Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sam reviews the Masters

Welcome all, and thank you for joining me this evening. Tonight’s program is especially exciting as I have an opportunity to share one of my abiding passions, that of classical artistic expression over the course of centuries. A surprising subject for the average dog-blog I know, but if you will indulge me, as you so often have in the past….

As an introductory offer, first let us examine the artist Jacques-Louis David, a French painter of the Neo-classical style, considered by many to be the foremost painter of his era. In the 18th century his vision of historical expression (well worth arguing I must admit) paved a marked change from the popular representation of Rococo lightheartedness, towards a more classical asceticism; indeed, the austerity and seriousness of his representations meshed well with the popular expectations of that regime. Our painting, done in 1801, is a representation of Napoleon's Crossing of the Alps. The composition shows a strongly idealized view of the crossing that Napoleon and his army made across the Alps in 1800. Fascinating, is it not?

Next (I admit that we aren’t following an historical artistic evolution of art, even if it’s chronological) let’s take a look at the work of Georges Seurat – Seen here is his huge painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, his most famous work. An artistic endeavor so vast that the composition, from start to finish, took two years (1884 to1886) to complete. The final product arguably created, single-handedly, the entire concept of Neo-impressionism; and as such is one of the icons of 19th century artistic endeavor.

Now this is entrancing, is it not? The work of Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin, the world’s preeminent post-Impressionist painter. His bold experimentation with coloring led directly to the introduction of what we today call modern art; while simultaneously maintaining his expression of the basic reality of the targets in his painting he also sought to find the overarching truth of his subjects. His work paved the way for modern Primitivism (if I can be so bold as to term it as such) and a welcome return to a more pastoral reflection of these subjects..

Finally tonight, let us examine this most famous work of Andrew Wyeth, a realist painter working for most of his career in what was termed in today’s jargon as the “regionalist style”. Perhaps the best known of all U.S. artists of the 20th century, he was often referred to as the "Painter of the People," due to his work's popularity with the American public. Our painting was done in 1948.

I know I haven't identified each painting by name and era, but how else might I entice you back to this silly, tiny corner of the web? Please, know that I thank you for joining me this evening, and would like to welcome you back to the next exciting episode of, Masterpees Theater.


  1. I think you should open your own museum! :)

  2. Thank-you Sam for my cultural enlightenment and enrichment to start my day!! I'm off to walk the dogs for some reason I think they may need to go out! :-)

  3. Pointillism Sam! And I've always felt like Christina needed a dog in her world....

  4. Been studying, Sam. You are a very cultured gentleman. All that and Sci-Fi too.

    Tucker and Daisy

  5. Hi Sam, if we were rating your cultural sophistication on a scale of one to ten, we'd have to say that:
    yer an eight !!

  6. Thank you for guiding us through this Masterpees Theater Gallery Tour! You add the Gold to Christina's World! Your stream has highlighted some of my favorite pieces of art!

  7. Hey Sam!
    I enjoyed a lot your program!
    You are a very cultured man!
    and so nice you sharing your passions with us.

  8. Outstanding, Sam. You taught us well.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Hey Sam, thanks for walking us through your museum! It is very enriching! I love it! You are awesome! Love, Dino

  10. Oh I forgot to comment about your new banner! I instantly recognize it's the Sistine Chapel Cherubs by Raphael! You are brilliant! Love, Dino

  11. Ha ha -- Masterpees -- ha ha! Excellent!

  12. What a great job Sam..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  13. Ha roo roo roo!
    VERY educational!
    Play bows,

  14. OMD SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a great great pics of you!!!!!

    YOu should open your own museum as Jack said!!!!
    We would be your visitors of course!!!!!

    And you're such a cultured man.....Maya would love to learn from you!!!!

    And your new header is GREAT!!!!!!
    You're a very very very talented artist!!!!
    HAve a wonderful day!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks!!!

  15. Great stuff, Sam.

    I've shared it with a select few of admirable and admiring friends.

    Keep up the entertainment.

    As long as you are interested and interesting you will never be friendless or alone in life.

    More than a hug around the neck and a scratch behind the ear,

    I will always be,



  16. We feel so much more enlightened now.

  17. You know all your art, don't you, Sam? Christina's World is one of my favorites, and now I will always see it with you 'posing' in it.


    What fun!

  18. Hi Sam!!
    You're a very cultural dog! :) Why don't you open a museum? You may show pictures where are golden retrievers! :)
    I like your originality, this is a special blog! :)
    Hugs from Barcelona!

  19. How could anyone say this is a silly little corner of the web? There is a dog (there are dogs) in it, therefore it's one of the best corners in the world.

    How anyone can live without a dog or more I will never know.

    Sam is a beauty.

  20. You did a beautiful job. Dad is a photoshop ninja! Sam, you look gorgeous in a suit :)

  21. Hmmmmmm....Sam! Intriguing photos.... Nice decription. Interesting...

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  22. Brilliant play on words. You know I love that! :)

  23. I may have to spend more time at art galleries now ...