Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Headache Diet

Some of you may have seen these on Facebook, but for those of you who haven't...

In order to try and figure out my headaches, Aaron and I went on a "Reboot" diet - nothing but vegetables and vegetable juice for 15 days. The diet affected the boys differently, especially poor Monty!

Here is a recap of our diet!

Today is Day 1 of an all vegetable diet (vegan, actually) that we are hoping will help my headaches. So far, all we've managed to do is horrify Monty!

Day 2 of the Headache Diet - Monty is laying in the grass refusing to come back into the house, despairing that he will never see another steak in his lifetime... Sam has discovered a previously unknown passion for broccoli...

Day 3 of the Headache Diet... Monty has taken to commiserating with the grill, while Sam happily has ordered a salad along with his kibble...

Day 4 of the Headache Diet - Found Monty on-line last night trying to order a years worth of steak, Sam has just put his finishing touches on his miniature recreation of the Taj Majal made entirely of lettuce and kale...

Day 5 of the Headache Diet - Found Monty's last will and testament written in blue crayon... Found Sam reading Arizona Vegetable Growers Digest...

Day 6 of the Headache Diet - Monty was discovered trying to trade Sam's favorite blue bear to the Yorkie next door for a slice of bacon... Sam has plowed the backyard and planted lettuce...

Day 7 of the Headache Diet - Found tunnel leading from our laundry room to the beef jerky section of Walgreens, suspect Monty... Sam is really starting to look like a farmer and he's expecting a bumper crop of lettuce this year...

Day 8 of the Headache Diet - Noticed on the phone bill several calls to cattle ranch in Texas. After calling the ranch, found out several orders have been placed with them and to expect 10 head to be delivered on the 12th - suspect Monty... Sam has asked if he can enter his prize turnips in the county fair...

Day 9 of the Headache Diet - Got a call from a publisher, Monty can expect his first royalty check this week for his tell all book "My Days Without Meat - What my people did to me"... Sam is building fence to keep Monty's cattle out of his lettuce.

Day 10 of the Headache Diet - Well, the diet is temporarily over - it seems my stomach can't handle a diet of pure vegetables. Aaron immediately went out to buy me crackers and himself a steak, which Monty immediately held a parade for. He had everything - balloons, a marching band, floats... Sam, while thrilled steak had return, asked if he could finish my uneaten salad.

Day 11 of the Headache Diet - Despite a setback, Aaron has decided that we will continue with the diet. We only have 5 days left. Monty is inconsolable and refuses to leave his bed, Sam has just endorsed his own brand of salad dressing.

Day 12 of the Headache Diet - A new supply of antlers arrived for the boys yesterday, Monty and Sam temporarily distracted. I, however, would really like pancakes (no processed foods, flour, etc. allowed!)...

...and the post that made us decide to go off of the diet...

I made the boys dog treats tonight. It's probably the diet talking, but boy, do they taste good!

So, we made it through 12 days and my headache is the same. We will try something else, and I think both boys are thrilled things are back to normal!


  1. Wow, that is some diet! I suffer with migraines too, but have never tried anything that extreme.

    Hope you can get some relief soon, and that Monty gets some meat back in his life :)

  2. Monty, just for you, the hu-dad quotes one of his favorite movies, "The horror. The horror."

  3. Love it!! Love it!! Mommy laughed her head off with this one. She would die without MEAT but she does enjoy eating a good salad.

    Me and Weenie are3 100% with Monty....where's them beef!!

    {{{hugghies}}}... mona & Weenie

  4. Wowsers, dogs, that is extreme right there. Mom has headaches too and usually has to 'sleep em off' in a cold, dark, quiet room. (That's a hard place to find in our house!) I'm not sure any of us would survive her going on a vegan diet.

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  5. So sorry to hear about the migraines. I have only had a few, but I wouldn't wish them on anyone. Sam sounds like Chance and Blaze, they too LOVE veggies. While the other four would be siding with Monty and helping to bring in those cattle. :)

    Hope you find something that works, SOON.

