Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sam has returned!

Sam came home last night and is feeling quite a bit better. The vet thinks he may have eaten something fuzzy and poisonous - he threw up a little fur, a little bone, and someting just a tad scaley. I think a neighbors cat might have left his lunch in our yard and Sam finished it off, being the good host that he is. The Vet gave him an emetic which turned up the evidence, and once he came clean (so to speak), he felt much better. So, after three days of chasing him around the house with a rug shampooer (I appreciate the seventies as much as anyone, but tie-dyed rugs are out of the question) things are finally back to mormal. Well, not according to Sam; he's on special food, medicine, and a strict no-treat diet which he is protesting every chance he gets.

(Editor's Note: All, Aaron decided to update Sam's blog this time...)

This is Aaron - I like to think the boy ate a snake that ate a mouse that had eaten a Gila Monster.

Editor's Note: I think he is grumpy about the carpets...

Sam has been reunited with his ball:


A dog and his ball:

The medicine has kicked in:

Is that the cookie jar?


  1. Sammy! So good to know you are back on your feet again! :) We goldens are really retrievers, right? We retrieve everything we can and then, accidently... oops... we eat everything too! BOL! I'm always having those upset-tummy-crisis too...

    Loved your photos, Sammy!



  2. Oh Sam....we're so happy you are back. We were quite worried. But it makes sense that you were sick - "Garbage Guts" is common with us retrievers. Thanks to Aaron for updating us. Get better real soon. LOve Max &Co in sunny South AFrica

  3. Just added you as pal, Sam! So sorry to read about all the problems - I've had several myself, but am so glad you are on the mend - your poor mama cleaning all those carpets tho! You look so pawsome with your ball - smiling!
    Hugs xo

  4. Happy Healing Sam! I know what it's like to be sick.

    Check out my blog:

    Glad you're feeling better!

  5. Thank you, everyone. Sam continues to do better and has returned to his normally cheerful self. Thank you for all your wishes and notes.

    Sam's Mom

  6. No more snakes, ok Sam? We are glad you are better!

  7. We had an experience somewhat like yours. First the cat had a massive digestive meltdown, then a day later so did Charlie. It took a day or so for the "aha" moment, in our case. ;)