Monday, May 27, 2013

A Sam update and Fawkes Harlow

First of all, a long overdue update on Sam.  Right now our boy is doing a lot better than he was a week ago.  His testing last Monday revealed the lump to not be cancer, and in fact, to not be anything other than a very well developed muscle in Sam's shoulder.  The new theory is that Sam has an inflammed shoulder joint due to either valley fever or bacterial arthritis.  So, Sammish is on Prednisone, Tramadyl and Clavamox in the hope that one of those will defeat whatever is wrong with him.  Sam is getting around much better with only a slight limp.  We have a sneaky feeling that there is still something that isn't right and hasn't been covered by this diagnosis, but we are taking it one day at a time.  As long as Sam is happy, then we are too!
Thank you, everyone, for thinking of me.
Now, our timing has always been wacky, but in the midst of worrying about Sam, we added a new family member....
One... two... thr... wait a minute!
Originally, her name was Libby, but she didn't seem to respond to it.  We renamed her Fawkes Harlow, or Harlow for short.  She is a 9 month old female Golden Retriever.  Our boys are absolutely smitten with her.
I shall teach her everything I know.
Of course, Harlow is all girl and needed a very girly collar:
After all, what girl doesn't want to dress up in pearls and lace?
Harlow needs some work on her basic manners and potty skills, but she is incredibly smart and wants to please.  She also thinks she is Super Dog.
I'm sure I have the position right, but how do I get off the ground?
Did I mention she's not spayed, either? 

Monty at times acts horrified about her, although, we think he is pleased to finally have someone to play with.  Harlow pesters him to death, and Monty has stoically adopted the role of big brother.  Of course, if you ask him, he will deny that he likes her.
Dis isn't what it seems.  I was framed!


  1. Wonderful news in this post!!! Hooray for Sam and for the whole family on the adoption of sweet sister, Harlow!

  2. So glad to hear that whatever Sam has isn't cancer. We hope that he is feeling like his old self again in no time!

    Please give Fawkes Harlow a big hug for me. She is precious and congratulations on the newest addition to your family.

  3. YAY! Welcome Miss Harlow. You are too adorable and we love your collar! We are glad Sam is feeling better too. We hope that he continues to feel more comfortable and hope that if there is something else bothering him, it comes out in diagnosis real soon!

  4. She's gorgeous! Congratulations. A new pup is a good way to boost anyone's spirits.

    So happy to hear that Sam doesn't have cancer. That is wonderful. Hope the drug concoction gives him some relief.

  5. We are so happy to hear that you don't have cancer Sam!
    You are a beauty, Harlow, and that collar looks stunning on you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Oh...a jean harlow blonde huh - she is so pretty. We are sure thr boys will have her well trained in no time.

    As for Sam - good news on it not being cancer - but you stick with that gut feeling....if you feel something isn't right - keep looking. I did that with Reilly when he was really sick and I will never be so thankful that I persevered.

  7. Monty, dude. I so TOTALLY know how you feel. REALLY.
    Play bows,
    PS: WELCOME, Harlow!

  8. Two counts of happy news! Yay! So glad Sam doesn't have cancer! And isn't Harlow a beauty!

  9. A post full of GReat stuff!

    Welkhome Harlow -

    I'm she'll khonstantly remind the boys how


    PeeEssWoo: Now off to share this with Auntie Di...if Harlow ever disappears, chekhk Redwood Lane in Phoenix...just sayin'

  10. Yay for Sam!!!!!! And Harlow is GORGEOUS! Congrats!

  11. SO glad he's healthy! OMD your new baby is adorable!

  12. Well first of all, we are so happy to hear that Sam is feeling better!

    Second, congrats on welcoming Harlow to your family. She is a beauty - we have a thing for blondes too!

    She looks like she is going to give the boys a hard time though... I'm just saying :)

  13. Congrats to Harlow for finding the best family ever! And, I'm happy about Sam's news... I hope that the combo of meds makes the shoulder problem a distant memory.

    I know that feeling all too well of thinking that the whole veterinary story isn't clear yet. I hope that you're wrong!

  14. FINALLY! I was wondering who she was! Congrats on the new family member...she's a real cutie! :)

    And great news for Sam!

    Elyse and Riley

  15. Welcome to Harlow - she IS a beauty!!!! We hope the meds do the trick for Sam so he can truly enjoy the fun with his new sister.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. First, so glad Sam doesn't have cancer.

    Second - Welcome Harlow! Can't wait for your adventures!

    Lee and Phod

  17. Good to hear that Sam is doing better.

    Dog Speed

    Essex & Sherman

  18. How exciting...a new sister! Sounds like she's right into that little sister role already.

    We're so happy Sam doesn't have the big C. How funny that it's a muscle. Hope he'll be be back to racing around soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  19. Hahahaha, OH Sam I am so happy to know you are feeling a bit better. Your new girl looks just like our Penny/aka Penelope, and we rescued her at 5 months! Yay for you, our Monty loves his pretty Penny almost as much as he loves his cat Clyde.
    So glad to hear about some good news and we'll keep the pawsitive vibes going your way!
    Charlie girl, Monty, Penelope, CLyde and Fergus too.

  20. So glad to hear that Sam is feeling better, hope the diagnosis is really correct. Harlow is a beauty, welcome pretty girl.


  21. I'm glad that Sam is feeling better, and I hope that it continues!!!

    And of course welcome to Harlow!! What a pretty girl, I can understand why 'the boys' are so taken with her!!