  6. So so sorry to hear about the headache problem not going away. i have been waiting to see how the diet worked out.

    Thanks for trying it, now I won't have to.

    Hope you find some relief.

    Berts My Vickie

  7. Although we really enjoyed the laughs and chuckles from your post, we are sorry to hear you have no relief. Our human sister suffers badly from migraines, and she does have a number of food triggers as well as other options. We so wish a good remedy could be found for all of you who suffer so much from that pain.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Well, that post made me laugh, especially the calls to the ranch in Texas. But I am sorry about the headaches! Hope you are able to find some relief soon.

  9. I thought it sounded good too, but have a feeling after reading this post that if I try this our cat may suddenly disappear and so will the cattle across the road! :-))

    I hope you all have a good week!

  10. My mom is laughing so hard right now! Monty, I'm with you! I was born to be a predator, and I like my meat -- a lot!

    I do hope your mom finds something that helps with her headaches, though. That sounds miserable!


  11. You had our mom rolling on the floor! We love our veges but we gotta have our smidge of cheeseburger every now and again!
    We're so glad this diet is history, Monty!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. That Headache Diet sounds like a Headache ;-)

  13. Wow, that is a long time with just veges. Sorry to hear it didn't help your headache either. Hope you feel better.

  14. We eat second hand vegtables. That is what a vegetarian friend of ours says we eat. Every time we grill a burger, she points out that we are eating second hand vegtables and she wants hers first hand, thank you.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  15. No meat? I don't think that's allowed by law!! :)

  16. I'm so sorry the diet hasn't relieved your headaches. But I'm thrilled that you could write such a funny post while feeling so bad. Very impressive.

  17. Oh boy... 12 days of just greens is too much. You'll be seeing just greens in the loo...

    hope your headache gets better soon. Glad things are getting back to normal for the boys. Take good care ya.

  18. I am going to print that one out!!! Funny!!! I have horrible headaches so much and nothing helps them at all. Headaches aren't funny but that post is absolutely hilarious!!!! I love it!!! Lots of love and I do hope your headaches go away! Debbie & Holly

  19. Sorry that you have headaches, not nice at all, and its not easy trying to find out what is doing it.
    Paws crossed you find out soon, loved reading the post very funny ;)
    have a good week
    See yea George xxx

  20. Hilarious! Well at least Sam has found a new hobby. His garden sounds fabulous! And Monty? Dang resourceful dude I'd say! ;) Sorry your headache is still there...have you tried acupressure? Hope that durn head throb goes away soon!

    Waggin at ya,

  21. much success and that the headaches go soon

    betty and luna :-)

  22. My mom said Imitrex helped her headaches, but had to quit because it upset her stomach. Have you tried that yet?

    ~Cousin Frisky

  23. I can empathize on the headaches. Sorry the diet didn't resolve the issue. I think mine is allergy related because I can snort salt water and within half an hour it's gone. I try to do it every few days to keep them at bay, but if I forget to I sure pay for it. Have you tried it? If it's not food related maybe it's allergy related. I would have died on that diet. My stomach doesn't handle most veggies well at all. Hope you find some relief soon.

  24. My sister has bad headaches often, and she sometimes finds relief with tea tree oil. When a headache is first coming on, she says the scent of tea tree oil helps. After it comes on, she rubs a small amount on her temples and finds that it can help. Unconventional, but it sounds easier than the all veggie diet (which I find quite amazing that you did for 12 days!). Poor Monty...I've got one dog who loves veggies (especially fresh picked eggplant that he helps himself to)and another pure carnivore who thinks veggies are beneath him. Hope the headaches go away. Enjoyed the post.

  25. Oh Christine, the headaches just have to go...
    I wonder if dogs get headaches?

  26. Youch, that is a scary few days you guys have had! I'm sorry your headaches aren't any better ... I have migraines also, so I sympathize!

