Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Best toy ever...

I know these toys have been around forever, but I've recently found a new one for Sam. He hasn't had one since he was a puppy. I've been filling it with a little bit of dog food. He pushes it around all over the living room, and occasionally tosses it in front of him to make it bounce! When he's done, he inspects the floor to make sure he hasn't missed any. He adores it!


  1. Hey Sam
    Haven't seen one of those here yet. Sounds fun. Is the food under lock and key?
    Lotsaluv Maxdog in South AFrica

  2. That looks great - I need to look into that toy. Especially filling it with dog food instead of snacks :)

  3. Hi SAM!!!!
    I have a snowball looking thing...funzville!
    Nice to visit your site.
    Come say if sometime:::

    Sierra Rose

  4. It is a great toy for Sam. It has one little hole you put food into, and then he has to roll it around trying to get it out. It gives him excercise, and it is so much fun to watch!

    Sam's Mom