Friday, June 19, 2009

Sammy Update...

Sam is going to have to spend the night at the vet. They have taken x-rays, given him medicine, and want to watch him overnight. Tomorrow morning they will take more x-rays. I need to wait until 10am to call to find out how he is. I don't know how Aaron and I will get by for the next 13 or so hours until then. We already miss him terribly - we want our boy back home!

Here is a photo taken with my cell phone cam at the vet's:


  1. Why is Sammy staying at the vet overnight? What did the doctor say? Is it because of his upset tummy?

    Boy, we're worried. But we know everything will be fine and the doctors will take good care of him!

    Please keep posting updates!

    We're thinking of you, Sammy!



  2. This is just to say that we are thinking of you guys. He's in good hands - you are doing your best. Sending lots of love and hugs across the ocean from us all.
    Max &Co in South AFrica