teach you that offices can sometimes be quite dull...
    Toodle pip!

  16. How neat that you got to go to work with your mom, Sam!
    We love the picture of you smiling at your reflection in the mirror.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. Super!!!
    Next year, Monty gets to go too, right? PLEASE??!!!

    Sam, you'd look sharp in a tie (business attire, ya know?).

  18. Aww... and he seems pleased with his appearance, too! :)

    Of course, if Sam were a Samantha, there may have been some concern over the size of the thighs and stomach. :)

    ~Aunt Becky (You know, the GOOD one... Frisky & Macy's grandma)

  19. I sure wish my mom could take me to work! How cool!

  20. Can you send Sam over here? What a great office canine!

  21. I bet Sam enjoyed spending a day at work with you. He's such a sweet, loving boy!

  22. So cute in front of your tree. what a great helper you are. :)

  23. Oh, that seems like fun! I'd have to try and get A to sneak me in to her office some day!


  24. Sam, you're so lucky you got to spend a day in the office! Looks like you were a great helper :)

    Love, Bella & Ollie.

  25. I almost didn't recognize you with the necktie. You look very distinguished and so very executive looking.

  26. Hello Sam!!! How nice you are able to go to your mommy's work place! Keep warm and have a splendid Christmas!!!

    Lots of Love, Dino & Family

  27. Sure Sam could have done most of those things at home. But he was with you. And that's the biggest treat!

    I took Honey to work with me as a puppy. I think it was a big benefit to the other staff to have someone cute to cuddle when they were having a rough day.

    Hope you have a great holiday!

  28. Oh what a darling! I need to get a job so I can bring the boys into work with me! (Nahhhh.... )

  29. Hehehe...Sam looks so distinguishing in front of da tree.

    Good day at da office...does he get paid?


  30. It's funny seeing yourself in a mirror isnt it Sam? I bark at my reflection! Did you bark at yours??



  31. Sam, we are stopping by to say "HI" and thanks for the Christmas Card. You are one lucky Fur-kid, going to work with Mom. That is pretty special. Our Mom's place of work would never allow this. We thinks it looks like fun for sure. Merry Christmas...The HoundDogs

  32. How cool is that! Sam you got to spend a workday with your Mom? You're such a lucky dog :) Laughin my tail off at your fascination with yourself in the mirror. Yes, you're handsome. :D

    Waggin at ya,

  33. Oh Sam! Looked like a fun day at the office :) Loved that tie!!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  34. Hi Sam,
    How fun to go to work with your mom. I like to bark a lot too so that part sounds even better. My mom is cooking today...getting ready for Christmas Eve and it smells so good. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

    My mom said she gets most of my clothes at Petsmart. Most places don't have XXL and they usually do. I don't think most Goldens wear clothes but I like to.

  35. You are so lucky Sam! The picture of you in the copy room is THE BEST - love it!