  22. Welcome welcome Harlow. You are beautiful. And I know those two boys of your just adore you. Pictures do not lie.
    I'm happy to hear that Sam does not have the cancer and hope the meds take care of whatever it is.
    Looking forward to seeing more of you Harlow.

  23. Oh Golden Congrats. What a lovely name, Harlow. Love it. She got good hips. Golden Happy that Sam is doing well. Golden LOVE n Woofs

  24. So glad it isn't cancer. And I hope you find an ease in your mind to whatever the problem may be.

    What an adorable sister! Harlow, I see is going to give her big brothers a run for their money!! She's just beautiful. :)

  25. Great news about Sam. We hope he will be back to his old self soon. Our paws are crossed. Welcome to Blogville Harlow. We can see you have settled in well. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  26. Glad to hear good news scout Sam. What a beautiful girl!

  27. So pleased Sam is doing better. I'm sure Harlow will help cheer him up, she looks so sweet, especially in that gorgeous collar. Love the photo of her and Monty together, they look real pals.

  28. Looking at those pants, perhaps the "w" should be replaced by a "t" for a while....?

    We're so glad that Sam does not have cancer! Tommy has a bit of a lump on his side, in a place where he was hit hard by something. It was very swollen for a while but the swelling went down and it looks like that one bit is going to stay.

    Our vet's long-term treatment of choice for long-term joint issues is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory called RIMADYL. So far, Tommy has only needed 5 or 10 day courses of treatment, but our Dr. C says she has dogs that have been on it daily for several years and doing very well.

  29. Wonderful to hear that Sam is going to be OK!!
    Your baby girl is gorgeous! I'm sure there is a story behind her name. Great photos.

  30. So glad that Sam is doing well!
    And Harlow looks lovely, its a great name - its also the name of the town I live in :-)

  31. Yay! So glad Sam is doing better. Harlow is a beauty, and she looks like she would keep Monty occupied. Looking forward to hearing more about her and her big brothers.

  32. Wonderful news about Sam. We were thinking about him. Take one day at a time and hopefully the meds will heal him. I bet he's happier and all better now that there's a pretty girl in the house.
    Monty looks smitten. I would be too.

    woofs n licks,

  33. YAY on everything! I hope Sam responds well to the meds and congratulations on Harlow!!

  34. Hello there Sam!

    We are happy about the great news and we hope that you get better soon.

    We also welcome Harlow in your pack. Her photos with you and Monty sure show that there will be lots of fun adventures ahead and we look forward to reading all about it.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  35. We're so glad to hear Sam is feeling better.
    Congrats on new member of the family!
    Harlow is gorgeous!

    Thor and Jack

  36. YAY for no cancer... however prednisone can sure do a number, as we know with Lola's autoimmune disease. I hope he responds well!
    Congrats on the new family member - she's adorable!

  37. Congrats on #1-no cancer! and #2- beawootiful new sisfur! wowsers, she's a Babe! And what could be more fun than getting a new sisfur?

    ~Moo & Jack

  38. Welcome Harlow! you are a lovely addition to a wonderful family! We know you will be happy and well treated and have marvelous adventures and have a full heart and tummy always!

    We are so glad Sam is not fighting the evil monster. the WDA continues to send healing energies and hopes the new meds do the trick.

  39. Harlow is a keeper! It seems that Monty is getting a piece of his own medicine/childhood antics????

  40. We are so glad that Sam is doing well. And Harlow is such a pretty girl dog!


  41. Glad to hear Sam was negative for the big C. As long as he is happy and active that's a good sign.
    Welcome Harlow to your new family. Don't take no gruff from those guys.

  42. Welcome Harlow!

    Stop on by for a visit

  43. Hooray for Sam, so glad it's not the dreaded C word!

    Your newest addition is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!

  44. O Sam. Our Berry Sweet Sam. Yeu habbs teu know how whee are rejoicing in all that lies behind and also before uss!!!!!

    And now I amb meeting Miss Harlow!!! Iss she sister??? Iss she cousin??? Or iss she BERRY adorable friend??? O the questions what lie before me...

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  45. Hi Y'all,

    Had to catch up with Sam's health. I'm so happy it wasn't the big "C".

    Fawkes Harlow is a pretty little gal. Watch her closely. My Human adopted a 9 month old (Candy) and she was in heat. Fortunately she, like me, was an "only".

    Paws crossed here for you Sam!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  46. hello sam and monty and harlow its dennis the vizsla dog hay nice to meet yoo harlow!!! i am shoor yoo wil fit rite in!!! for sum reezon dada is singing abowt grace kelly harlow jean on the cover of a magazine i hav no ideea wot he is tawking abowt eksept it has sumthing to do with vogue witch i dont unnerstand becuz he duz not subskribe to vogue he subskribes to the noo yorker!!! oh wel hyoomans ar so weerd!!! we ar glad to heer that sam is dooing wel keep up the wel dooing sam!!! ok bye

  47. That picture of Harlow with Monty is hysterical! He looks annoyed but pleased at the same time! I know what you mean about adopting dogs at wacky times too! Daisy was adopted while I recuperating from knee surgery! I just couldn't resist waiting to take her home and it all worked out very well. I'm sure it will work out just fine with Harlow too.

  48. So glad that Sam is feeling better! Harlow is a cutie, glad she's keeping Monty occupied. :)

  49. :D Fantastic!!
    Harlow, you are one beautiful lady!

  50. As you can tell I'm way behind in my reading. I read the first post about Sam but refrained from commenting hoping there would be an update and there is! Great news, must be such a relief for you. :-)

    Congrats on your new addition too, she's beautiful.