Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Montyman Recovered

When we first adopted Monty from AZGRC his first action in our house was to claim the ottoman as his.  We didn't mind - it was the perfect size for our Monty to take his afternoon snooze on.  Somewhere along the way (and most likely while chasing sunbeams...) Monty decide the ottoman needed a little "altering" and he did a little digging...  Hence, the Montyman was born!
It's a good thing we love the boy!
Returning to the scene of the crime...

Since his digging caused the leather to become very thin, we decided that instead of repairing the leather we would try to cover the ottoman. 
We selected material we thought Monty would like.  (Harlow wanted pink...)
 ...and yes, Harlow helped her Momma out during the whole process...
So soft!
After some serious measuring, pinning and cutting, the new cover was ready to be sewed.
Someone was upset he couldn't take his nap.
There was also some minor clean-up of the scrap material...
I can has dis stuff?
All in all, we think the new cover came out looking okay.  It definitely helps to hide Monty's alterations.
Our next project is to recover the rest of the cushions - also victims of Monty's decorating whims.
The last step was to see if Monty liked his new ottoman cover...
Dis is nice.
We think he does!


  1. This looks great! I love that you did what I would have done, let the dog have the furniture even if they are destroying it (find a way to make it something you can all live with!)

  2. What a great job! Our sofas are looking much the worse for wear, simply because they are old, but the process of recovering being expensively daunting (or is dauntingly expensive?), we have instead opted for throws thrown over everything!


  3. Personally, we liked the before but we're boys so what do we know?

    Sam and Pippen

  4. Perfect! What talent! You should lead a DIY class on this! Dogs of the world would be thrilled to have newly covered furnished to claim again (not to mention us humans who would enjoy having 'nice looking' furniture again!).
    Monty, you DO look happy.

  5. Animals are hard on things for sure!!! You are very special Christine!!! It is hard to recover I did it when I was young but would not even think about it now days!!

  6. Oh, Monty! I really like how you decorated the ottoman ... but your mom really DID do a nice job recovering it for you. I'm not allowed on ours (not that THAT stops me). I wonder if mom's afraid I'll make a few alterations?
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  7. That looks great. I'm actually going through the same thing right now. Stewie shredded Scrappy's ottoman and had a blast ripping all the stuffing out. I used it for years as a perch for animals in my pet photography business, so I need to either re-stuff and re-cover it or buy a new one. We went shopping for one, but none were made with dogs in mind. I might go out again today and keep looking.

  8. Much better now. Theo has done the same alterations to my chairs. I'm afraid I'm not as handy with sewing as you.

  9. The new cover looks beautiful and Monty certain does approve!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  10. That's an awesome job! All of our dogs "dig" at the surface before they lie down, and it's a big part of why we make them stay off the furniture. But, R has recently started "sneaking" onto our ottoman... so we may end up needing a repair like yours!

    Harlow is so very very sweet. I would hardly guess that she's young because she seems so intuitive in knowing that you need her to help you smile right now.

  11. hello monty and harlow its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm wen i destroyd the lether kowtch mama and dada tried a fyoo times to recover it but i kept saying no!!! this noo kovering wil not stand!!! and eventchooally they gayv up!!! i am not saying that yoo monty shud find this noo kover unakseptabul i am just saying it is a shaym to hide yore wurk of destuffing performanse art!!! ha ha ok bye

  12. Me and Gizmo destroyed the leather couch. It was SO fun. Now we have a really ugly second hand couch with about 3 blankets over it. HA!!


    BTW, We agree with KB. Harlow is a very sweet and smart girl!

  13. Great idea and great result. I like it. Looks like Harlow is a great helper, even to fix Monty's ottoman.

  14. Nice work, Monty. Without your diligent efforts, your family would be lulled into living without furnishing updates.

    You are fashion forward. Much like myself. In action.

    with love from Little Reufus

  15. It looks great!! I really like it! Harlow is sooo cute "helping out". :D

  16. Wow that looks great! Glad to hear that Harlow helped with the project :) and that Monty approves.

  17. Hey, good job! Now, Monty be good!