  27. Who would have thought anyone could pack so much humor in a headache? I loved this post.

  28. Monty asks, in fairness, shouldn't there now be 15 days of just meat?

    Well written and made us chuckle but we wish the adventure had cured your headaches!

  29. Soos sorries that you get such yuckers headaches - did you ever put yourselves through a lot to try to rid yourselves of them! What a funny post about such a non-funny situation. We empathize with everybuddy so much!!!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie, Ava and family

  30. My girlz would not survive without meat, Imitrex does it for me. I used to use MaxAlt, but I think they took it off the market. My Dr has given me shots before also. Good luck...migraines are just plain awful!

  31. You're my hero - I wish I had that kind of will power. Sure hope you find a solution and some relief!

  32. So sorry about the headaches. And sorry for the pups too! My daughter suffers from chronic headaches. She found some relief from a chiropractor. Just recently tried acupuncture, but no relief. So it's back to the chiro. I think after reading this...I'll tell her to skip the headache diet! Although, she has incorporated a lot of gluten-free and vegan patties into her diet. Good luck and I hope you find some relief soon. Oh, and where can we buy that salad dressing???!!!!

  33. Monty and Sam are so much like my girls;Lucy prefers meat or processed snacks while Sable loves fruit and veggies.
    Glad things are back to normal for Monty.
    Hope you find some relief soon for your headaches.

  34. My mom is laughing real hard, for some reason. Me? I was ready to ask for your address so I could send Monty a side of beef or something - then I read the good news about the end of the diet. I mean, not good news that it didn't send the headache packing...
    We all hope you can find the cause! Too much or too little caffeine give my mom migraines.
    Good luck!

  35. Sorry to hear that the diet did not help. Headaches are tough. But seems like some of the family learned some new ways to cope.

    By the way, I love veggies!!!
    And I would gladly share my homemade treats with you!

    Puppy Kisses,

  36. Sorry to hear that the diet didn't help with the headaches. :( I did enjoy Monty's reactions to the whole thing, however!

  37. oh, my! I really do hate headaches! I hope that your fine today! :)

    Dog Fence | It's All About Pet Fences

  38. How bad could migraines be to actually have to give up bacon and steaks? We could suck it up and enjoy our food.

  39. Well that didn't work and you lost out on all that good food too. Now I'm hungry for pancakes.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  40. Sorry to hear about your migranes and that the headache diet did not work!

    Poor Monty having to go through all that:)

    We hope you find relief soon!

  41. Okay, kids.. Try this...

    Boil a hot dog(s) in a big pot. Remove dog(s) from pot and let cool. Give them to Monty.

    Take a couple cups each of chopped spinach, mustard, beet and turnips greens and put in hot dog water. Bring to boil then lower to simmer for an hour. Drain well in colander and let cool. Press out any remaining water, then press the green mass onto a cookie sheet making sure of an even thickness. Put in freezer till it can be cut with a pizza cutter. After frozen, cut into 4" squares, package two to a baggie and when the migraines start, take out a couple, put one on the back of your neck and one on your forehead. After they thaw, give both to Sam.

    Grandpaw John

  42. That was a hysterical account of the dogs' reactions to your diet! Ordering 12 heads of cattle topped it off! (we actually did order a cow the other day - our neighbors are ranchers who sell organic beef).

    I'm sorry that your headaches aren't better. I, too, suffer from them so I understand that you'd try anything. Most of mine are explained by my neck but now I've started getting migraines as well. I discovered that there are docs who specialize only in headaches! Maybe one of those would be able to help you.

  43. Sam..We are so relieved your diet is history! But good work on your tactics to find meat!

    Sorry about your headaches..they aren't fun. Hope youa re feeling better.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  44. Hee hee, you boys are so funny! But poor Mom :( That must be awful!

  45. Terrific doggie bloggie!
    I am on day 5 of the fast:

    I will be back!