Monday, June 8, 2009

Epic Battle: Wee Lobster Vs. Dog

Sam spent the weekend at his Grandma's while Aaron and I cleaned carpets. We had a small gift for him when he returned. Introducing... Wee Lobster!

It started out with a little name calling,:

Followed by a round of "You can't have this":

Followed by "Neener Neener":

"Give it to me!"


Bits and Pieces:

"The fight continues...":

"I'm serious! Its mine!"



"Wee Lobster! Give it to me!":


  1. BOL ! Looks like you had lots of fun with Mr Lobster,
    So did you win or mr lobster ? BOL !

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  3. That's right, Sam. We have to show all those stuffies, Lobsters, Bunnies, Bears, who's de pack leader. We are. I always go straight to the hears and I never show any mercy. :)



  4. I hope you left the rubber bands on the claws! :)

  5. Well, Wee Lobster now resides in Sam's Retirement Home for Distressed Stuffies... Sam pretty sure he won. :)

  6. was the wee lobster yummilicious?

  7. That's just what Ruby would have done. She has a big pile of dismembered toys in varying stages of dissection!

  8. We are always amazed why humans give stuff to us and then want to take it away and then smile and then tug and then give it back and then tug some more! Therapy...maybe they need a little therapy ☺

  9. Woof Sam! My name is Sam too but I'm a girl. Mommy likes the name Sam for both boy and girl so she named me Samantha but she calls me Sam Sam. I live with my mom and dad and my sister June(she is part Golden and part Husky).
    Please come and sniff our blog when you get a chance, we do a "Golden Friday" post every week.

    Sam & June

  10. Hi Sam!
    Your lobster is very cool!
    Nice to meet you, pal!
    Come and visit my blog sometime.

    Thor xxx

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